Unfamiliar with the term “reverse recruiter”? 

That’s okay! This article will introduce you to the role of a reverse recruiter and how they can help you in your quest for finding a job.

A reverse recruiter is someone who assists a job seeker in performing a job search, applying to jobs, and finding interviews

This is different from the responsibilities of a traditional recruiter. 

Reverse recruiters are innovative professionals who put themselves in the shoes of the job seeker.

They utilize unique strategies and tools in the job search process in order to help you land that coveted position. 

What Does a Recruiter Do?

To clearly understand the work of a reverse recruiter, let’s talk about what a “regular” recruiter does.

A traditional recruiter is a professional, often with experience in the human resources industry, whose task involves filling open positions for and on behalf of businesses and organizations. 

That is to say, recruiters work for the companies, not the job seekers. 

Also, recruiters have to fill specific positions that are assigned to them by their employers. 

Due to these limitations, they do not have the power to offer you the job that is most suitable for you. They can only offer you the roles that they are currently working to fill. 

What Does a Reverse Recruiter Do?

Now that we have looked into what a recruiter does, it will be much easier to understand the job description of a reverserRecruiter. 

Basically, reverse recruiters perform job-search-related tasks, but from the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Instead of searching for talent and recruits on behalf of organizations, reverse recruiters search for jobs and companies on behalf of job seekers. 

Reverse recruiters work directly for and with the job seekers, not for the hiring companies.

They take your career information, professional goals, and aspirations and get to work to find jobs that match your background and fulfill your vocational objectives. 

They employ advanced job search techniques to find the jobs that suit you the most. 

Most importantly, reverse recruiters specialize in providing personalized career development support depending on the needs and skills of individual candidates. 

A reverse recruiter can also assist you with customizing your career documents (resume and LinkedIn profile), submitting applications, and setting up interviews on your behalf.

What Do Reverse Recruiters at Find My Profession Do?

Reverse recruiters can make your life easier by managing your entire job search from beginning to end. 

You can have more time to do what you love while a dedicated Find My Profession reverse recruiter brings you the interviews.

Here’s an overview of what the reverse recruiters at Find My Profession can assist you with:

Job Searching

Once your marketing materials are completed by our resume writing team, your dedicated Reverse Recruiter will get to know you and search for relevant jobs that match your profile. 

They find the jobs, and you just need to approve them.


After you approve a job, they will fill out the application for you using a customized ATS-compatible resume.


A reverse recruiter will then identify and contact key individuals on your behalf in order to arrange interviews and networking meetings.

Interview Prep

Once you get an interview, your professional reverse recruiter will be available by phone, email, or chat to offer interview coaching and materials.

In short, a reverse recruiter will assist you every step of the way, saving you, on average, 200+ hours of job searching time. 

But more importantly, since the reverse recruiters at Find My Profession do this for a living, you can rest easy knowing that an experienced professional is managing your job search.

Key Takeaways

Yes, you can hire someone to find you a job. They are called reverse recruiters!

  • Traditional recruiters work with companies to fill open positions.
  • Reverse recruiters work for job seekers to find suitable jobs.
  • Find My Profession reverse recruiters fulfill all of your job search needs, from finding great jobs to interview preparation.
  • You can save 200+ hours of job searching and focus on more important things or simply relax.
  • You can also rest easy knowing that you are in expert hands. 

If you need a boost in your job search, hire a professional reverse recruiter with Find My Profession’s Career Finder service. You can schedule a free consultation to learn more about our reverse recruiters and the services we provide.