8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Are you struggling to find a job on LinkedIn?

Using LinkedIn to find a job is an excellent idea. But just like anything, the platform you use is only as good as the person using it.

Below, we interviewed 8 of the most credible career experts on LinkedIn. We asked them to share their number one tip for job seekers on LinkedIn.

These 8 tips will not only skyrocket your LinkedIn performance, but they will also improve your overall LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, land you a job at your dream company.

1. Stick out from the crowd by creating engaging content.

If you want to stand out from other candidates, get yourself noticed and quickly expand your network, join the 1% of LinkedIn users who are not just consuming, but creating content on this platform.

Job seekers who post status updates are 10 times more likely to be contacted by recruiters, as reported by LinkedIn.

You don't have to be a writer to share an interesting story or a powerful message. Your experiences and personal stories can become valuable lessons others can relate to.

Use your LinkedIn posts to create engaging conversations, challenge the status quo and learn from like-minded professionals.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Ana Lokotkova - Personal Branding Strategist | Career Search Advisor | Job Interview Coach | Career Workshop Developer & Public Speaker

2. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is public.

When employers are researching you as a candidate, the first place they go is Google. Typically, all your Social Media profiles come up.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is public. If you spend a few minutes each week engaging on the platform, your LinkedIn will rank ahead of the other platforms.

I know of people who are only active a few times a month on LinkedIn and their page ranks higher on a Google search than other platforms they use daily.

Companies want to find information about you. Let LinkedIn be the platform you use to have positive, public content available for them to see.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Emilie Wren - World's Okay-est Recruiter | Beach Bum | Public Speaker | Manufacturing Maven | LIGER

3. Update your LinkedIn profile picture.

The very first thing a recruiter will see when searching for a candidate is your profile picture. Whether or not you like it, you need a photo on your LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of what not to do.

  • A bathroom selfie trying to reenact Derek Zoolander’s famous ‘Blue Steel’.
  • Your wedding picture with your spouse cropped out.
  • An animated avatar of yourself is creative don’t get me wrong, but no.
  • If for some reason you think even for a second, it’s ok to have your drivers license as your profile picture… change it.

Dress appropriately for the job you want, have someone else take the picture for you with a blurred or blank background and of course… smile! Unless of course you are me and are trying to be mysterious.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Jeremy Leonard -  Recruiter, #LinkedInLocalNash Founder, Using LinkedIn to Create Meaningful Connections

4. Do not simply announce your job search to the world.

It’s very common for job seekers to put something on their LinkedIn profile announcing their need for a job. I have seen profiles that say:

“Currently Seeking Employment”

“Looking For A New Career”

“Open To New Opportunities”

While there is nothing wrong with letting people know you are unemployed, writing something publicly like that on your profile has very little value and wastes precious real estate.

Do not expect recruiters or hiring managers to find you. It will rarely ever happen.

Be proactive about your job search. Private message decision makers for the roles you are interested in and let them know you are searching. Be proactive. Not passive.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Mike Podesto - Definitely Not A Recruiter | $100k+ Executive Career Finder | #1 Job Search Strategist | FindMyProfession.com

5. Know how to message hiring managers effectively.

1. Avoid cut-and-copy messages without personalization (and no, using their name doesn’t count). It may take a little more time, but it’s worth it. Mention a recent talk the person gave, an event they attended, say how the mission of the company resonates with you. One well-thought-out sentence is all it takes.

2. Make the message about them. Instead of “I have x years of experience doing y...” try “You mention needing someone who can do x without sacrificing y, something I successfully achieved in my last role.” Use the exact vocabulary from the job description. If there isn’t one, use the vocabulary in their mission or culture. It shows you did your homework.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Rebecca Oppenheim - Managing Partner at nextOPP Search | Talent Acquisition | Hire One Help One

6. Take full advantage of networking opportunities.

It is well documented that networking is the most effective way to land a new job. In fact, it is reported that 70% (or more) people landed their job through networking.

I tell my clients that the informational interview is the secret tool everyone should have in their back pocket and truly the only way to "beat" the ATS. They are a hybrid of an info-session, a Q&A with a mentor and a job interview.

LinkedIn makes it easy to find decision makers. Use your InMail wisely - the more personal the message, the more likely the recipient will respond.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Sarah Johnston  - Top Rated Job Search Strategist | Interview Coach | Resume + LinkedIn Branding | Recruiter | Sarah@BriefcaseCoach.com

7. Follow up after connection invites are accepted.

LinkedIn encourages adding a note whenever sending connection invites. But invited profiles have a difficult time replying to that note, so they may say nothing.

Why? They cannot send messages to 2nd / 3rd-degree connections with a free account. If they accept the invitation, the note disappears. Yes, it can be found in their messages, but most won't take the time to look.

So, if someone quietly accepts your invite and your note was important, send them another message. Ask them politely if they had seen your note.

Sometimes, something as simple as, “Hi Name, thank you for accepting my invitation.” can work wonders at getting a response.

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Steven Lowell - Business Development Manager | $100k+ Executive Career Finder | FindMyProfession.com

8. Your LinkedIn headline is valuable real estate.

Your LinkedIn Headline is valuable real estate and should be used to illustrate how you can benefit the viewer. Keep things like your email, phone number, and website out of your headline. There are other spaces in your profile for that content.

The best headlines are value-driven, memorable and will leave people wanting more. My favorite headlines force me to pause, re-read and immediately request a connection.

Don’t bury yourself under the millions of LinkedIn professionals by using words like expert and guru. Instead, use descriptive keywords to create powerful imagery for your audience. You only have 120 characters, so make them count!

8 Career Experts Share Their Tips For Using LinkedIn to Find a Job

Tabitha Trent Cavanagh - Nationwide Recruiter | Information Technology & Gaming | Colon Cancer Survivor | W2W | Ezra 10:4

Wrapping Up

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