10 Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in America (List)

10 Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in America (List)

LinkedIn is the fastest growing business-focused social media site in the world.

Being one of the best places to job search, it’s common for prospective employees to want to spruce up their LinkedIn Profile.

That’s why there are over 100 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in the United States alone.

Finding the best LinkedIn writing service can be tough. That’s why Find My Profession has created this short list. While all the options are great, we hope to win your business with our breathtaking LinkedIn Makeovers and outstanding commitment to customer service.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Exactly what a LinkedIn profile writing service is.
  • How much LinkedIn writing services cost.
  • And who some of the very best LinkedIn profile writers are.

What is a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service?

A LinkedIn Profile Writing Service is an increasingly popular option for job seekers to become more marketable during their job search.

With over 70% of employers checking social media to screen candidates (according to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey), it’s no wonder LinkedIn profile writers are in such demand.

A LinkedIn Profile Writing Service is essentially a resume makeover, but for your LinkedIn.

Most people who offer LinkedIn profile makeovers also offer resume writing as a service.

A good LinkedIn profile writing service will ensure that your LinkedIn profile attracts the right recruiters, uses appropriate keywords, and represents you in the best light possible.

How Much Does a LinkedIn Profile Writing Service Cost?

You might be wondering how much a service like this is going to cost you.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services can range in cost from $100-$1,000+.

Entry-level job seekers can expect to pay on average $200.

Mid-level job seekers can expect to pay on average $400-$600

Senior/Executive professionals can expect to pay on average $750.

In most cases, the best deals for LinkedIn Makeovers can be found when you bundle your LinkedIn profile with a brand new resume.

For example, Find My Profession (the #1 company below) charges $649 for a LinkedIn Makeover alone. However, when you bundle this with a resume, the LinkedIn Profile Writing Service comes out to only $300.

Top 10 Best LinkedIn Profile Writers

What makes a great LinkedIn profile writing service is a great LinkedIn profile writer.

The most credible LinkedIn profile writers will usually have experience writing resumes for your desired industry/field.

Understanding your industry and profession is integral, as the keywords and highlighted experience on your LinkedIn should be highly strategic.

Below, we will break down who we believe to be the greatest LinkedIn profile writing services for both executives and budget-conscious consumers.

If you are thinking about updating your LinkedIn and you haven't already updated your resume, I would highly recommend that you hold off and do them all together.

Some of the companies on this list are considered "affiliates". However, our rankings are based on quality and merit first and foremost.

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best LinkedIn Profile Writers:

  1. Find My Profession
  2. LinkedIn Makeover
  3. Robin Ryan
  4. Kelly Donovan & Associates
  5. Klaxos
  6. TopResume
  7. ResumeWriters
  8. ResumeSpice
  9. Upwork
  10. Fiverr

And now for the detailed reviews...

Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writers ($300-$1,000)

The top 5 LinkedIn profile writers below are great options for senior management, executive, and C-level job seekers. While most of the services below are available to entry-level job seekers, the level of attention and detail may not be necessary for an entry-level candidate. We recommend those who earn under $50,000 per year skip to the next section.

1. Find My Profession

10 Best LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in America (List)

Find My Profession is not just a top-notch LinkedIn profile writing service. We are top-rated resume writers trusted to work with some of the most elite executives in the world.

Our writers' knowledge spans 85+ industries and professions ensuring that you will be matched with a writer who has experience working with professionals in your line of work.

While the majority of our clients are Managers, Directors, VPs, and C-Suite, we can work with just about anyone who prefers quality over affordability.

With a 60-Day Interview Guarantee that speaks for itself, you can sleep easy knowing that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Pros: Find My Profession is reliable and offers a quality product. Our clients receive direct 1-on-1 contact with an elite writer who has experience in their line of work. You have the choice of us updating your profile for you or you can opt for a detailed Word doc to implement the changes yourself.

Cons: Find My Profession LinkedIn profile writers work remotely within the United States in the comfort of their homes and therefore you could not meet your writer in person. This could be a drawback for anyone who wants in-person care.

Turnaround: 2-3 business days. Expedited options are available.

Cost: $300 (when bundled with resume + cover letter) or $649 a la carte.

Phone: (831) 888-0967

2. LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedInMakeover is not only the name of this company, but it is also the main service that this company offers. To clarify, this company is not owned by LinkedIn nor are they affiliated in any way.

In addition to LinkedIn writing services, this company also offers resume writing, blog writing, and even some corporate solutions.

The founder Donna Serdula and her team have helped over 5,000 professionals optimize their LinkedIn since 2009.

Pros: This company will actually upload your resume for you. Not many services are willing to log into your profile and add the information but this one will.

Cons: The overall price point could be a little steep for some job seekers. This definitely is a more expensive service that would probably be a better fit for a senior-level professional. Also, it does not appear that Donna Serdula writes all the LinkedIn profiles herself.

Turnaround: 1-7 business days.

Cost: $500 - $1300

Phone: (215) 839-0008

3. Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan is the founder and CEO of her company, Robin Ryan. Robin does resume writing, CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing services, and can even help with your job search.

Robin Ryan has an impressive background as a public speaker and career expert having been featured in various major publications, and having written 8 books.

Pros: Robin Ryan appears to be the writer of each LinkedIn profile makeover. This is great news because many companies who boast talented founders don’t actually have their founders doing any of the work.

Cons: While this isn’t really a con, Robin requires a 2-hour consultation with her clients. We also weren’t sure if Robin Ryan updates your LinkedIn profile for you or sends you a Word/PDF document to update it yourself.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $450

Phone: (425) 226-0414

4. Kelly Donovan & Associates

Kelly Donovan & Associates (KDA) are online seminar creators, resume writers, and LinkedIn profile optimizers.

Kelly Donovan began her business in 2008 and since then she has helped hundreds of job seekers. She is a certified professional resume writer and has contributed to various career-related books.

Pros: Kelly Donovan & Associates is focused on providing lower-volume, higher quality career services. With KDA you won’t experience a rushed product with a 2-business day turnaround time. KDA takes time to speak with you on a 60-90 consultation and will put in the time to provide top-notch service.

Cons: The biggest drawback to Kelly Donovan & Associates would be their pricing. We couldn’t find any a la carte pricing for just the LinkedIn profile makeover but we are pretty confident they would quote you for this if you reached out.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $1,000 - $2,500+ full-package including a professional resume.

Phone: (909) 235-6383

5. Klaxos

Klaxos employs a team of resume and LinkedIn profile writers with experience working for individuals, corporations, organizations, nonprofits, and associations.

They boast a combined 100 years of experience in recruiting, writing, marketing, and communications.

Since 2009, they have been helping individuals in 30+ countries and 200+ industries with their resume and LinkedIn writing services.

Pros: Klaxos will write and install your resume which is broken up into 35 different features. In other words, they will cover your resume from top to bottom ensuring it is optimized for your ongoing job search.

Cons: Klaxos does not claim to offer 1-on-1 phone consultations for their LinkedIn profile writing services. This is fairly important to ensure expectations are aligned and goals are met.

Turnaround: 2-4 business days.

Cost: $349

Phone: Not stated.

Top 5 Low-Cost LinkedIn Profile Writers ($25-$250)

The top 5 low-cost LinkedIn profile writers below are great options for entry-level job seekers. We recommend using one of the services below if your salary expectations for your next career are under $50,000.

1. TopResume

TopResume is a very well-known resume provider with higher annual volume than just about any other resume writing service on the internet.

TopResume shares some staggering statistics on their website about LinkedIn profiles as they relate to job searching.

Did you know that 97% of recruiters are turning to LinkedIn to find qualified candidates? Also, according to TopResume, listing relevant skills on your LinkedIn profile can get you 13x more interviews!

Pros: TopResume is a huge enterprise that is not going anywhere. You don’t have to worry about them being a fly by night company and given the volume of resumes and LinkedIn profiles they rewrite, you can look forward to fast delivery and very affordable rates.

Cons: TopResume does a higher volume than just about any other company. With high-volume, some would say that the overall quality is jeopardized. However, we will say that for the price, TopResume is an extremely competitive option when compared to other similarly priced resume writers.

Turnaround: 2+ business days.

Cost: $125

Phone: (800) 604-1929

2. ResumeWriters

ResumeWriters (according to their website) is the largest network of independently contracted resume writing professionals on the internet.

This allows ResumeWriters to pair you up with a resume writer who has experience in your line of work, compared to a 1 or 2 person business where the writers may be considered “generalists”.

Pros: ResumeWriters provides a 1-on-1 resume consultation with your writer. This is a must-have for any LinkedIn makeover service.

Cons: ResumeWriters LinkedIn profile writers are independent contractors so you never really know who you will be working with. You have to trust that ResumeWriters will pair you up with a solid fitting writer.

Turnaround: Not stated

Cost: $199.95

Phone: (866) 356-2789

3. ResumeSpice

ResumeSpice is resume and LinkedIn profile writing service built by recruiters for job seekers.

Founded by Marsha Murray and Keith Wolf, who also own and operate Murray Resources, a recruiting firm in Houston, you can rest easy knowing that this company has a good foundation.

Pros: ResumeSpice includes a phone consultation with your LinkedIn writer. This is really important to ensure that your expectations are understood and met. The turnaround time is also pretty fast!

Cons: ResumeSpice only allows for one round of revisions. So, if you aren’t happy with your draft, it’s important to send back all the revisions you’d like to see on the next attempt.

Turnaround: 2 business days.

Cost: $119

Phone: (832) 930-7378

4. Upwork

Upwork is the leading site to find and hire freelancers. Upwork doesn’t focus exclusively on LinkedIn profile writers but it is one of the ~1000 services that Upwork freelancers offer.

Upwork allows you to post a job, and have freelancers bid on your project. Or, you can browse Upwork freelancers and invite people to your job after viewing their profile and credentials.

Pros: Upwork gives you the freedom to find the perfect writer for you. With 100s of LinkedIn profile writers to choose from, you may find pleasure in viewing profiles and finding the perfect fit for you.

Cons: Upwork is a freelancer site. Therefore, Upwork does not guarantee the quality of the service you receive. It is buyers discretion and for inexperienced Upwork users, you may end up with a LinkedIn profile writer that you absolutely hate, and have no way of requesting a refund.

Turnaround: Varies based on freelancer hired.

Cost: $50-$500+

Phone: Not relevant.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another online freelancing site similar to Upwork.

With thousands of freelancers to choose from, Fiverr gives you complete control over finding the best LinkedIn profile writing service yourself.

Pros: Fiverr has one of the widest varieties of LinkedIn profile writers that you can find all in one place. If you have a set price in mind, Fiverr will let you search through hundreds of freelance writers to find one that is within your desired budget.

Cons: Fiverr requires a bit more work and research to find a great writer, compared to using a traditional LinkedIn profile writing service from this list. Fiverr has a ton of options, which could be considered a good thing, or a bit overwhelming to others.

Turnaround: Varies based on freelancer hired.

Cost: $50-$500+

Phone: Not relevant.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers Samples

If you are curious what a professional LinkedIn profile would look like, take a look at some of these samples below.

All Find My Profession employees are required to have a professional LinkedIn profile.

After all, how could you trust someone to optimize your LinkedIn profile, if their profile is not looking up to par?

Good LinkedIn Profile Sample

Bad LinkedIn Profile Sample

More LinkedIn Profile Samples

Click the links below to find some top-notch LinkedIn profile samples from our staff at Find My Profession.

Mike Podesto - Founder/CEO

Steven Lowell - Sr. Talent Manager

Lindsay Duston - Director, Resume Services

Casey Drengler - Director, Career Finder Services

Jen Gonzales - Customer Success Manager

What are you waiting for? Send us a message today and find out how we can help take your career to the next level.

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