Since February 2018, Donna Svei has privately and publicly expressed disdain towards a competing resume writing service.

We believe she was involved with or aware of a variety of attacks including some fake reviews on competitors.

She has even gone so far as to contact LinkedIn Legal, Google Legal, and Amazon’s Legal teams to attempt to get certain articles removed from the internet.

Donna Svei is an executive resume writer with prior experience as a retained search consultant.

Her company, Avid Careerist is a boutique resume writing shop ran by the sole employee, Donna Svei.

Throughout the past two years, Donna has made an effort to harm her competitor(s) which we will outline below.

Donna Svei Complaints – Google Legal Team

Donna Svei has falsely reported a competing resume writing service 5 separate times on Google’s Lumen Database alone.

In most of the reports, Donna talks about copyright infringement stating that her copyrighted material has been used. We checked the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and we were unable to find any evidence that this graphic was trademarked or patented.

Google Complaint
Google Complaint 2
Google Complaint 3
Google Complaint
Google Complaint

These complaints aren’t new to Donna. She filed a DMCA complaint against in 2013. She filed a DMCA complaint against in 2016. She filed another DMCA complaint against in 2017. And yet another DMCA complaint against in 2020.

Did you know that falsely filing DMCA notices could be considered perjury? Most DMCA reports will require you to make a statement that the complaining party in good faith believes the use of the material is unlawful. They may also require you to make a statement that the information is accurate under penalty of perjury.

We believe that Donna Svei was fully aware of what she was doing wrong by filing these false claims.

Donna Svei Complaints – Amazon Legal Team

Donna Svei was unsuccessful with her attempts to contact Google through the Lumen Database complaints.

Additional efforts were made to harass, slander, or falsely accuse her competitor by contacting the competitor’s website host. We believe this was done in an effort to shut down the site or have specific material on the site removed.

Below you will see a picture of Donna’s claim, under penalty and perjury that her images were copyrighted, and that copyright was infringed upon.

As we showed above, there was no copyright on the material.

Copyright claim

It seems that even the law will not get in the way of Ms. Svei.

Below is the “copyrighted” material that she claims is being infringed upon. It’s a screenshot of her company homepage.

AvidCareerist Website

Donna Svei’s Website Domain Change

Donna Svei changed her website hosting provider from Bluehost to Siteground. You might be wondering what in the world this has to do with anything?

In short, Donna had her website suspended by Bluehost for slanderous acts and the alleged infringement on a competitor companies trademark.

Rather than fixing the problem and complying with legal requests from her web host, she decided to find a new host who would be more tolerant of these types of activities.

Fake Websites Created

We have reason to believe that Donna Svei has also created or been involved in the use of websites used to impersonate their competitor(s).

The website was purchased and created to appear as if it was real customer reviews of Find My Profession. We believe this website was created and/or manipulated by Ms. Svei to divert traffic from the real Find My Profession website and harm the business reputation.

The website owner was contacted by BlueHost (the same hosting provider Donna previously used) and asked to remove the illegal material. Shortly after, the website was taken down.

BlueHost Letter

Here are some screenshots from the websites that were created. They include graphics such as “Internet Troll” hazard signs and more.

Fake Website
Fake Website

So What About the Lawsuit?

The competing company has publicly expressed dissatisfaction in the actions of Ms. Svei. They have both contacted Ms. Svei privately and expressed to common connections their desire to put this to an end.

Attached is one of the many outreaches by Find My Profession or a representative to contact Donna. No response was received.

Article Removal Request

As Ms. Svei has refused or rejected every opportunity to communicate, the competing service has no choice but to file a lawsuit.

The lawsuit is currently being discussed with attorneys and should be served to Donna before November 2020.

The lawsuit could include false DMCA claims, libel, defamation, and more.