When it comes to your career, it’s important to do thorough research on the company you are considering hiring.

Whether you are looking for a resume writing service, LinkedIn optimization, or a cover letter to apply to your dream job, it’s important to pick a company that will support you and values customer satisfaction above all else.

You may be wondering, “Is Find My Profession seriously reviewing themselves in this article?”

The answer is yes.

But instead of reviewing ourselves and forcing you to read reviews on our own website (like many other companies do), we have taken a compilation of reviews from various third-party review sites such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Google, Better Business Bureau, and Glassdoor.

You could find these reviews yourself by typing in “Find My Profession Reviews” on Google.

We have even included reviews on the founder of the company, Mike Podesto.

FindMyProfession.com Reviews From Our Clients

One thing we wanted to highlight is the number of reviews found on third-party sites.

It’s very common for website owners to host reviews on their own site where there are no validation requirements in place to ensure it is a real review.

Never trust a review on a company website unless it is from a third-party site with strict review regulations in place.

For this reason, Find My Profession exclusively gathers reviews on third-party websites.

You can find over 200 5-star reviews like this on Trustpilot.

Findmyprofession Trustpilot Review

You can find over 100 5-star reviews like this on Sitejabber.

Find My Profession Review Sitejabber

You can find over 50 5-star reviews like this on Google!

Find My Profession Google Reviews

You can find 8 5-star reviews like this on the BBB website.

Find My Profession - BBB review

Overall, Find My Profession has glowing reviews.

For the sake of transparency, we did find a somewhat humorous 1-star review on Sitejabber (see below).

findmyprofession fake review

Sadly, companies receive fake or inaccurate reviews all the time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s impossible to make everyone happy all the time.

Find My Profession Reviews from Employees

Biased or not, the reviews speak for themselves.

If we weren’t proud of the quality of service we provide, we would not be writing this article in the first place.

But don’t just take our client’s word for it. It’s important to check out what the employees are saying as well.

After all, Find My Profession might provide great service to paying customers but treat their employees terribly.

Unfortunately, if you were trying to dig up some dirt on Find My Profession, you will want to look somewhere else other than the employee reviews.

You can find over 20 5-star reviews like this on Glassdoor.

Employee review find my profession

Find My Profession Fake Reviews

Sadly, in 2018 and even still to this day, Find My Profession has received numerous fake reviews from competitors in the industry.

We won’t mention any names… but we’ve compiled a detailed document with more than 50 fake reviews that Find My Profession has received since 2018. 

Check out this list of Fake Find My Profession Reviews.

Warning: Some of the fake reviews in the link above are extremely vulgar and offensive. Read with caution.

Find My Profession Founder – Mike Podesto Reviews

So, it’s fair to say that Find My Profession provides a high-quality service.

We treat our employees well and retain top talent because of the positive work environment and passion for helping others.

But what about the founder, Mike Podesto?

Surely there must be something wrong with this company.

Sadly, if you were looking for a fault in the founder, you won’t have much success.

Mike Podesto founded Find My Profession in 2015. He has contributed as a published author on major sites like Forbes, Inc., Recruiter, Jobscan, LinkedIn, Thrive Global, Oracle, and many others.

Mike has received over 55 formal recommendations on LinkedIn (see link above for more) and has accumulated a LinkedIn following of over 46,000.

findmyprofession linkedin reccomendatinos

Mike is considered a top influencer with average post views reaching over 100,000 people and a record post reaching over 20 million views, 192,238 likes, and nearly 11,459 comments.

He is also mentioned in various reviews regarding the company’s quality of service on Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and Glassdoor.

Tips to Find a Resume Writing Service

Okay, okay. Enough about us.

We’ve provided information about our services. Now be sure to do your research on every resume writing service you are interested in.

Use these guidelines to find the best resume writing service for you:

  1. Find a company that has reviews on 3rd party sites. Some credible sites (in order) are Trustpilot, Google, LinkedIn, Sitejabber, and Yelp.
  2. Do not hire a company that only has reviews on their own website. Ask any developer if it is possible, nay easy, to write fake reviews about yourself on your own site. The answer will always be: Yes!
  3. Exchange emails or a phone call with the company you are considering. Do they answer on the first call? If not, are they calling you back quickly? This is a clear determination of quality customer service.
  4. Is the company transparent with pricing? Make sure you find a company that clearly lists its pricing. Some companies out there are notorious for charging high-net-worth individuals more than others, simply because of their current compensation.
  5. How public-facing is the company? If the company is difficult to research and find the information you are looking for, chances are they choose to stay hidden for a reason.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Mike Podesto and Find My Profession have a very public reputation for offering world-class service, taking care of their employees, and having great leadership.

Ultimately, this review is meant to be a comprehensive review of Find My Profession as a whole, taking into consideration a variety of review sites.

Regardless of what we say, we highly recommend that you do your own research.

Spend some time to thoroughly audit the company you are considering hiring, us included.

It’s important to feel 100% confident in the company you choose to work with.