Can I Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm to Manage My Job Search?

Can I Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm to Manage My Job Search?

No, you can’t hire a recruiting firm to manage your job search. Recruiting firms work on behalf of employers to fill open positions.

Job seekers do not pay for recruiting firms to help with their job search, which often means not getting the best results. The good news is that there are companies you can hire to manage your job search, and be more likely to land your dream job.  

Hiring companies are the client

An important thing to keep in mind when you work with a recruiting firm is that the hiring company with the job opening is the client. The job seeker is not the client, therefore they are not the main priority of the recruiting firm.

The recruiters are focused on filling job openings as soon as possible and keeping their clients happy.

They work with job seekers to fill the positions but are less focused on making sure they find their dream jobs. It is important for you to decide whether you want your job search to be done for free, expecting less than impressive results. Or is it more important to invest in your job search, and pay somebody to find your dream job?

Job seeking with a recruiting firm

Working with a recruiting firm is as simple as making a phone call to set up a time to work with a recruiter.

During your meeting, the recruiter will learn about your background and get to know your job needs. It is unlikely they will have a job you’re interested in, on the day of your meeting. The recruiter will contact you when they have a job that seems to be a match with what you are looking for.

Recruiting firms receive job openings from companies that have positions to be filled.

These companies hire the recruiting firm to fill the positions for them. As new job openings come in, recruiters look to the list of candidates they’ve met with and find the best match. Often recruiters don’t take the time to follow up with candidates, so you could go weeks before you hear back from your recruiter if they don’t have any jobs that are a match. Remember they are working on behalf of the hiring company, not the job seeker, so they are not obligated to be in contact with you. 

Career coaches are a potential alternative

Another option for your job search is to hire a career coach. A career coach is someone that you would hire to help coach you about the interview process.

A career coach provides advice, support, and guidance. They determine the right strategies to use. And they provide you with a plan to help you stay on track.

Career coaches will offer you suggestions for how to find a job and do well in an interview, but they will not manage the job search process for you. You will still be doing most of the work, and there is no guarantee that they will find you a job.

Executive resume writers can be a good investment

Executive resume writers don’t work with people on their job search, but they should be considered as the resumes they offer can significantly increase the chance of being seen by hiring managers.

Executive resume writing companies can vary greatly in price and quality. Each company has unique qualities to consider.

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind before choosing the best company to work with:

  1. Price  It is important to research how much it costs to the best resume for you. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to over $2,000 for these services.
  2. Timeliness  Figure out what a reasonable turn around time is for resume writing.
  3. Aesthetics  You want to get an idea of the style each company provides
  4. Customer service This really makes a huge difference. You want to find a company that understands your needs, and that works well with you.

Professionally Managed Job Search

Recruiting firms can be the right option for many people. However, there is another option. While a recruiting firm cannot truly manage your job search and are unlikely to find your dream job, you can hire a professionally managed job search firm like Find My Profession.

Find My Profession is a company that will help you with your entire job search and much more. They offer many services to manage your entire job search, and there is one significant difference between them and recruiting firms. 

Find My Profession works on behalf of the job seeker, not the hiring companies. Therefore they can focus on finding your dream job. Some of the services that are offered include:

They also offer a Career Finder Service, where they manage the entire job search process for senior and executive level job seekers and will apply to jobs for them. Because Find My Profession offers all of these services, they are able to offer package deals for people that want more than one service.

The first thing you will do if this is the best option for you is schedule a screening call to make sure they are a strong match for you, so be sure to have questions prepared.

Find My Profession has a specific process they follow to ensure they only select clients that are going to be a great match. This allows them to have the ability to guarantee job placement, unlike any of the services mentioned above. They do not get paid by companies or hiring managers.

Find My Profession works on behalf of you, the job seeker, which means they are working in the best interest of their clients.

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