Tell Me About a Time You Did Something Wrong

Tell Me About a Time You Did Something Wrong

Often we go into an interview prepared to sell ourselves to the interviewer. That’s definitely something that you will want to do, but you also need to prepare for the worst.

It can be a shocking surprise when you walk into an interview expecting to talk about how great you are, and someone asks you to tell them about a time you did something wrong.

There is a reason you are being asked this question, so it’s important that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the main points to emphasize, and some common mistakes to avoid, especially for the 50 Top Job Interview Questions and Answers.

Main points to emphasize

  • Focus on how you handled the situation.
  • Instead of giving a ton of information on what you did wrong, give just enough insight to go into detail on how you positively handled the situation.
  • Stay Positive!
  • Express self-development and growth. Just because you did something wrong in the past does not mean that you have not grown and learned from your mistakes.

Common mistakes

  • Avoid being negative! Although this is a negative question, you want to focus on the positive.
  • Don’t claim to be perfect. Saying that you have never done something wrong is just ridiculous and a sure way to eliminate yourself.
  • Avoid dragging a coworker into the situation. Try to focus on something that YOU did wrong, and how YOU handled it.

Sample answer

“A couple years ago, my manager came into my office and asked me why she had not received my most recent report. I explained that I had sent the report over, and had absolutely no idea why she had not received it. She then asked me to resend it as soon as possible. The next day, she asked me why I had still not sent the report over. Again, I said that I did.

Finally, after doing some digging, I had realized that I was sending the report via my personal email address, instead of my work email address. This was causing my report to go directly to my manager’s spam box. As soon as I found out, I informed my manager of the problem and resent the report on my work email. Since then, I have been extremely careful about what email account I use.”

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