4 Ways to Avoid Paid Resume Writing Scams

4 Ways to Avoid Paid Resume Writing Scams

This is just wrong! You need a job, not another paid resume writing scam. At a time when you have the money to fix up your resume, professionally, the last thing you need are people looking to take advantage of your situation.

Sadly, resume writing scams have been around far too long. Setting up online websites claiming to offer paid resume writing services has only led to a demand in knowing how to spot scams. For job seekers, we offer tips on how you can avoid these scams, so your money is best spent on people who know what they are doing when it comes to writing professional resumes!

1. Learn to see the signs

Sign - Too good to be true:  There is no doubt that a good resume can generate interest and lead to an interview. Yes, even with online job applications. However, if someone guarantees you, “Our resumes will lead to interviews every time!” run the other way.

Sign - Abnormally low or high prices and no explanation:  Resume services can range in price from low-ball to through-the-roof. With no guarantee that your paid-for resume will lead to results, you must question why something is either “not expensive” or “way too expensive”. If there are no details explaining the cost, something strange is happening.

Sign - Lack of human interaction: Think about it. How will anyone be able to create a great resume for you, if they never spoke one word to you? How will they know what your resume should really say if you never even told them the type of job you wanted? Walk the other way if the only thing you get are robots and live-chat consultations.

2. Interview the resume writer

Hey, as mentioned above, this person is about to write your resume that gives details into your next career move. It is a good idea to speak with the person. Find out the following:

  • What is your experience with writing resumes for people in my industry?
  • Can you provide examples of previous resumes?
  • Can I contact someone you worked with in the past?
  • How did you get into the profession of resume writing?

If the person you are talking to is not proud to answer these questions above, this is a sign the paid resume writer has something to hide. It would be a good idea to avoid such a person.

3. Contact people with large networks or reputation websites

One example of a person to contact would be the founder of Find My Profession, Mike Podesto. He has a LinkedIn network of more than 40,000 business professionals who trust his insight on the topic of resumes. There are also resume writers who approach him and ask to guest blog offering resume advice.

There are also associations like the National Resume Writers’ Association or the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Even though expertise credentials are great to see, it certainly does not make a resume writer perfect just by belonging to a group. Certifications are usually indicators that a person has passed a test or taken some form of training. So, as with advice in #2, it is always better to interview the people you contact.

And if all else fails, go the BBB route or check out sites like Sitejabber and Ripoff Report. Any form of scam report usually pops up on sites like these.

4. Hire a hidden gem of a resume writer

The hidden gem of a resume writer is always worth much more than the resume factory that produces the same type of product every day. The resume factory-type resume always looks the same and can be identified by its style.

In today’s world, being unique and something no one has ever seen before matters. Every business wants the next best thing or the person who is on top of business trends. Some resume services put out the same product time and time again, but each person’s career path is his or her own.

You want your resume to be the product of the hidden gem. The fact that you found a hidden gem of a paid resume writer indicates you know the true definition of a professional resume.

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