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Are you looking for a job?

Or perhaps you’re considering a career change.

Whatever the case, searching for a job can be a full-time job in itself.

It not only requires time, but also a lot of patience, planning, and most importantly, in-depth knowledge of the job market.

The good news is, you no longer have to do this work yourself.

There are job search experts that you can hire to fully manage your job search.

They’re called reverse recruiters.

Unlike traditional recruiters who work with companies to fill positions, reverse recruiters work for job seekers to land them job offers.

But wait! Before you get too excited it’s important to note that not all reverse recruiting services are created equal.

Reverse recruiters range in cost, quality, and their overall expectations from you throughout the process.

Some services will just send you jobs, others will apply to jobs for you, and others will fully manage your job search from the resume to the offer letter.

To help find the right company for you, we’ve researched the best reverse recruiting services and what they offer.

Best Services for Reverse Recruiting

Find My Profession
Find My Profession $3,000 – $3,999 per 4 weeks More Details right arrow icon
Browning Associates
Browning Associates $12,500 – $17,500 More Details right arrow icon
The Barrett Group
The Barrett Group $9,000 – $12,500 More Details right arrow icon
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Stewart Cooper & Coon
trophy 4
Stewart, Cooper & Coon $10,000 – $15,000 More Details right arrow icon
trophy 5
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ResumeSpice $799 – $1,199 per month More Details right arrow icon

Average Reverse Recruiting Services Cost

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Reverse Recruiting Service Reviews


Find My Profession

Find My Profession offers a one of a kind reverse recruiting experience that has earned its place on the top of our list.

Mike Podesto pioneered the concept of “reverse recruiting” in 2015 and Find My Profession was the first company to offer the service to job seekers.

Featured on Forbes, Inc., Fast Company, and Bloomberg, they have earned a reputation as the most in-depth managed job search service on the market.

They take on the work for you by searching and applying for jobs on your behalf using a customized resume tailored to each application. Additionally, they network with key decision-makers to secure interviews.

They can’t show up to the interview for you, but don’t worry! This service offers interview preparation and salary negotiation advice with a certified career expert. You’ll be fully prepared to ace your interview and negotiate like a pro.

With 900+ 5-star reviews, Find My Profession has established a solid reputation for consistently delivering high-quality service.


You can save hundreds of hours searching for jobs, filling out applications, customizing your resume, and networking. Finally, you can pay someone to find you a job! Your dedicated Reverse Recruiter will create a personalized strategy to manage all aspects of your job search. Your Client Strategist will provide valuable coaching to help you excel in interviews and navigate the salary negotiation process.


While the service can be a game-changer for professionals looking to save time and energy in their job search, it may not be the best fit for those seeking a career coach to help guide them in changing career paths. The service is designed for individuals who have a clear idea of the job they want but need assistance in finding it. Due to high demand, there is typically a waitlist.


4.9/5 based on 521 Trustpilot reviews
4.9/5 based on 319 Sitejabber reviews
4.9/5 based on 151 Google reviews
5/5 based on 52 Facebook reviews


$3,000 – $3,999 per 4 weeks


(831) 888-0967 or

Check out some of our 5-star reviews:

Resume & LinkedIn Profile

I had the pleasure to work with [Resume Writer] in updating and refreshing my resume and LinkedIn profile. Throughout the entire process, she demonstrated a high level of engagement, professionalism, and timeliness. The experience was smooth and straightforward, and I am extremely satisfied with the final results. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to enhance their resume or LinkedIn. [Resume Writer] was fantastic and I appreciate her assistance throughout the entire process.

Thank you

My experience with the entire Find My Profession team has been outstanding. They helped me frame my resume with my experience based on the opportunities I was seeking. I partnered with [Resume Writer] and [Reverse Recruiter], who were both amazing, professional and really know what they are doing. I have already recommended their serves to a few colleagues since they know how to maneuver through the ever-changing hiring process!

Exceptional resume

Exceptionally written resume from [Resume Writer] at Find My Profession! I spent many many (many) hours struggling to write my own resume, trying to translate very niche responsibilities and accomplishments into language that could be easily understood by a general hiring audience. I reached out to Find My Profession, and [Resume Writer], my CPRW, took time to carefully understand my work history and accomplishments and crafted a resume at a level I never imagined. Worth every penny.

Professional Resume

[Resume Writer] from Find My Profession overhauled my decade old resume which hadn’t grown with my career. She also formatted the resume to work with HR software and updated my LinkedIn profile. Due to [Resume Writer’s] great work, I am now getting offers which match my current role.

Highest quality of work

[Resume Writer] was an absolute delight to work with! I knew it was time to update my professional resume and LinkedIn profile because it was extremely out of date. Within a few days of having my first conversation with [Resume Writer] she turned around an amazing overview of my career accomplishments in a succinct resume and reworked my LinkedIn profile to support it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and highly recommend this service and company!

Professional. Experts…

I went into this not knowing what to expect. I found myself needing an expert resume writer after countless failed attempts in positions I am highly qualified for. I knew it was time that I change something and decided to contact the experts. My experience from the onset was nothing short of amazing and professional. [Resume Writer] was absolutely amazing, had great insight, very responsive and knows what he’s doing! My resume received the facelift of the century! Believe me! I have recommended this service to my family and friends.

Excellent Experience

I worked with [Resume Writer], who did a stellar job in reworking my resume to better highlight my abilities. He listened carefully to what I was looking for, identified areas where there were key terms that a system might look for, and emphasized my accomplishments without exaggerating them. The format was so much better and more consistent than what I had before. The work was professional, no spelling/grammatical errors, and only one round of minor revisions needed. [Resume Writer] also provided helpful advice on how to update and adapt the resume with future experience/positions. The overhaul of my LinkedIn Profile was similarly excellently done, and I've had a few recruiters reach out on LinkedIn since the rework.

Wonderful investment

[Resume Writer] was a pleasure to work with. This was a great experience and investment in myself and career. I always feel overwhelmed by creating or updating my resume and I had no idea how to create one that was suitable for today’s automated analysis used by HR departments. I struggle to find the best words to describe what I do and what I like/dislike. In one phone call [Resume Writer] was able to listen to me blather on and craft my experiences into an outstanding package. 100% recommend making this investment in yourself.

Browning Associates

Browning Associates was created by John Seraichyk in 2007.

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, this Christian based company provides career management services to clients across the globe.

Browning Associates will start by helping you with resume and LinkedIn optimization. Next, they will teach you how to identify, apply, and interview for executive roles.

You will receive help with specific company targeting. Also, your personal coach will work with you to implement follow-up strategies and action plans.

Unlike Find My Profession, this company will not apply to jobs for you, customize your resume for each application, or network on your behalf.


Although they don’t apply to jobs on your behalf, they’ll promote your personal brand through special targeted email outreach campaigns. You will also be assigned an entire team that will provide coaching, writing, and administrative support. Browning Associates promises to work with you until you get a new job.


Browning Associates does not do as much of the work for you as some other companies on this list. They offer more in the form of teaching and less in the form of doing. There is also no fixed pricing, each customer is custom quoted.


4.9/5 based on 55 Google reviews
4.9/5 based on 47 BBB reviews
4.5/5 based on 27 Bark reviews


$12,500 – $17,500


(401) 825-7717

Best Companies That Help You Find a Job

Need Help With Your Job Search?

Did you know there are companies you can hire to help with your job search? Whether you need resume help or want someone to apply to jobs for you, we’ve reviewed the 20 best agencies to help you find a job.


The Barrett Group

The Barrett Group was founded in 1990 to help professionals on the path of a career change. In 2018, Peter Irish took over as CEO to rejuvenate and develop The Barrett Group’s services.

There are five main steps in The Barrett Group’s reverse recruiting service:

Clarity Program©: 4-sessions with a clarity coach including personality assessments and discussions.

Personal Branding and Campaign Development: Improve your resume and social presence.

Market Access: Learn how to identify industries and companies to network with.

Preparation for Interviews and Offer Negotiation: Receive interview coaching and offer reviewal from the BG consulting team.

Onboarding: Develop a 100-day onboarding plan and coaching to navigate your new job.


Excellent onboarding services that are not offered by other reverse recruiting companies. Positive online reputation and customer reviews. Quality leadership team and support staff.


The Barrett Group will not apply to jobs or network on your behalf. Each package is custom quoted so pricing is difficult to determine online.


4.5/5 based on 60 Google reviews
5/5 based on 14 BBB reviews
5/5 based on 8 Facebook reviews


$9,000 – $12,500


(800) 304-4473


Stewart, Cooper & Coon

Stewart, Cooper & Coon was founded in 1995 by Fred Coon. The Arizona based Human Capital Strategies firm provides executive employment services to both job seekers and employers. They do this through their various operating divisions and a team of experienced consultants and career coaches.

SC&C has a very specific roadmap for their reverse recruiting services.

First, they start with what they call ViewPoint©.  Here, they help you create an article that will position you as an industry expert. Then, their CEO interviews you on a short recorded call.

Then they work on your Career WebFolio©. This is essentially an online version of your resume.

Next is your resume and LinkedIn writing.

Finally, they will prepare you for interviews with personalized recorded feedback after your mock interview.

While most of the job search is left up to you, Stewart Cooper and Coon aims to help your online and offline reputation which is an important aspect of any executive job search.


The only reverse recruiting service that will create an online version of your resume. ViewPoint© is also a unique service. This reverse recruiting service is the most focused on personal branding.


SC&C will not apply to jobs or network on your behalf. This service appears to be the least involved in your actual job search. Their primary focus is on branding, not actually job searching for you.


4.2/5 based on 36 Google reviews
3.4/5 based on 31 Yelp reviews
3.4/5 based on 12 Trustpilot reviews
5/5 based on 1 BBB review


$10,000 – $15,000


(480) 245-5904 or



ResumeSpice has been helping professionals with their career needs since 2016.  Founded by Keith and Marsha Murray in Houston, TX this company offers resume writing and reverse recruiting services.

Their reverse recruiting service is called JobApply and it’s their most comprehensive service yet.

However, before you get started, they require you to sign up for their resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter package (additional fee).

Through JobApply, they send you personalized job recommendations each week.

ResumeSpice will apply to 10-30 jobs for you each month (depending on the package you choose).

A dedicated consultant will be available throughout your engagement.


The JobApply service is the least involved and easiest to use. It’s also the most affordable option on this list even with the additional resume package cost.


Applications are not submitted with customized resumes. No career coaching or interview prep is included. They do not network for you and they only submit 10-30 job applications per month for a pretty large fee.


4.9/5 based on 1,382 TrustPilot reviews
4.9/5 based on 95 Facebook reviews
5/5 based on 24 Facebook reviews
4.2/5 based on 6 Yelp reviews
5/5 based on 3 G2 reviews


$799 – $1,199 per month + $159 one time set-up fee


(832) 930-7378 or

Previous Years Winners

Reverse Recruiting Winners (2023)

Find My Profession, Browning Associates, The Barrett Group, Stewart, Cooper & Coon, ResumeSpice

Reverse Recruiting Winners (2022)

Find My Profession, Browning Associates, The Barrett Group, Stewart, Cooper & Coon, ResumeSpice

Key Takeaways

Reverse recruiting services have revolutionized the job search process for job seekers. These services are designed to assist job seekers in connecting with potential employers.

The reverse recruiting services offered by Find My Profession are unique as they handle the job search process on behalf of the job seeker, including finding suitable job openings, submitting applications, and networking to secure interviews. This saves job seekers valuable time and effort that would have been spent on job hunting. Additionally, Find My Profession offers interview preparation and salary negotiation advice.

If you’re looking to take your job search to the next level, consider using Find My Profession’s reverse recruiting services.