Worst Possible Things to Say in a Cover Letter

Worst Possible Things to Say in a Cover Letter

One must never forget the important end-user while applying to jobs online is “the human being who will hire you”. If you start forgetting your job search will be longer and more frustrating.

Most importantly, you should never forget about the people reading your cover letters and start venting your frustrations in applications. We share real-life experiences of the worst possible things people said in cover letters.

Worst thing #1: Keeping it real

This person obviously thought the actions of being direct, honest, and upfront would work in his favor. Imagine trying to hire an employee, and you come across this. Would you appreciate the attempt to keep it real?

Cover letter text

“I really need a job.”

Of course, this person needs a job just like the other 100 candidates who applied. This person fails to mention what was requested in the job listing or why they are a great fit.

Worst thing #2: Digital screaming

The idea of typing in all capital letters has looked like yelling ever since the telegraph became obsolete as a communication tool. The only time you will see all capital letters today is when someone is angrily sending a message or a shocking news headline. So, you can imagine why all caps does not belong in a cover letter to express your desire to work for a company.

Cover letter text


Such a cover letter leaves a company wondering if this person possesses the communication skills to work in an online environment.

Worst thing #3: Cover letters written by trolls

Not much needs to be said about this cover letter below. It is either a troll seeking to cause a reaction or a person who really needs a job and used the opportunity to express disgust in the salary. Neither of which is a productive way to search for jobs online while making the entire process more difficult for everyone seriously seeking work.

Cover letter text

“Wow! You pay nothing.”

The job description for this post makes mention of people working in a startup environment. This person may be looking for a well-paying job that offers benefits. Regardless, he or she will not find that job with a pure focus on salary. And as mom used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

At the end of the day

The grand mistake each of these job seekers made was losing sight of the human factor involved in looking for work online. Even if the process seems cold and unfeeling there is still a person on the other side of the screen trying to find the best job candidate. Online job applications should be treated like two people trying to connect with one another.

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