10 Low Stress High Paying Careers

10 Low Stress High Paying Careers

Over the last 20 years, repeated studies on the effects of stress have shown high amounts of it can lead to advanced aging of the brain. If you know a high-stress career is not for you, try some of these low stress high paying careers.

1. Art Director - $98K

If you are the creative type, a great no-stress job that pays well is Art Director. You are the one responsible for imagery, graphics, and styles found in movies, TV, print media, advertising, and digital media. This low stress high paying career only requires a bachelor’s degree, yet years of work experience will suffice. Connections and having an eye for creative trends will serve you well in this career.

2. Military Engineer - $98K

Travel the world in this low stress high paying career while designing, building, and maintaining ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. You will work on either mechanical systems or basic design of vehicles. Thankfully, only a bachelor’s degree is required. It is very helpful for your career if you have practical experience. Those who work with their hands make up a number of the best paying low-stress job on this list.

3. Computer Hardware Engineer - $108K

This is a great no-stress job that pays well, especially if you care about career longevity. Computer hardware engineers research, design, build, test, and develop computer hardware for businesses and scientific use. This is one of the best paying low-stress jobs simply because every company can use a computer hardware engineer and will for the foreseeable future. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited program is enough to get you some work experience.

4. Economists - $103K

Economists are numbers people who study production and distribution of goods and service. This profession has proven highly influential over the last 400 years. Economists are often quoted authors and politicians with the ability to predict business outcomes and set business trends in motion. Continuing education is important here, yet a bachelor’s degree will do to get started.

5. Astronomers - $112K

Look at the stars. Interpret astronomical phenomena. It’s one of the best paying low-stress careers to date. However, given the availability of such work, it is a good idea to work towards your Ph.D. in this field. The universe is always changing and so you must keep learning throughout your career.

6. Political Scientists - $102K

A career in political science can lead to careers in communications, political fields, professors, and more. In this low stress high paying career you will find yourself studying, analyzing, and even developing political trends and structures. A career in this field requires a bachelor’s degree in political science, yet most go onto to get a Ph.D.

7. Teachers of Law - $125K

These are not lawyers, but they have law degrees and a bachelor’s degree. It is required for being a teacher in this low stress high paying career.

8. Computer Systems Manager - $135K

These are the folks who help set up the IT in an office and make sure only the best equipment is used to reach a business’ goals. Over the last decade with the rise of tech companies, this job has become more important and it only requires a bachelor’s degree. The only stress involved in this job is when systems crash and employees cannot do their work.

9. Optometrists - $112K

In this line of work, you perform eye exams, check for vision problems, and prescribe glasses. And all you need is a bachelor’s degree, state license, and four-year optometry program. Everyone at some point in their lives goes to an optometrist. It is a solid, no stress high paying career.

10. Orthodontist - $200K

In this position, the best paying low-stress job on the list, you get to diagnose and treat dental problems while creating appliances to realign teeth and jaws. All of the pretty smiles with straight teeth that you see in the United States came at the hands of an orthodontist.

Your education will require a bachelor’s degree, dental school, and residency training. At the end of your commitment to your education, you can even start your own practice.

The one common thread to all of these low-stress high paying careers is that they require some form of degree and a commitment to excellence over an extended period of time. To see a list of the top six-figure careers that do not require a college degree, check this out!

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