9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

You may live in The Biggest Small Town In America, but that doesn’t mean that your job search is less competitive than job hunters in larger metropolitan areas.

Our top 9 list of the best resume writers in Columbus, Dublin, Upper Arlington, Westerville, and Bexley is here to help you find a resume writing service that will help you shine on paper. You only have a few seconds to impress a hiring manager as they read your resume.

Make those seconds count.

If you want a resume that is going to reel hiring managers in and increase your chances of being put at the top of the pile, an average Columbus resume writer isn’t going to cut it.

You need the best of the best.

An awesome resume may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of spoiling yourself, but a professional resume is well worth every penny.

Check out our list of the top resume writers in Columbus and prepare to be wowed.

Best Resume Services in Columbus

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best Resume Writers in Columbus:

  • Find My Profession (that's us!)
  • Worthington Career Services
  • Buckeye Resumes
  • Nolan Branding
  • Windhof Communications
  • The Writing Genius
  • Anderson & Co. Resume Services
  • Charisma PR
  • Raven Career Development

And now for the detailed reviews...


1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession Resume Service Columbus

Find My Profession is not just a top-notch resume service available in Columbus. We are a global company headquartered in the US on a mission to master effective, ATS compatible resumes that convert into offers.

A major perk of Find My Profession is that we are not a one-person shop. 

Collectively, our team of elite resume writers has experience in 85+ unique industries/professions. This allows us to assign you a professional writer (in the United States) based on your unique background and experience.

We are also not a resume factory. We will never use “ghostwriters”. You will have your resume writer’s name, email, and phone number for direct communication.

With 100+ 5-star reviews and a 60-day interview guarantee that speaks for itself, you can sleep easy knowing that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Pros: Find My Profession commits to working with each client until they are completely satisfied. Don’t worry about having a limited number of edits, or a set amount of time with your writer.

Cons: Find My Profession is a virtual/online company. While we provide services in your city, we don’t have a physical office. Also, with a focus on more senior positions, our entry-level resume service may be a bit pricey for recent graduates.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. Can expedite to 48 hours.

Cost: $395-$895

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Don't take our word for it, check out some of our 5-star reviews.



2. Worthington Career Services

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Worthington Career Services was founded by Janice Worthington in 1973. They offer a variety of services in addition to resume writing such as career coaching, resume distribution, and executive branding to name a few.

Pros: Worthington Career Services has an established reputation within the Buckeye City and its surrounding areas.

Cons: Pricing varies based on complexity, which jacks the cost up for people with archaic resumes or who are in highly complex fields.

Turnaround: 5-7 business days

Cost: $595-$995

Phone: (614) 554-2821


3. Buckeye Resumes

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Buckeye Resumes houses great Columbus resumes writers, ready and willing to help local professionals. They boast over 30 years of experience, which is impressive and reassuring. Buckeye Resumes knows that you are eager to redo your resume and they have a 24- hour fax number.

Pros: After receiving your brand new resume you can utilize other helpful services like salary negotiation coaching.

Cons: None of their packages have clear pricing, meaning you’ll have to take the time and effort to contact them for details and personalized answers.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $300-$700

Phone number: (614) 882-7945


4. Nolan Branding

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Nolan Branding aims to be the Columbus resume writing service that is “where careers take flight.” Their website is sharp, responsive, and they answer all questions upfront (via their straightforward website content). As a bonus for Buckeye locals, joining their email list unlocks access not only to exclusive promotions but to private workshops and events.

Pros: Their website is crystal clear about their core competencies, even featuring resume samples for specific positions.

Cons: Their standard lead time is quite long. The comprehensive packages they offer are nice but extremely expensive at almost $2,000 for executives.

Turnaround: 7-10 business days. Rush service within 3 business days is available for a fee.

Cost: $399-$1,999

Phone number: (614) 570-3442


5. Windhof Communications

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Windhof Communications is an eponymous resume writing service run by Tim Windhof. Beyond resume writing, he focuses on typical career coaching service suites like LinkedIn profiles and interview coaching. More original, however, are his services developing “hidden job market campaigns” that assist executives with outperforming their competition and finding undisclosed opportunities.

Pros: They offer a 5-step resume evaluation tool via email, so you can analyze what state your resume is in — for free!

Cons: Their focus is exclusively on executive careers and resumes, thus making them a poor choice for entry- and mid-level professionals.

Turnaround: 5 business days.

Cost: Varies.

Phone number: (740) 417-9438


6. The Writing Genius

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

The Writing Genius offers not only Columbus resume writing, but they offer general career coaching and a variety of business writing services. The Writing Genius provides potential clients with free quotes, and even better, they feature occasional promotions (so clients can save money on The Writing Genius’ services).

Pros: Their SEO/SEM services and business consulting may be beneficial for job seekers who also have side hustles (that they’d eventually like to grow to the point where it can replace their office career).

Cons: The costs of their resume services are based on how they assess your needs. Variable rates can be a turnoff for potential clients who want to know what they’re in for before they begin.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Varies.

Phone number: (216) 978-4701


7. Anderson & Co. Resume Services

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Anderson & Co. Resume Services founded in late 2017 doesn’t even have a website, but they sure do have a reputation. And a good one, at that. Run by Ms. Anderson, also known as "The Resume Lady Columbus", a lack of a formal website shouldn’t scare you away from this resume writing service.

Pros: They provide a free resume evaluation. And from reading their reviews, they do a great job!

Cons: This company does not have a website.

Turnaround: 1-week with expedited services within 48 hours for $25 extra.

Cost: $25-$95+

Phone number: (614) 717-8112


8. Charisma PR

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Charisma PR is another solid resume writing service based in Columbus. It may seem like a PR agency has no business writing resumes, but on the contrary, public relations professionals can be very good resume writers. After all, PR is often centered upon writing copy that persuades people to take action. Let Charisma PR write you a resume that will persuade hiring managers to give you a call.

Pros: Founder Andy Chiodo has been in business since 1993 and prides himself in the mentality that “EVERYBODY should be able to afford quality work.”

Cons: Some of their reviews point more to general copywriting and less to resume writing specifically.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (614) 400-9501


9. Raven Career Development

9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

Raven Career Development is aptly named for its mission: to help clients’ careers take flight. It’s might sound similar to the tagline for Nolan Branding’s services (at #4), but this isn’t just a metaphor — Raven Career Development works with job seekers in the aviation industry. This Columbus resume writing service isn’t the most prolific of the bunch, but they are a reputable business that’s local to the area and incredibly skilled in their niche.

Pros: In addition to resume writing, Raven Career Development also offers unique services, like background disclosure coaching to help job hunters who have blemishes that might hurt their career. (Think traffic violates, criminal convictions, and aircraft accidents.)

Cons: If you are outside of the aviation industry, this may not be the best service for you. The reviews are a bit difficult to find for the average joe but some can be found on airlinepilotforums.com.

Turnaround: 10 business days

Cost: $300-$600

Phone number: (614) 379-2351

This List Serves The Following Areas Near Columbus, Ohio:

Springfield, Dayton, Chillicothe, Lancaster, Reynoldsburg, Gahanna, Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Dublin, Westerville, New Albany, Delaware, Marysville, Springfield, Westerville, Newark, Mount Vernon, Marion, Zanesville, Coshocton, and more.

Not worried about finding a local company? Want to work with the best of the best? Check out the Best Executive Resume Services.

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9 Best Resume Writing Services in Columbus, OH

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