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Have you ever wondered how you can apply for so many jobs and still not even receive as little as a callback? The answer might lie in the quality of your resume. Our resume makeover is designed to help you stand out from the competition with a professional looking resume that is sure to impress.

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Something as simple as a missing comma or misspelled word on your resume can make a big difference to a recruiter. At Find My Profession we’ve got just the right help you need for a complete resume makeover and keyword optimization.

What makes us so different from other resume writers is that we don't just focus on resumes.

"Wait, you are telling me that you think you are better than a company that exclusively focuses on resumes? How can that be?"

Great question! Instead of just writing resumes, we actually provide a service to find people jobs. We call it the Career Finder.

Any resume writer can give you a pretty piece of paper that looks good. But will it be able to perform? Will it make it through the pesty Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Probably not.

We know our resumes get results because we put them to the test every day.

In addition, each resume we create is hand-crafted by a resume writer with over 10 years of HR, recruiting, and resume writing experience.

We believe that a well-crafted resume can create curiosity within the mind of a recruiter that can lead to a compelling discussion. And, ultimately land you in your dream job. With this philosophy, we have been able to help hundreds of people over the years by improving the quality of their resumes.

Resume Writing Process

Below we have outlined the steps taken for our resume writing process:

  1. Introduction Email: You will receive an introduction email from your Executive Résumé Writer requesting a résumé branding and strategy consultation.
  2. Phone Consultation:  Schedule a consultation call with your Executive Résumé Writer to provide detailed information regarding your background and career aspirations, as well as developing an overall brand strategy for your résumé and supporting documents.
  3. Drafts: Within 3-5 business days after your consultation is completed, you will receive a résumé and cover letter (if applicable) draft via email for your review
  4. Revision Process: There is a 7-day revision period from the time that you receive your first drafts where you will be able to provide feedback to your Executive Résumé Writer and request changes to be made.
  5. Final Documents: At the end of your revision period, your finalized documents will be delivered to you in both Word and PDF formats.
  6. LinkedIn Profile Services: If you ordered LinkedIn Profile services, once your résumé has been finalized your Executive Résumé Writer will work with you on completing your profile overhaul.

We aren't the fastest, but we are the best. Sure, you can find a resume service that will send you a piece of paper back in 24 hours. But, is that really what you want? Our professional resume makeover service can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to complete after our consultation, but we promise it will be worth the wait. 

If you are tired of running around in search of resume writing services that actually work, then your search ends here.

Feel free to send us an email to see how we can improve your resume.

Don't forget to ask about our Resume + LinkedIn Makeover special bundle pricing.  


$ 375

Entry-Mid packages are for expected salary earners of $0 - $100,000/year

  • Complete an Entry-Mid resume worksheet.
  • Receive an updated, optimized and redesigned resume.
  • Unlimited resume edits for 1-week.


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