You might be asking yourself, “How much does it cost to have someone write your resume?”

If so, you have stumbled upon one of the best articles on the internet with the most accurate and thoroughly researched data.

We have reviewed more than 100 professional resume writing services to bring you their average costs.

Below we will break down the average cost for resume writing as it relates to entry-level resumes, professional resumes, and senior-executive resumes.

Average Costs for Resume Writing

As you will see below, resume writing prices can range drastically. Not all resume writers are created equally. Some resume writers work great with entry-level candidates and they charge very low rates. If you are more senior in your career, you can expect to pay a bit more.

Below we have compiled data from 45 different resume writing services who advertise specifically to entry, professional, and executive-level job seekers.

How much do resume services cost?

We found a range of prices for resume services from $99 to $2597. 

The average cost for an entry-level resume is $220; mid-level is $422; executive-level is $1252.

The overall average cost for all professional resume services is $631.

How Much Do Professional Resume Services Cost?

Keep reading for specific data on each of the resume services we researched.

Entry-Level Resume Service Costs

Entry-level resumes are by far going to be the most affordable and low costing resume writers in the market. The fact is, as an entry-level job seeker the resume is just easier to write and can be offered at a lower rate.

We’ve added pricing info from 15 entry-level resume services below:

  • Market Connections – $99
  • Resumes Planet – $109
  • Resumes for You – $128
  • Monster – $129
  • Action Resume Service – $135
  • Career Perfect – $140
  • Capstone Resumes – $149
  • Resume Prime – $150
  • Resumention – $156
  • Resume Writing – $169
  • Employment Boost – $169
  • Career Thinker – $379
  • Resume World – $395
  • Find My Profession – $395
  • Great Resumes Fast – $595

Average Entry-Level Resume Cost: $220

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Mid-Level Resume Service Costs

Mid-level resume writing services are for anyone with 3+ years of experience but not quite in an executive-level position. This is the point in your career that a professional resume writing service can really help take you to that next level.

We’ve added pricing info from 15 professional resume services below:

  • Resumes to You – $229
  • Evolution Coaching – $249
  • Market Connections – $275
  • Resume Target – $300
  • Quality Resume Services – $323
  • Resume Right – $399
  • Resume Spice – $459
  • iCareer Solutions – $495
  • Knock Em Dead – $589
  • Find My Profession – $595
  • Scientech Resumes – $695
  • Resume World Inc – $695
  • Written By A Pro – $695
  • Great Resumes Fast – $799
  • Exclusive Executive Resumes – $800

Average Professional Resume Cost: $422

Senior-Executive Resume Service Costs

Executive and C-level resumes require the highest level of skill to create. At the executive level, jobs are extremely competitive and your resume is your foot in the door. If you don’t have an executive-level resume, you can guarantee your competition will. For this reason, and because executive resumes require such a higher level of skill to master, the prices are the highest.

We’ve added pricing info from 15 executive resume services below:

  • Employment Boost – $429
  • About Jobs – $549
  • Resume Spice – $569
  • iCareer Solutions – $595
  • Resume Pilots – $679
  • Find My Profession – $795
  • Off the Clock Resumes – $799
  • Great Resumes Fast – $899
  • Executive Resume Writer – $1,200
  • Career Steering – $1,695
  • An Expert Resume – $1,697
  • Get Hired Stay Hired – $1,895
  • Exclusive Executive Resumes – $2,000
  • The Writing Guru – $2,395
  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford – $2,597

Average Executive Resume Cost: $1,252

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Key Takeaways

The most important take away from this article is that resume writing costs can vary drastically.

Decide what fits your budget and find a writer that meets your standards.

No matter what resume service you go with, understand that higher resume writing fees do not always translate into a higher quality writer.

Find My Profession is proud to offer the highest quality resume writing services at very reasonable rates. We welcome you to check us out online and use our tips below when interviewing us.

Here’s what you should focus on when choosing a professional resume writer:

  1. Read reviews online. Google the company you are interested in and read their reviews.
  2. Ask to see resume samples from the company you are considering.
  3. Get on a call with the company before purchasing a service.
  4. Find out if your writer will have experience working with people in your line of work.

If you focus on these 4 points above, you are going to find an amazing resume writer!