10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

10 Best Resume Services in Nashville—Resume Writers Nashville Loves

Are you a Nashville job hunter? If so, you need a good resume.

We’re talking, really good.

Contrary to what tourists may think, we know that it’s not all fun and games in Nashvegas. When you’re looking for a job, it’s no light-hearted manner.

Luckily, there’s help to be found… right in your backyard.

There are Nashville resume writers who work day in and day out to provide clients with the best resumes that the city has to offer. With a standout resume, after all, the world is your oyster.

Our list of the top 10 resume writing services in Nashville — as well as surrounding cities like Knoxville and Chattanooga — will have you singing the praises of the resume writers in Music City, USA.

Best Resume Services in Nashville

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best Resume Writers in Nashville:

  • Find My Profession (that's us!)
  • Taste of Mind Consulting
  • Executive Decisions Search Group
  • Know Your Project
  • Careers Plus Resumes
  • AAA One Hour Resumes
  • 1 Day Resume
  • Vanderbilt Resumes
  • Scenic City Staffing & Resume Service
  • The Resume Clinic

And now for the detailed reviews...


1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession Resume Service Nashville

Find My Profession is not just a top-notch resume service available in Nashville. We are a global company headquartered in the US on a mission to master effective, ATS compatible resumes that convert into offers.

A major perk of Find My Profession is that we are not a one-person shop.

Collectively, our team of elite resume writers has experience in 85+ unique industries/professions. This allows us to assign you a professional writer (in the United States) based on your unique background and experience.

We are also not a resume factory. We will never use “ghostwriters”. You will have your resume writer’s name, email, and phone number for direct communication.

With 100+ 5-star reviews and a 60-day interview guarantee that speaks for itself, you can sleep easy knowing that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Pros: Find My Profession commits to working with each client until they are completely satisfied. Don’t worry about having a limited number of edits, or a set amount of time with your writer.

Cons: Find My Profession is a virtual/online company. While we provide services in your city, we don’t have a physical office. Also, with a focus on more senior positions, our entry-level resume service may be a bit pricey for recent graduates.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. Can expedite to 2 business days.

Cost: $395-$895

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Don't take our word for it, check out some of our 5-star reviews.



2. Tate of Mind Consulting

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

Tate of Mind Consulting is run by the business’ namesake, owner Kimberly Tate. Kimberly, who calls herself a “transformation specialist,” is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. Additionally, she is a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Pros: Tate of Mind Consulting is a rather affordable resume writing service in Nashville. For job seekers on a budget, this is one of the lower-priced services on the list.

Cons: The turnaround time for receiving for your shiny new resume is quite long.

Turnaround: 1 week.

Cost: $225+

Phone number: (615) 585-7393


3. Executive Decisions Search Group

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

Executive Decisions Search Group is a Nashville-based resume writing service that exclusively caters to executive-level clients. While their primary focus is as an executive search firm, they offer well-revered resume writing services.

Pros: Because of their focus on executives, high-level professionals can feel confident that Executive Decisions Search Group will take their needs seriously.

Cons: While they write great resumes, it’s admittedly not their primary focus.

Turnaround: 7-10 days. $100 rush fee for 2-3 day delivery.

Cost: $395

Phone number: (615) 624-9199


4. Know You Project

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

Know You Project offers resume writing services as a part of their job seeker counseling. Based on a variety of tests and assessments on which they give to clients, the folks at Know You Project then decide how to best help you meet your career goals.

Pros: They take a thorough approach to getting down to who you are at your professional core and thus where you’d succeed best moving forward in your career.

Cons: Looking for a one-and-done service? Know You Project may not be the most ideal Nashville resume writing service in this case.

Turnaround: Varies.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (615) 476-0038


5. Careers Plus Resumes

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

Career Plus Resumes is a resume writing service that caters to the Smashville area. Beyond being reasonably priced, they offer no-obligation resume reviews for potential clients. That way, job seekers can see whether or not their resume needs a total overhaul in order to be more effective in the job search.

Pros: Career Plus Resumes is super affordable! It’s a practical Nashville resume writing service for professionals on a budget.

Cons: Their average rating on Yelp is just so-so, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t give them a try.

Turnaround: 24-48 hours. Rush orders are available.

Cost: $99-$229

Phone number: (866) 788-8978


6. AAA One Hour Resumes

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

AAA One Hour Resumes may not have the chicest name or website, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a spot on our list of the top 10 resume writers in Nashville. This resume service has reviews that confirm it’s absolutely worth considering on your search for the perfect resume.

Pros: Their website has not been updated in a while. Sounds like a con, right? Not exactly. What AAA One Hour Resumes lacks in a sharp website they make up for in the many happy clients who comment directly on the website’s blog about the quality of services they have received.

Cons: They have a solid review average on Google, but as we just mentioned, their average rating on Yelp is not as hot. That being said, their Yelp rating is based on only 2 reviews, which doesn’t say too much. Plainly stated, the many positive Google reviews speak a bit louder.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone: (615) 290-7978


7. 1-Day Resume

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

1-Day Resume isn’t based in Nashville, but it’s a great regional service based out of Knoxville. With over 23 years in the resume writing game, 1-Day Resume’s history of writing A+ resumes is no joke.

Pros: They have an enormous amount of public reviews from clients, all while maintaining a 5/5 star rating.

Cons: They are not located in the heart of Nashville, so if you’re looking for a tried and true local resume writer this is a no-go.

Turnaround: Based on their name, you’d think you’d receive your resume in one day. However, the turnaround time is not clear.

Cost: “We are not a one-price fits all service.”

Phone number: (865) 691-3796


8. Vanderbilt Resumes

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt Resumes is another Knoxville resume writing service. But don’t you worry, this list is about the top 10 resume writers Nashville has to offer, and we haven’t forgotten that. Vanderbilt Resumes may be based a bit away, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not willing to work with you thanks to the magic of this thing called the Internet.

Pros: They have got enough glowing reviews to instill you with the confidence to put your resume in their hands.

Cons: Vanderbilt Resumes does have a few not-so-nice reviews, but no business can possibly satisfy every single client.

Turnaround: 24 to 48 hours. Turnaround may take up to 72 hours if it is an executive resume.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (865) 789-2224


9. Scenic City Staffing & Resume Service

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

Scenic City Staffing & Resume Service offers not only staffing services and job placement, but they also specialize in resume writing. If you’ve stumbled across this list of the top 10 Nashville resume writers but actually live near Chattanooga, you can head on in to their office and work with them directly.

Pros: They will write the appropriate resume for your needs, whether that be a chronological, functional, or combination format. Not to mention, a 24-hour turnaround — without added fees — is pretty hard to beat.

Cons: It is based in Chattanooga, although you may still utilize their services.

Turnaround: 24 hours.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (432) 208-9800


10. The Resume Clinic

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Nashville, TN

The Resume Clinic consists of Nashville resume writers that also work with clients from other US cities. They have a fairly large reach while maintaining middle-of-the-road pricing and delivery times. This makes The Resume Clinic a viable resume writing service for people who don’t want to spend too much time (or wait too long), but don’t want to spend too little time or money either.

Pros: Beyond their presence in Music City, The Resume Clinic has happy clients across the country.

Cons: All of their reviews aren’t exactly stellar, but they’ve had enough happy clients to land them a spot in our top 10.

Turnaround: 4-5 business days.

Cost:  $265-$595

Phone number: (888) 291-9821

This List Serves The Following Areas Near Nashville, Tennessee:

Lexington, Waynesboro, Lawrenceburg, Pulaski, Hohenwald, Columbia, Franklin, Brentwood, Camden, Paris, Waverly, Dickson, Fairview, Clarksville, Adams, Cedar Hill, Springfield, Greenbrier, Hendersonville, Lebanon, Shelbyville, Lynchburg, Tullahoma, Manchester, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dayton, Athens, Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Jefferson City, Morristown, Kingsport, Johnson City, Morristown, Maryville, Crossville, Sparta, Smithville, McMinnville, Manchester, Murfreesboro, Cookeville, Livingston, and more.

Not worried about finding a local company? Want to work with the best of the best? Check out the Best Executive Resume Services.

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