10 Best Physician Resume Writing Services

10 Best Physician Resume Writing Services

As a physician, the most difficult part about getting finding a resume writer is that there aren’t very many specialized physician resume writing services in the marketplace. Resume writing services abound, but most of them cater to the corporate world.

So what’s a doc to do?

Use this list of the best physician resume writers.

If you set out looking for physician resume writers on the internet, you will encounter hundreds of sites with physician resume samples for you to emulate, but few companies who can actually write one for you (and are qualified to do so).

This list cuts right to the chase. We’ve sifted through hundreds of reviews and writer credentials to bring you only the 10 most qualified physician resume writing services.

Disclosure: This article was written by a hired contractor of Find My Profession. While we genuinely feel that the list is uninfluenced by the partnerships, we wanted to keep you totally in the loop! Please do your own research after reading opinion pieces and always use your own discretion when retaining a company from any list.

Best Physician Resume Services

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the best physician resume writers:

  1. Find My Profession
  2. Briefcase Coach
  3. American Association for Physician Leadership
  4. ReadyHire Medical Resumes
  5. A Write Resume
  6. IHire Physicians
  7. A-Plus Career and Resume
  8. Resume Professional Writers
  9. Shark Resumes
  10. Dr. Jobs

And now for the detailed reviews...

1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession tops our list as the #1 physician resume writing service out there. This company serves job seekers at all levels of the healthcare industry, whether you are fresh out of med school or a physician at the helm of a large hospital team. Reviewers say that they receive highly personalized service with Find My Profession, and by their accounts, you will spend a generous amount of time in collaboration with your writer to uncover your unique value proposition. Find My Profession can also provide physicians with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and more.

Pros: This company has more than 100 verified reviews on trusted third-party sites you can read. Since it is possible to leave both positive and negative reviews on third-party review sites (compared to owner website testimonials, which can be cherry-picked) this provides some serious peace of mind.

Cons: Granted, new grads will find more affordable options on this list.

Turnaround: 3–5 business days with a 48-hour rush option.

Cost: $595–1295 (top package includes a cover letter and LinkedIn makeover).

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Reviews: To find resume reviews for this company, Google Find My Profession Reviews. They have 5/5 stars on Glassdoor, 4.9/5 on Sitejabber, 9/10 on Trustpilot, and 5/5 on Facebook.

2. Briefcase Coach

Briefcase Coach is the one-woman business of Sarah Johnston, a former recruiter at a hospital who was recently voted a Top 2019 Follow on LinkedIn. When you schedule a consultation with the Briefcase Coach, you will get only the Briefcase Coach. You won’t get an assistant or a junior writer. The resume writing process begins with an in-depth conversation with Sarah lasting between 60-90 minutes. Having been a hospital recruiter, Sarah knows exactly the strategies to use to help job-seeking physicians and other healthcare providers, and can speak to the match process, residency, fellowship, and attending interviews.

Pros: Kick off the process with a no-obligation conversation.

Cons: There are no reviews on third-party sites for this physician resume writing service, but Sarah has exceptional testimonials. We’ve included one from a doctor below. It’s rare to find reviews from doctors...we know, docs are busy.

Turnaround: 5–7 business days.

Cost: $525–900.

Phone: Not stated, but there is an easy-to-use call scheduler on the website. Contact her through that.

Reviews: Testimonials only.

3. American Association for Physician Leadership

American Association for Physician Leadership is a rare organization that exists solely to support physicians as they transition to leadership and management roles in the health care industry. If you are a doc thinking of branching out beyond your practice and moving into a different type of role, this service could be a great fit for you. Training and career guidance are is their primary roles, but they have a comprehensive resume writing service as well.

Pros: Physicians looking to undergo a significant change in roles would be in excellent hands with the American Association for Physician Leadership.

Cons: This company could be too much of a stretch for your pocketbook. Also, we wish that their reviewers had shared more about their experiences with this service rather than just their star rankings.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $2500–7500. All packages include LinkedIn, interview preparation, and access to their job bank. The highest price represents a full year of ongoing career coaching.

Phone: (800) 562-8088

Reviews: 4.3/5 on Google.

4. ReadyHire Medical Resumes

ReadyHire Medical Resumes is a specialized resume writing service for physicians, nurses, directors, managers, and medical technical staff. A division of A Better Resume in Chicago, the ReadyHire team promises to spend time diagnosing your career trajectory whether you are an entry-level phlebotomist or a chief physician. They can also serve pharmacists and pharmaceutical sales representatives if you are of that professional group’s number.

Pros: The initial consultation is absolutely free.

Cons: Some idea of pricing would have been a nice addition to the information on the ReadyHire website.

Turnaround: A few days with rush service available.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone: (800) 730-3244

Reviews: 4.4/5 on Google and 2.5/5 on Yelp.

5. The Write Resume

The Write Resume writer Kathy Sweeney has been helping people look great on paper for more than two decades. She is a nationally certified resume writer and also happens to specialize in CVs and resumes for physicians. She will begin crafting you the perfect resume by spending a full hour with you on the phone… and will offer you both a 60-day interview guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the results. No templates are ever used.

Pros: One nice plus about this service is that pricing for doctors is stated separately. Sometimes it can be difficult for docs to figure out where their resume would fall in a pricing system that is geared only toward the corporate world, from entry-level to executive.

Cons: We were unable to find reviews for this resume writing service on third-party sites like Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot. We did, however, find some great LinkedIn testimonials and we’ve included one below.

Turnaround: 7–14 days.

Cost: $699.

Phone: (866) 726-9052

Reviews: Testimonials only.

6. IHire Physicians

IHire Physicians is both a physician resume writing service and a job search tool. Their resumes have been featured in bestselling resume writing resource books and have won awards. Once your resume is perfected, you also have the option of posting it in their job search system. You can read reviews from job seekers getting resumes done and posting them as well as employers who looked for candidates on the site to fill positions. By all accounts, both parties come away from the experience highly satisfied.

Pros: You can see a before-and-after physician resume sample on their website and you will be impressed at the impact these professional writers have made on the subject’s career.

Cons: IHire Physicians is a division of IHire.com and it isn’t possible to see reviews for IHire Physicians separately from the larger company.

Turnaround: 5–7 business days.

Cost: $345–495.

Phone: (877) 316-3118

Reviews: 8/10 on Trustpilot.

7. A-Plus Career and Resume

A-Plus Career and Resume’s owner Karen Silins has a specialty in medical resume writing as well as an impressive list of awards and honors for her resume writing service. She recognizes that in the North American market, the demand for qualified medical personnel is rapidly increasing and she works hard to ensure that her physician clients have a competitive edge. To explain further what she identifies as the unique needs of job seekers in the medical field, she has a dedicated medical resumes page you can check out. In addition to your resume or CV, she can also offer you a LinkedIn profile, social media coaching, interview preparation, and job search strategizing.

Pros: This writer is very well qualified and has years of experience.

Cons: It would have been nice to get an idea of her price ranges on the website so you can be more comfortable when you call.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone: (816) 942-3019

Reviews: 4.7/5 on Google and 1/5 on Yelp. You might want to ignore the Yelp score. It is based on only one review and that person states plainly in the text that he has never used her service at all! Check out her Google reviews instead.

8. Resume Professional Writers

Resume Professional Writers can handle both physician resumes and CVs, depending on the type of position you have set your sights on. They have a vast array of healthcare resume examples on their website that fully demonstrate the depth of their expertise in the field. They have a quick turnaround, although some might consider it too quick. After all, you want to be sure that your resume gets the time and scrutiny it deserves. However, they offer a 60-day interview guarantee on all their writing, giving you additional peace of mind about your investment. They also offer free future updates to their customers.

Pros: Resume Professional Writers will work with you to get the job done right and until you are completely satisfied. They offer unlimited revisions on all of their resumes and CVs.

Cons: There is little to fault this all-around solid service with, but it would have been nice to see some writer biographies on their website.

Turnaround: 1–2 business days.

Cost: $305–485.

Phone: (800) 845-0586

Reviews: 4.1/5 on Facebook, 5/5 on Glassdoor, and 1/5 on Yelp.


9. Shark Resumes

Shark Resumes has been in the resume writing business since 2002 and has a specialty in the healthcare and biotechnology industries. A nice bonus is that they are based in Canada, so you will get a favorable exchange rate if you pay in U.S. dollars. In addition to great online reviews on third-party sites, Shark Resumes has dozens of glowing testimonials. Reviewers say they quickly landed ideal positions and salaries after using this service and were blown away by how personable and professional founder Virginia Jeyapal was.

Pros: Shark Resumes offers a 90-day interview guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They want you to get real results with your resume.

Cons: Because the service is in Canada, you might incur a long-distance charge when you call (depending on your phone service). That said, it will be undoubtedly made up for in spades by the advantageous exchange rate.

Turnaround: 3–4 business days.

Cost: $399.

Phone: (647) 991-4308

Reviews: 5.0 on Google and 4.7/5 on 411.ca.

10. Dr. Jobs

Dr. Jobs is primarily a job posting service that also offers physician resume writing. If you are thinking about getting a resume done and then immediately posting it on a job board, this service in combination with job search membership fees could be an excellent value for you. All of their resume writers are certified and the company has been in the medical resume writing business for over 30 years.

Pros: This is a very fast service. If you are truly in a jam and need a resume 4 hours from now, you can get that here.

Cons: This is a low-priced, quickie resume writing service without physician resume samples on its website. That said, they do offer guarantees and unlimited revisions. It could be a good choice for new med school grads (and newly graduated PAs and nurses too).

Turnaround: Within 72 hours with a 4–6-hour rush service available.

Cost: $115–190.

Phone: (800) 482-1303

Reviews: Testimonials only.

Physician Resume Example

Wondering what it takes to crush a physician resume? Here is a finely honed example (first page only) from one of the resume writing services on this list.

This emergency medicine physician resume sample is from the #1 service on our list, Find My Profession:

Before you choose a professional resume writer, be sure to have a thorough look at all the samples available so you can get an idea of the marketing value your prospective resume writer has to offer you. Your resume and your other positioning documents are your keys to getting the job you want at the salary you deserve.

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