Randstad RiseSmart is a globally recognized HR services provider. They are one of the largest “talent mobility” firms in the world with a presence in more than 80 countries and 40 industries.

It’s natural that you’ll see their name while looking for job search services. It’s also possible that you were referred to them by your employer. 

It’s wise to do your research on the company even if your employer is providing outplacement services for you.

You can decide whether they will be as good as professional resume writers you can hire on your own. 

That’s exactly what we are going to find out here in this article.

You will find important information about the resume writing service offered by Randstad RiseSmart. We will share pros, cons, pricing, writer backgrounds, and even our opinion on a great alternative.

Randstad RiseSmart – Resume Service Review

Among RiseSmart’s suite of services, resume writing is a part of the outplacement services for employees.

They promise to provide personalized service to not only source new jobs but to create careers. 

Dan Davenport co-founded the company in 2007. Dan now serves as the President and General Manager. He played a pivotal role in expanding Randstad services to over 80 countries. 

Headquartered in San Jose, the company specializes in financial services, technology, healthcare, and retail, and 40 other industries.  


The company boasts a 98% service satisfaction rates across its range of services. The leadership team has decades of combined experience in human resources and talent development.

Their global expertise and a large pool of recruiter connections have enabled them to offer 2 million jobs through their network.

All of their resume writers are certified professional writers. You will be matched with a resume writer based on your professional needs and background.

Randstad RiseSmart has one of the largest teams of professional resume writers in the world.


This service doesn’t provide resume writing for individual job seekers. You can only use their services if your employer is sponsoring outplacement services for you.

The website doesn’t provide many details about the resume writing process or resume writers. That information will probably be provided to you from RiseSmart when the service is available to you.

Keep in mind that RiseSmart is hired by and compensated by employers. So that is their target customer.

How Much Does Randstad RiseSmart Cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no information available on the cost of resume service from RiseSmart. 

You wouldn’t be responsible for the cost of the service anyway.

The resume service comes as a package with other career services such as outplacement and redeployment.

Randstad RiseSmart Resume Writing Process

The website doesn’t give many details about how the resume writing process takes place.

We found the following information about the writing process:

  • You will be matched with a resume writer based on your career stage and background. 
  • The resume writing process is completed within a week.
  • The resume writers are certified professional resume writers. 
  • Your resume will be keyword rich and applicant tracking system (ATS) compatible. 

We would have loved to see more information on the site. We also understand that they are not looking to sell individual resume writing services, so those details may not be as important.

Randstad RiseSmart Resume Writing Team

Just like other aspects of the resume writing service from RiseSmart, they lack information on their writing team as well. 

There are no details about the individual resume writers on the website.

We found some information about the writing team as a whole:

  • The resume writing team is capable of writing for all levels of professionals. 
  • The team includes certified professionals, former recruiters, HR professionals, freelance writers, and career specialists.
  • They have one of the largest resume-writing teams in the world.

You can possibly find more about their writers on LinkedIn. We found that out of the total 603 employees currently on LinkedIn, 153 identify themselves as resume writers.

Randstad RiseSmart Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial in evaluating any service. It’s even more so for the resume industry where it’s all about customer success.

Randstad RiseSmart has received mixed customer reviews online. Also, the company doesn’t have very many online customer reviews.

They have 5 Yelp reviews averaging a rating of 3.5/5. The newest review is from 2018.

The scene isn’t much different at Sitejabber, where they have only four reviews with a 3.75/5 overall rating. The top critical review on Sitejabber exclaims “Terrible”. The positive reviews don’t seem to be for RiseSmart at all.

On Facebook, we see a rating of 4.2/5 with 15 votes and recommendations. There are also individual RiseSmart pages in different countries as well.

The only place where they have impressive customer reviews both in terms of rating and number of reviews is Google. 

We found 122 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.8/5.  They have a few other reviews on Google for their global locations. 

On another note, their employee ratings on Glassdoor and Indeed for various locations range between 4 and 5 out of 5 stars

Randstad RiseSmart – Resume Sample

Resume samples are another very crucial element that any company offering resume services should include on their website.

Samples give us an opportunity to review the quality that we can expect.

However, we couldn’t find any resume samples on the RiseSmart website. We were able to find a sample on the Randstad USA site in their career resources blog.

Randstad Resume Sample

Randstad RiseSmart Alternatives

It goes without saying that if your employer is going to pay for outplacement services for you, take advantage of those services.

If you find that you are not getting results, or if you want to supplement those services, consider resume services that cater specifically to job seekers.

You have tons of options for professional resume writers.

You should never settle for a resume writer before assessing at least 2 to 3 writing services.

Consider adding the resume writing services of Find My Profession to your review ist.

We have a multi-certified and experienced team of resume writers. All our writers are based in the US and cover 85+ industries. We also offer a 60-day interview guarantee.

Find My Profession has more than 200 five star reviews on sites like Trustpilot, BBB, Sitejabber, and Google.

No matter who you choose, it’s important that you feel confident in your decision. So, be sure to call your prospective writers to discuss whether you will be a good match or not. Good luck!