As a job seeker, you spend a great amount of time setting up a Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts interview or phone screening.

The best video interview involves more than just sitting in front of a webcam talking to a hiring manager.

You work to be on time, so what do you do when the interview no show turns out to be the company?

We offer these 7 tips for you on how to handle it.

1. Keep Calm and Cool

We have all been stuck in traffic, had internet connectivity issues, or had to call in sick. We also know that video call sites like Zoom are not 100% reliable.

Instead of firing off a critical email to the hiring manager about how offended you were by the interview no show, take a step back and remember…you really do not know, until you know better.

2. When the Hiring Manager Is 15 Minutes Late

If you had a time set up for an 11:00 am video interview, and by 11:15 am the hiring manager has not called, send an email asking if all is ok and if you have the right time.

Remember, you want to give your best video interview, so do not get pushy.

You simply do not know if the hiring manager got the time zones mixed up, or if they simply forgot.

People make mistakes. We are all human. Remain patient.

But certainly, send a friendly email to ask if the interview is taking place as planned.

3. When the Hiring Manager Is 30 Minutes Late

Let’s just say it is now 11:30 am and this hiring manager is obviously missing out on the best online video interview ever conducted.

When you hit the 30-minute mark, and no one replied to your email, you can safely assume they have either forgotten or the hiring manager is an interview no show.

However, still stay by your computer to give your interview.


Because you do not know for sure.

It has happened where hiring managers have either noticed they should be on a call, or they have no Internet.

The simple fact is…you do not know.

But you did spend time setting up a video call interview, so see it through for the next 30 minutes.

4. When the Hiring Manager Is 45 Minutes Late

Patience is a virtue.

Remain calm and ready to give your best interview, ever.


If they call in finally, they are trying to do one of two things:

  1. Trying to be early for the video interview at 12:00 pm. Their time zones were off.
  2. They finally got connected and wanted to salvage time by setting up a new interview.

Both of these things have happened, and it is best to show you do not crack under the pressure of having to wait 45 minutes when they finally speak to you.

Companies place considerable value in employees who remain calm and handle diversity with ease.

Your hiring manager was an interview no show until now.

So, let’s say they STILL do not call. What do you do next?

5. When the Hiring Manager Is 60 Minutes Late

You have every reason in the world to be disappointed, after setting up a online interview, preparing to give what you know would be the most amazing, best video interview ever known.

But that is still no reason to take it out on the hiring manager if/when you connect with them again.


Hiring managers obviously do not run the company.

You have already formed your first impression of this company based on the interview no show, which should be a sign the job maybe would not work out for you.

So, in one perspective, the hiring manager’s mistake was your gain. You now know if you really want to work for this company.

So, let’s say…they do call in at 12:00 or 12:05 pm, and apologize for being late. You can guarantee that they got the time wrong.

Do not be a jerk about it. Do not even bring it up, unless they do first. It looks like you are being petty.

Laugh it off to yourself as a sign that this company’s hiring manager needs to learn how to use a Google calendar.

6. When the Hiring Manager Is 75 Minutes Late

Now is the time you have a decision to make.

Write a friendly email and see what happens, or cut your losses and move on.

Your email should say that you showed up to do the interview but did not connect with the interviewer. Ask if you should schedule a new online interview time.

If they reply with an apology, great.

If they do not reply within 24 hours, that company is officially on your “No Apply List”.

Unfortunately, not everyone sees a need to respect the time of complete strangers.

If companies have employees behaving this way, it may be a sign of something bigger. Be happy you were not interviewed or hired.

7. After the Interview No Show

Well, you did the best video interview you possibly could.

You were on time. You were prepared. You checked the interview time was accurate before waiting an hour for an interview that did not show. Then, you sent an email along the way checking that all was ok. It was courteous of you.

Unfortunately, this happens and job interviews do not always turn out to be entirely fair processes.

They may have skipped your interview for some other reason you will never know.

Therefore, don’t take it personally. Just write it off as a lesson learned in the values of patience, courtesy, and professionalism.

Experiences like this, in the long run, make you a stronger job candidate.

Key Takeaways

A video interview with a no-show hiring manager can be frustrating and disappointing, but there are steps you can take to handle the situation professionally.

Remember to stay positive and professional throughout the process, even if the hiring manager doesn’t show up.

Don’t be afraid to move on. There are plenty of other opportunities out there, and you deserve to work with a company that values your time and effort.

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