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Monster is a very well known job board. In recent years, they began offering resume writing services.

Hundreds of resume writing services claim to be the best. Take the time to review each company to save time and money in the long run.

Our research team has audited Monster’s process, costs, reviews, and team members.

Monster – Resume Service Review

Jeff Taylor created in 1999. This is when the Monster Board and Online Career Center joined forces.

In recent years, Monster began offering resume writing services. This was a logical addition for a website that already has thousands of job seekers visiting it each day.

Our review includes the pros and cons of working with Monster’s resume service, not the job board.

Pros: has been around for quite some time. One pro about Monster is that they are by no means the “new kids on the block”. You won’t have to worry about handing your money to some stranger that won’t produce a resume in return.

Monster’s resume writing services come with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter, they will rewrite it for free.


Monster does not provide any specific details about their writers. They mention that each of their writers is “certified”. But they don’t provide clarification on the types of certifications they have received.

Another area that we would like to see some improvements would be with the reviews.

We were unable to find many positive reviews about the resume writing experience. Granted, most of the reviews Monster has received are about their job board. We’d like to be able to find some more Monster resume reviews. More on this below.

But first, let’s talk about the packages and pricing for Monster’s resume services.

How Much Does Cost?

Pricing for Monster’s resume packages is actually pretty reasonable compared to other services.

There are three packages to choose from – Basic ($129), Deluxe ($169), and Premier ($349).

Monster Pricing & Packages

The main difference between the three packages has to do with the types of services that you receive.

  • The Basic package includes only a resume for $129.
  • The Deluxe package provides you with a resume and cover letter for $169.
  • The Premier package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile for $349. 

Note: The prices above reflect those observed during the time of publication. For the most updated pricing, please visit the Monster resume page

Monster Resume Writing Process

The resume writing process with Monster is straightforward. Here’s what you can expect after selecting a resume package from

  1. Choose the Basic, Deluxe, or Premier package and then submit your payment.
  2. Fill out a detailed questionnaire about your career progression and desired job type.
  3. Upload your resume (if you have one).
  4. Monster will assign you a resume writer who has some experience in your industry.
  5. Receive the first draft within 5 business days.
  6. Review the draft and provide any feedback you have for your Monster writer.
  7. You only have one revision with your writer so make it count!

If your writer has a question about your questionnaire or resume, they will contact you. Resume Writer Credentials

As mentioned above, Monster shares little information about their resume writing team.

They do mention that their writers are:

  • Certified (the kind of certification is not mentioned).
  • Receive specialized training through their professional development programs.
  • They have experience in human resources and recruiting in a variety of industries.

The lack of information is a bummer since the resume writer is going to be doing all the work. Companies with amazing writers like to show off the quality of their team members.

We did some more digging outside of and checked out LinkedIn. We searched “resume writer” in Monster employees and couldn’t find any resume writers.

Monster Customer Reviews

One of the biggest factors in determining a great resume service is their reviews. We researched Monster’s resume reviews on various platforms including Trustpilot, Quora, and more. Here’s what we discovered…

Trustpilot featured more than 300 Monster reviews. But most of the reviews were talking about the job board, not the actual resume service. So, we took it one step further and filtered only the reviews about resume writing services.

Monster Trustpilot reviews

We were a bit disappointed to see zero 4 or 5-star reviews related to their resume services. The 4 and 5-star reviews they received were about the free career advice articles or the job board itself.

When we filtered by 1-star reviews, we saw reviews about Monster’s resume services.

Monster Trustpilot 1-star review

Monster Trustpilot negative review

The general consensus is that Monster provides a decent platform to find jobs. But the resume writing service was not what consumers had expected.

Monster – Resume Sample

We wanted to see what the resume quality of Monster looked like so we took a look at some of the resume samples featured on their website.

We’ve attached a Monster resume sample for you to review.

Unfortunately, this is the only resume sample that features on their website. You will not be able to find any more resume samples besides this one. - Resume Sample

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