Did you know that a simple Google search for “executive resume samples” will yield over 33 million results?

With so many opinions on what makes a great executive resume, it can be hard to know who to trust.

To save you time, our elite team of executive resume writers filtered through thousands of resumes to bring you only the best executive resume samples that resulted in job offers.

Below, you will find a variety of executive and c-level resume samples written by Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) at Find My Profession.

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General & Operations Executive Resume Samples

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  2. Head of Global Operations
  3. Chief of Staff
  4. Vice President of Operations
  5. Health Care Executive

Sales Executive Resume Samples

  1. Pharma Sales Executive
  2. Group President
  3. Co-Founder / Business Owner

Legal & Finance Executive Resume Samples

  1. General Counsel
  2. Finance Executive
  3. Wealth Management Executive

Technology Executive Resume Samples

  1. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  2. Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  3. Vice President of DevOps

Marketing Executive Resume Samples

  1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  2. Marketing Executive Director
  3. President & Executive Producer
  4. Brand Marketing Executive

Supply Chain Executive Resume Samples

  1. Branch Director
  2. Supply Chain & Logistics Executive

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEO Sample Resume

Head of Global Operations

Global Operations Executive Resume Sample

Chief of Staff

Federal Executive Resume Sample

Vice President of Operations

VP Operations Resume Sample

Health Care Executive

VP Biomedical Operations Executive Resume Sample

Pharma Sales Executive

Healthcare Executive Resume Sample

Group President

Group President Resume Sample

Co-Founder / Business Owner

Founder/Owner Executive Resume Sample

General Counsel

Legal Executive Resume Sample

Finance Executive

Finance & Operations Executive Resume Sample

Wealth Management Executive

Finance Executive Resume Sample

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Resume Sample

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Resume Sample

Vice President of DevOps

Vice President DevOps Resume Sample

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Resume Sample

Marketing Executive Director

Executive Director Resume Sample

President & Executive Producer

Executive Producer Resume Sample

Brand Marketing Executive

Brand Marketing Executive Resume Sample

Branch Director

Branch Director Resume Sample

Supply Chain & Logistics Executive

Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Resume Sample

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Each individual has their own unique story. Your resume will need to tell your story while also getting through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

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