So you’re on the hunt for an executive resume writer that will use their talents to formulate a compelling and effective resume, on your behalf? We would like to offer some help.

Today we will be reviewing Mary Elizabeth Bradford. In this article, we will be sharing why this resume writer was added to the Top Executive Resume Service List we created. We will also be discussing a few of the pros and cons of working with Mary Elizabeth Bradford.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford – Resume Review

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is not just the name of a business. This is actually the name of the founder – Mary.

Mary has been writing resumes ever since she became a certified resume writer in 2006. 

There’s no doubt that Mary Elizabeth Bradford caters towards the high-end executive and c-level clientele. Her website branding makes it abundantly clear that her services are for 6 & 7 figure executives.

Let’s jump right into some of the pros and cons of Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s resume writing services.


Mary Elizabeth Bradford is a part of more organizations and has accumulated more certifications throughout her long career than we can count!

Despite what you might think, she also offers coaching services in the form of online programs that can be helpful for high-level execs.

There’s nobody out there who will tell you that Mary Elizabeth Bradford does not know how to write a resume.


Having reviewed many of the resume samples on her website, many of the resumes are not ATS compatible which will actually cause issues if your goal is to use the resume to apply to jobs online.

Another slight drawback depending on your budget could be the cost. This company is by far one of the most expensive executive resume writing services in the country with costs starting at $2,597. Sadly, the $2,597 package does not get to work directly with Mary. You will need to upgrade to the $5,797 package to work with Mary Elizabeth directly.

How Much Does Mary Elizabeth Bradford Cost?

While the cost can slightly range depending on the package, we were able to discover that the base package includes an executive resume, value prop letter, and thank you letter template with the price tag of $2,597 (see image below).

Mary Elizabeth Bradford Pricing & Packages

The price ranges below reflect the price ranges at the time of the article creation.

  • Executive Resume Package: $2,597
  • VIP Premium Package: $3,797
  • VIP Board of Directors Package: $4,297
  • VIP Executive Package Working Directly with Mary Elizabeth: $5,797
  • VIP Platinum In-Person Coaching Program Working Directly with Mary Elizabeth: $10,997

For the most accurate and up to date details on package pricing, visit the website directly.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford Resume Writing Process

Let’s look at the steps taken in Mary Elizabeth Bradfords Resume Writing Process below:

  1. Select one of the package options listed above on her website and submit your payment.
  2. Receive an email from the Mary Elizabeth Bradford team prompting next steps.
  3. Schedule a consultation call with your writer.
  4. Receive a resume draft. Turnaround time is unknown, we estimate ~2 weeks.
  5. We expect that you will be allotted some level of revisions/edits after receiving the updated resume from your writer.

Unfortunately, there was limited information that we could gather about Mary Elizabeth Bradfords average turnaround time or overall resume writing process. The industry is fairly standard, so you should usually at least expect what we described above!

More Reviews From Real Customers

Beyond the information that we can provide, we hope that you take the time to look into each companies online reputation (especially their customer reviews). 

Mary Elizabeth Bradford has a solid online reputation when it comes to online publications and media outlets. So we know she is not a “scammer”.

We definitely wish that we could have found some third-party reviews to share here. However, considering the types of clients Mary is targeting, it’s not a high-volume business. 

While reviews are extremely important, no companies are perfect… so take each review with a grain of salt and look at more than just reviews.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford – Resume Sample

We wanted to see what the resume quality of Mary Elizabeth Bradford looked like so we took a look at some of the resume samples featured on their website.

We’ve attached a Mary Elizabeth Bradford resume sample for you to review (first page only).

If you’d like to see 10+ more executive resume samples from this company, click on the image of the resume sample below to be taken to their resume samples page.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford - Resume Sample

Our Opinion On A Great Alternative

If you are an executive looking for a professional resume writings service, we always recommend interviewing 2-3 companies before making a final decision.

Whether you are looking for a more affordable service or one with more 5-star reviews, we think you will love Find My Profession.

Find My Profession is an elite resume writing service that believes customer service is #1. With more than 150+ 5-star reviews and a 60-Day Interview Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that your satisfaction is a top priority.

Finding the best resume writer for you will depend on your industry, role, budget, and overall expectations. Find a credible company, read their customer reviews, and make sure they have some sort of guarantee.