20 Action Verbs for Your Resume

20 Action Verbs for Your Resume

Using powerful verbs in your resume shows that you know just what kind of actions are needed to get the job accomplished!

Knowing the right words to use when describing your accomplishments on a resume can make the difference in whether or not you get a callback.

In short, action verbs make your resume stand out.

They catch the employer’s eye and keep your resume from sounding like a person who just “did things.”

Use as many of these 20 action verbs for your resume as you can to make it stand out and impress the recruiter.

(Make yourself look like a hero while you're at it!)

“The Visionary”

As the visionary, you are the person who knows how to see into the future.

You have the skill to create plans and implement them with success!

If you hope to come across as a visionary to your prospective employer, sprinkle these effective words throughout your resume:

1. Devised

2. Formulated

3. Implemented

4. Created

5. Pioneered

Here are some examples of these great verbs in action, taken from resumes created by Find My Profession:

"Devised and worked to build partnerships across brands through creation of standard process and sharing of best practices." 

"Formulated industry-leading delivery capabilities and technology-enabled business models by successfully leading process improvement strategies to enable execution of our digital experience initiative."

"Designed and implemented ABC internal control framework across the valuation organization to ensure regulatory compliance and risk management."  

"Created data models and reporting to support 50+ inputs for 200+ reporting entities per quarter." 

"Pioneered the implementation and ongoing improvement of foundational principles/processes, leading to 50% reduction of serious safety events within two years."

“The Frugal One”

As the Frugal One, you seem to have a knack for knowing how to save time and money better than anyone else in the company.

You know how to help teams operate more efficiently.

By using the following words, you can effectively show the ways you saved your company money and time along the way.

6. Conserved

7. Consolidated

8. Decreased

9. Deducted

10. Lessened

Check out these examples of these action verbs used in resumes created by Find My Profession:

"Conserved $40M in cost reduction through business transformation, restructuring from 10 operations groups to a centralized center with complete reengineered processes enabled by technology."

"Monitored expenses and consolidated cost containment initiatives, achieving 2% budgetary savings for the fiscal year of 2017, the lowest in the state-wide hospital system." 

"Decreased employee turnover rate from 30% to 12% by improving hiring process and compensation plans; established learning and development program; #1 rated training initiative worldwide from XYZ training magazine." 

"Deducted documentation and clarified directives to operators through streamlining of company-wide RST validation instructions."

"Lessened costs while boosting service and sales by devising meaningful strategies to leverage contacts."

“The Project Leader”

The “Project Leader” is the certifiable “person who gets things done.” 

Using these words will leave no doubt that you are the person to hire for project management roles.

11. Controlled

12. Executed

13. Headed / Spearheaded

14. Orchestrated

15. Oversaw

If you're hoping to land a position in project management, here are some examples from work experience sections, taken from several resumes:

"Designed and controlled an RN Career pathway process for ED, ICU and OR nursing staff, yielding a 50% decrease in RN vacancies and $1M cost savings by reducing travel nurse requirements."  

"Defined and executed corporate vision and strategy with a continuous focus on growth-centric solutions to deliver bottom-line improvements and top-line performance." 

"Spearheaded the creation of an engagement pricing model to enable optimal priced services provided for one of the largest mutual fund clients, which improved engagement realization by 20%."

"Orchestrated the ground-up development of a best-in-class valuation process for leading SEC registrant multinational private equity firm." 

"Oversaw a 2,000-person workforce and full operating responsibility for finance, sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, quality, business development, and human resources." 

“The Improvement Specialist”

If everyone is happy with the way things are, but you are not, you just might be the resident Improvement Specialist.

You know things can always be better.

You have a knack for spotting things others do not, and you find a way to get everyone else on board, too.

Here are five action verbs that highlight your skill in the realm of improvement:

16. Modified

17. Centralized

18. Clarified

19. Customized

20. Remodeled

And, of course, some examples to show you just how powerful these words can look on a resume:

"Modified and improved deliverability of healthcare providers by developing new specialties and creating new structures to meet customer and market demand." 

"Centralized procedural and internal controls through development of instructional sessions with staff members on compliance fundamentals, export control, and foreign corrupt practices."

"Clarified activity metrics and established identification of trends before financial results by launching and implementing activity management framework for all sales and non-sales actions." 

"Customized an interdisciplinary team to develop strategies for reducing HA CDIFF, achieving a 60% YOY reduction." 

"Remodeled a feedback process for tracking and improving customer/patient satisfaction, resulting in a 15% boost in return customers and accompanying increase in referrals." 

In Closing

There are many more action verbs you can try using if you hope to show that you are a leader in your industry. You can find more action verbs here: Action Verbs for Resume: 300+ Resume Action Words.

Here's one of the things you can try right away to upgrade your resume:

Stop using words that sound cliche or get used in every resume out there.

Leaders make up only 2% of the world’s workforce, so you can afford to be a little different and creative.

If you'd prefer to leave your resume in the hands of professionals, we can help!

Find My Profession is a top-rated professional resume writing service with a focus on senior and executive-level job seekers.

Job searching is hard enough as it is. The last thing you want to do is risk being passed up for your dream job because of an inferior resume.

Contact us today and see how we can help land your dream job.

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