10 Best Executive Resume Writing Services in America (Reviews)

10 Best Executive Resume Writing Services in America (Reviews Included)

When it comes to searching for an Executive Resume Writer, there are many factors to consider in order to choose the very best service.

Between checking resume company reviews, comparing prices, reviewing writer qualifications, checking industry relevance, and other fine details, finding the best executive resume writer can be an overwhelming task.

Until now, there has never been a well researched and comprehensive list of the best executive resume services for you to compare each of these companies’ side by side.

Our team has reviewed over 100 executive resume services spanning both coasts of North America. Together, we have narrowed down the top companies into a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Executive Resume Services with reviews.

#1 Best Executive Resume Service

Without question Find My Profession offers the best executive resume writing service on the market.

What makes them unique amongst any other resume writing firm is their offering called the Career Finder service.

Their Career Finder service offers a 100% Success Rate and Guarantees executives that they will personally apply to jobs (using the resume that they create) and network on behalf of their clients until they receive an offer.

No other executive resume writing service offers a service like this. While you can get a great looking resume from many different companies, only Find My Profession offers a service where they will stick with their clients, guaranteeing results until an offer is accepted.

Don’t be fooled by nice looking resumes that don’t actually get results. Find My Profession guarantees results with a 100% success rate since 2015.

Top 10 Executive Resume Writers

1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession focuses on executive resume writing with an emphasis on Director, VP, and C-Suite resumes. With a focus on executive resumes, their team is also equipped to handle various types of resumes ranging from military transition resumes, IT resumes, professional and executive CVs., etc. They offer the highest quality resume that we have seen, considering they are a fraction of the price of many other high-quality, award-winning certified resume writing companies. 100% of their writers are located within the states and hold the highest Resume Writing Certifications in the industry making them the very best resume writing has to offer.

Pros: Find My Profession has the best output, at the most reasonable cost. Every resume package they offer provides direct contact with your personal writer, a phone consultation, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Cons: Find My Profession does very little entry-level resume writing. If this is you, scroll to the bottom of this article to find the 5 Best and Most Affordable Resume Writing Services.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days with options to expedite the process to 48 hours.

Cost: $795

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “Find My Profession Reviews” on Google.

5/5 stars on Glassdoor. 4.9/5 stars on Sitejabber. 9.5/10 on Trustpilot. 5/5 on Facebook.

2. Chameleon Resumes

Chameleon Resumes has been recognized by Forbes as a Top 100 Career Website. Their team of corporate and search firm recruiters has a combined 80-years of recruiting experience making them a great resource for anyone looking to hire an executive resume writing service.

Pros: Chameleon Resumes has been in the resume writing business for quite some time. The Founder Lisa Rangel comes from 13-years of recruiting experience which definitely helps her know what is important to put on a resume.

Cons: For the steep price tag of nearly $3,000 you would think that the experienced Founder of this company writes resumes herself. Unfortunately, she does not, which makes you wonder what credentials your actual resume writer has.

Turnaround: 15-20 business days.

Cost: $2,897

Phone: (917) 447-1815

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “Chameleon Resumes Reviews” on Google.

4.9/5 on Facebook. 3.5/5 on Birdeye.

3. Great Resumes Fast

Great Resumes Fast has earned their spot as #3 on this list for the following reasons. Unlike many other companies on this list who are one man/woman shops, Great Resumes Fast has developed a streamlined process to resume writing. They contract with top-notch resume writers and can handle a high volume, allowing them to be competitive with pricing.

Pros: Great Resumes Fast charges what we consider to be a reasonable amount. While many companies on this list are run by a single individual who might charge an arm and a leg, GRF contracts with various different high-quality writers that may not be as well-branded as others on this list.

Cons: While there are generally no problems working with contractors, some people prefer to work with writers they know are full-time employees of the company.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days.

Cost: $795

Phone: (800) 991-5187

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “Great Resumes Fast Reviews” on Google.

8.8/10 on Trustpilot. 4/5 on Kudzu. 5/5 on Facebook.

4. The Writing Guru

The Writing Guru is hands down the best executive resume writing service for legal professionals. If you are a legal professional, look no further. This company was founded by an attorney, for attorneys. Focusing on the legal profession as a niche, there are not many resume writing services that come close to The Writing Guru when it comes to legal resumes.

Pros: Focusing on a niche like legal professionals, The Writing Guru really is the only option if you are looking for a high-quality attorney resume. While most services can work with legal pros, this company specializes in it.

Cons: Cost can be a bit of a concern here. In addition to the cost, The Writing Guru does not have a ton of experience in a broad range of industries.

Turnaround: 14-21 business days.

Cost: $2,395

Phone: (888) 285-9982

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “The Writing Guru Reviews” on Google.

5/5 on Yelp.

5. Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is named after, you guessed it, the founder of the company, Mary Elizabeth Bradford. Mary has spent nearly 20 years branding herself as a career expert and is a recognizable name in the industry. Like Chameleon Resumes, this company was voted a Forbes Top 100 Career Website.

Pros: It appears that Mary actually writes the resumes herself and does not retain a team to do the work for her. If you are a Texan looking for one of the best executive resume services in TX, she might be the perfect fit.

Cons: While working directly with Mary Elizabeth Bradford will ensure a high-quality resume, you could get the same quality for a fraction of the price working with a less known executive resume writer from one of the companies above.

Turnaround: 15+ business days.

Cost: $2,297

Phone: (830) 331-9398

Reviews: While we typically are cautious of websites that do not have reviews outside of their own website, we have spoken with Mary Elizabeth Bradford before on the phone and we know that this company offers a high-quality resume writing service.

6. An Expert Resume

An Expert Resume is a resume writing service powered by none other than Laura Smith-Proulx. Laura has been in the business of writing resumes for 20+ years. If you are looking for a resume writing service with one of the most experienced executive resume writers in the industry, this is going to be an excellent option for you.

Pros: An Expert Resume is no doubt a company that has been in the business for some time. Founder Laura Smith has earned many awards and has been writing resumes since the 90s.

Cons: While Laura has a ton of experience, many executives prefer to work with an organization who can assign a writer based on their specific relevance to the industry and role they are going for. Laura Smith can be considered more of a generalist, but she provides a great resume nonetheless.

Turnaround: 15+ business days.

Cost: $1597 - $1797

Phone: (303) 364-4411

Reviews: We were unable to find any reviews outside of this companies own website.

7. Capstone Resumes

Capstone Resumes offers the most budget-friendly executive resume writing service that we know of. Not only is this company budget friendly, but they offer a higher quality resume than most other companies in this price range. While the resume quality cannot be compared to any of the other companies on this list, they are a great solution if you are looking for a cost-effective, budget-friendly executive resume.

Pros: Capstone Resumes offers the lowest cost executive resume service that we have seen. They also have a very quick turnaround time.

Cons: Since this is such a low-cost resume writing service, you really can’t expect to have the same quality as the other services mentioned on this list. Capstone is the one company that offers a clear difference in quality, but they also offer a clear difference in price.

Turnaround: 2-3 business days.

Cost: $299

Phone: (650) 445-5301

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “Capstone Resumes Reviews” on Google. 4/5 on Yelp. 8.7/10 on Best10ResumeWriters.

8. Avid Careerist

Avid Careerist is a bit of a hidden gem. Hidden underneath a fairly low-quality website with a few minor glitches and a lack of information is a truly high-quality resume writing service. Similar to the website, the resume design is fairly basic, removing the need for fancy boxes and designs. Avid Careerist sticks to the basics and focuses on what matters most, the content.

Pros: According to the website, Avid Careerist clients have landed jobs at many major companies including Accenture, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Citi, LinkedIn, Verizon, and more.

Cons: There is not a whole lot of transparency with this resume writing service. The cost is not mentioned anywhere on the website and neither is the turnaround time. There are also no reviews to be found online.

Turnaround: While the turnaround time is not transparently listed on the site, our sources have informed us to expect 15-20+ business days.

Cost: While the cost is not transparently listed on the website, our sources have informed us that this service ranges in price from $1,800 - $3,000+.

Phone: No number provided.

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “Avid Careerist Executive Resume Writer Reviews” on Google. 7.4/10 on FMP.

9. Career Steering

Career Steering is another one of those executive resume writing services that are built and founded by one individual. Rosa E. Vargas is a Certified Master Resume Writer who has been in the industry for long enough to know how to be dangerous. You can know what to expect and can be guaranteed that you will be working with a high-quality resume writer.

Pros: If you have to be limited to one resume writer, there are very few writers that hold as many certifications and qualifications as Rosa Elizabeth Vargas.

Cons: If you aren’t happy with your resume, there are no other writers that you can work with. You are limited to one executive resume writer that would be considered more of a generalist, without a focus on any specific industries or roles.

Turnaround: 10-15 business days.

Cost: $1,995

Phone: (321) 704-7209

Reviews: To find this companies reviews, type in “Career Steering – Rosa E. Vargas Executive Resume Writer Reviews” on Google. While there are very few public reviews, we did find one. 8.1/10 on FMP.

10. Kelly Donovan

Kelly Donovan was founded in 2007 and is a company named after the founder, Kelly Donovan. Kelly comes from a career in journalism as well as marketing and PR management. She has contributed to various different books and holds a CPRW certification for executive resume writing.

Pros: Kelly Donovan provides a free 15-30-minute consultation prior to requiring any upfront payment.

Cons: We couldn’t find any resume samples available on the website. We also weren’t able to find many customer reviews outside of her own website.

Turnaround: 10+ business days.

Cost: $1,200 - $1,900+

Phone: (909) 235-6383

Reviews: Unfortunately, we were unable to find any executive resume writer reviews for this service.

Best Executive Resume Writers on LinkedIn

Selecting an executive resume writer is not easy. It’s important to do your research in order to have the most success possible in your job search. If you are looking for another article on this topic, feel free to check out the Top Executive Resume Writers on LinkedIn.

No matter who you choose, it is important that you do your research. Here are some quick qualifiers when choosing your next professional executive resume writer.

  1. Make sure your writer has experience in your industry.
  2. Make sure you have some sort of edit/revision period.
  3. Make sure it’s a service that you can afford.
  4. Make sure the company does not outsource their work outside of the country you are living.
  5. Make sure the company is staying up to date with the latest resume trends.
  6. Make sure your resume is editable and sent in Word and PDF formats.
  7. Make sure the company uses relevant keywords to get you through the ATS.

Overall, each of the companies mentioned on this list is considered “safe to use” resume services with a focus on executive and C-Suite professionals.

Not an executive? Check out the Best and Most Affordable Resume Writing Services in 2019.

Find the company that resonates with you the most, check to see if they meet the 7 qualifications mentioned above, and move forward with no regrets knowing that you have done your homework and will have an amazing end-result.

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