5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

If you are looking for a skilled healthcare resume writer to craft an outstanding resume, we've got just what you need.

We know there are thousands of resume writers out there, so it can be a challenge to know which ones are really the best.

That's why Find My Profession has created this top 10 shortlist to inform you as to the best of the best healthcare resume writers.

Our hope is that this will save you time and money. The last thing you want is to waste resources on a resume that does not bring any results.

While all the options below are terrific, we hope to win your business with our 60-day interview guarantee and outstanding commitment to customer service.

Best Healthcare Resume Services

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the best healthcare resume writers:

  • Find My Profession (that's us!)
  • ReadyHire Medical Resumes
  • The Write Resume
  • iHire Healthcare Administration
  • Shark Resumes

If you are a nursing professional, check out our list of the Top 5 Nursing Resume Writing Services.


1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession Healthcare Resume Writing Services

Find My Profession is not just a top-notch healthcare resume service. We are a global company headquartered in the US on a mission to master effective, ATS compatible resumes that convert into offers.

A major perk of Find My Profession is that we are not a one-person shop.

Collectively, our team of elite resume writers has experience in 85+ unique industries/professions. This allows us to assign you a professional writer (in the United States) based on your unique background and experience.

We are also not a resume factory. We will never use “ghostwriters”. You will have your resume writer’s name, email, and phone number for direct communication.

With 100+ 5-star reviews and a 60-day interview guarantee that speaks for itself, you can sleep easy knowing that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Pros: Find My Profession commits to working with each client until they are completely satisfied. Don’t worry about having a limited number of edits, or a set amount of time with your writer.

Cons: Find My Profession does not exclusively write healthcare resumes. Also, with a focus on more senior positions, our entry-level resume service may be a bit pricey for recent graduates.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. Can expedite to 2 business days.

Cost: $395 - $895

Contact: (831) 888-0967

Don't take our word for it, check out some of our 5-star reviews.



2. ReadyHire Medical Resumes

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

ReadyHire Medical Resumes is a specialized medical resume writing service for administrators, physicians, nurses, medical technical staff, and more. 

With over 25 years of experience in medical resume writing, ReadyHire Medical Resumes will focus on your core strengths and experience and will ensure you receive a quality executive resume for domestic or global job search. 

They have worked with individuals in all areas of healthcare, including pharmacists, administrators, nurses, medical interns, anesthesiologists, and more.

Pros: The initial consultation is free, giving you the opportunity to speak with your resume writer, discuss concerns, and set out a strategy.

Cons: There is no range of rates available on the website. 

Under their “services” page, you begin the process by filling out an extensive form, including personal information, career objectives, work history, educational background, etc.

Turnaround: A few days; rush service is also available.

Cost: Unstated.

Contact: (800) 730-3244


3. The Write Resume

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

The Write Resume has been in the resume writing business for more than 23 years. 

They choose to work with a limited number of clients each month in order to provide personalized resume writing attention to professionals hoping to take their career to the next level.

Instead of providing a resume template, The Write Resume partners and strategizes with you to ensure your resume effectively represents your skills, achievements, and value as a job candidate.

Pros: They will connect you with a nationally certified resume writer, offering a 100% guarantee that if you don’t get an interview in 60 days, they will rewrite your resume at no additional cost. 

Cons: It appears that their site has not been updated for several years. It is text-heavy and not very easy to navigate.

Turnaround: 7-14 days; rush service offered

Cost: $299 - $699

Contact: (866) 726-9052


4. iHire Healthcare Administration

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

iHire Healthcare Administration is a part of iHire.com, a job search website that has been connecting “the right jobs with the right talent” for the past 20 years.

They offer healthcare resume writing services as well as resume formatting.

Their goal is to assist you as you take the next step in your professional career goals.

Pros: This company offers to work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your healthcare resume. 

They have professional resume writers knowledgeable in how to optimize your resume for the healthcare industry.

Cons: It looks like this resume writing service has you fill out a questionnaire rather than offer a one-on-one phone consultation. 

As such, you might not have the opportunity to address specific concerns or preferences.

Turnaround: 5-7 business days

Cost: $345 - $495

Contact: (877) 316-3118


5. Shark Resumes

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

Shark Resumes, a subsidiary of Shadow Management Consulting, has been involved in resume writing since 2002.

They have resume writers that specialize in the health sciences, including healthcare professionals, physicians, physical therapists, dietitians, dentists, chemists, and more. 

You can schedule a phone consultation in order to directly ask questions and express concerns.

Shark Resumes also offer a resume “refresh” service if you do not want your healthcare resume completely written from scratch.

Pros: Shark Resumes offers a free critique of your resume, available in a 24-hour timeframe. 

They also provide a 90-day interview guarantee, offering to rewrite your resume for no additional cost if you have had no calls or interviews. 

Cons: Several typos were observed on their website, which could relate to a concern as to the quality of their resume writing services.

Turnaround: 3–4 business days.

Cost: $299 - $399

Contact: (647) 991-4308

Healthcare Resume Examples

At this point, you might be wondering what a great healthcare resume actually looks like. 

Check out this executive healthcare resume sample written by our company, Find My Profession.

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

Check out this healthcare administration resume sample written by our company, Find My Profession.

5 Best Healthcare Resume Writing Services

If you don't need a healthcare-specific resume writing service and would like a top U.S. company, please check out our list of the best & most affordable resume services.

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