5 Best Agencies That Help You Find Jobs (Plus 3 Free)

5 Best Agencies That Help You Find Jobs

Need help finding a job?

You are not alone.

Despite unemployment being at an all-time low, finding a job has never been more difficult.

We explain why in this article.

Beyond knowing why it is so hard to find a job, it’s important to know what services exist to help with the job search process.

Because job searching has become so daunting, many companies have developed to help ease the pain.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best agencies that help find jobs.

You no longer have to job search alone!

Can I Hire a Recruiter to Find Me a Job?

It’s common for us to hear the question, “Can I hire a recruiter to find me a job?”

The short answer is….No.

Here’s why.

A recruiter's main job is to help hiring companies fill open positions, not find jobs for individuals.

The way recruiters get paid is by receiving a job description and seeking out a job seeker who is a match.

Recruiters do not receive compensation from job seekers, but they do receive compensation from hiring companies.

Therefore, you cannot hire a recruiter to find you a job.

You can call a recruiter and see if they have any open positions that you’d be a match for. But if the answer is no, don’t expect much assistance after making that initial phone call.

This doesn’t make recruiters bad people. It would be like going to McDonald's and asking them to make a burrito. That’s just not something they do.

We go into more detail about the recruiter/job seeker relationship in this article.

However, there are companies that work exclusively for job seekers. Their sole purpose is to work with a job seeker, helping them to find, apply, and network for positions that would be a great match.

We’ll discuss these sorts of agencies below.

Why Should I Seek Help Finding a Job?

Not everyone will need help finding a job.

If you have a friend or family member who can make an introduction and get you hired, trust me, you are one of the lucky ones.

Sadly, that is not always the case.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might seek help finding a job.

While some of them are due to job searching struggles, many of them have to do with convenience and efficiency. In other words, working smarter not harder.

Here are some of the reasons why someone may need help finding a job:

  1. Time: Job searching can be a full-time job in itself. Not everyone has time to invest in a full-fledged job search.
  2. Money: At the end of the day, job searching is not fun. If you have the means to hire someone to help find you a job, that may be more appealing than searching on your own.
  3. Priorities: If you are already working full-time, you may not want to come home after a 40+ hour work week and search for jobs. You might prefer to spend time with your friends and/or family.
  4. Reality: Job searching is difficult. There are hundreds of moving pieces and they are ever-changing. Hiring someone who specializes in this arena will likely be much more fruitful than conducting a search on your own.
  5. Objections: Discrimination does exist. Whether it is gender, age, race, disability, or other forms of discrimination, you may consider working with a professional who knows how to combat these objections.

All in all, there are dozens of reasons why someone may seek help finding a job.

Rather than speculating, we’d like to move on by sharing some of the best job finding services that can assist in your job search process.

Types of Agencies That Help Find Jobs

There are plenty of agencies that help find jobs.

Depending on the kind of help that you are looking for and your overall budget, some of the services may be better for you than others.

Below we will break down a variety of companies that help you find a job, while also explaining what kind of services they offer.

We will break these up into three main categories:

Feel free to select any category above to be taken directly to this section of the article.

The most common agencies that are known for helping people find jobs are professional career coaching companies.

Career coaches provide the most practical and actionable advice for navigating the current job market.

These services are usually managed by career experts who can teach you the ins-and-outs of job searching.

I know what you are thinking. "I don't want a career coach. I just want someone who can do the work for me!"

Keep on dreaming. Services like this really don't exist. Job searching is an intricate and personal process that you are better off learning yourself.

Coaches are more useful than you might think. They are not just there to hold your hand and cheer you on. They can teach you how to job search more efficiently; maximizing your time and increasing interviews. Even Michael Jordan had a coach!

For more info and a list of excellent career coaching services, check out this article.


1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession Career Coaching

Find My Profession offers some of the most elite career coaching services around.

Are you applying to jobs and wondering why you have not heard back? There are a variety of reasons why this could happen.

Whether you are applying to the wrong jobs, using the wrong resume, or simply failing to network, Find My Profession can help.

Their 1-on-1 coaching sessions will teach you how to find jobs, customize your resume for the job, create targeted search alerts, network with key decision-makers, and interview like a pro.

They are so confident that you will land a new job after working with them that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all coaching packages.

Cost: $199 - $1047

Learn more about Find My Profession and their career coaching services.


2. TheMuse

5 Best Agencies That Help You Find Jobs (Plus 3 Free)

TheMuse is a very well-respected career resource for job seekers around the world.

Unlike other career coaching services that employ everyone internally, TheMuse is a conglomerate site hosting a variety of vetted career coaches.

This allows for a bit more customization.

To start their process, you will be asked a few questions to help match you with the best career coach.

Questions will be focused on your budget, seniority level, and industry.

After answering a few brief questions, you will be provided with a list of coaches who you can book for one of their services offered.

The great thing about TheMuse is that you can read about each of the coach's backgrounds, areas of expertise, and services offered before making a decision.

You are completely in control of who you hire and will not be assigned a random “coach”.

Cost: $250 - $2,000+

Learn more about TheMuse and their career coaching services.

Resume and cover letter services are some of the most common ways people seek help finding a job.

These types of services are used by almost every job seeker at least once in their career.

While most of these companies will not directly help you find a new job, they will indirectly help by providing documents that can either make or break your job search.

With literally thousands of resume writing services out there, it can be difficult to know who to choose.

To help, we have compiled some of the best resume writing services below.


3. TopResume

5 Best Agencies That Help You Find Jobs (Plus 3 Free)

TopResume is the world’s largest resume-writing service and an excellent option for recent grads and entry-level job seekers.

TopResume offers resume and cover letter writing services that are fast, reliable, and consistent.

Given the massive volume of resumes that TopResume is entrusted with, their team has mastered the art of affordable resume writing.

They even offer a free resume critique (no strings attached).

While they do provide services for senior-level individuals, we personally recommend them for entry-mid career professionals.

For senior-level leaders who are willing to invest a bit more in their career, we would recommend considering a company with a more tailored approach, like the one below.

Cost: $179+

Learn more about TopResume and receive your free resume critique.


4. Find My Profession

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a top-rated resume writing service with a focus on senior leadership and executive-level positions.

Our expert staff of writers has experience in more than 85 industries/professions. 

What makes our resume writing process so special is our 1-on-1 attention.

We don’t outsource our work. We never use a cookie-cutter template. You speak directly with your resume writer and receive access to their direct phone number and email.

All Find My Profession our clients receive a personalized phone consultation, a 3 - 5 business day turnaround, and a 60-Day Interview Guarantee.

Cost: $395+

Learn more about Find My Profession resume writing services.


It's important to note that the most value will typically come from a paid service (especially one of the services mentioned above). 

However, that doesn't mean there are no free options to help you find a job.

The internet is filled with free blogs providing extremely useful job search tips if you are willing to put forth the effort to study them.

Below, we recommend our top career blog to follow and explore.


5. The Balance Careers

5 Best Agencies That Help You Find Jobs (Plus 3 Free)

The Balance Careers offers 20+ years of writing accumulating to more than 10,000 career-related articles.

You can browse dozens of categories including tips on job searching, internships, management, salary negotiation, work-family balance, and more.

The Balance keeps their content simple and to the point making it easy to follow and understand.

This site is great for DIY-ers who have the time to learn everything related to job searching.

Cost: Free

Learn more about The Balance Careers free blog.


Bonus: Free Resume Review Sites

Free Resume Review Sites

As a special bonus, we have included a complete list of the best free resume review sites. If you already have a resume and simply want to receive a free resume review, you are definitely going to want to check out this list.

Each of the ten companies above will review your resume and provide actionable feedback on how you can improve it. 

Learn more about the best Free Resume Review Sites.

Wrapping Up

If you need help finding a job, we recommend one of the resources on this list.

Take a second to ask yourself, "Where am I struggling in the job search process?"

If you have been applying to jobs but aren't receiving interviews, you may need resume help. 

If you have been receiving interviews but haven't received offers, you may need to hire an interview coach.

If you simply don't have time to job search, or you have no idea where you are going wrong, you may want to consider hiring a career coach.

Wherever you are in the job search process, there are some great resources that can help you find a job.

The entire team at Find My Profession wishes you a ton of success in your job search!

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