LinkedIn Headline Ideas That Don’t Suck

LinkedIn Headline Ideas That Don't Suck

Many people never take the time to update their LinkedIn headline and as a result, their LinkedIn sucks. Having a catchy LinkedIn headline is the very first step to help your profile stick out from the crowd.

The good news is that your LinkedIn headline is one of the easiest and most effective areas that you can fix. If you haven’t already noticed, your headline will default to your current job title and company. For example, if you are currently a sales manager at the company Find My Profession, your headline will automatically read “Sales Manager at Find My Profession”. If you are going for boring and uninspiring, then make sure to keep your default headline.

If you actually want to get noticed and create a LinkedIn headline that doesn’t suck, then make sure to add something compelling and interesting to start attracting those recruiters!

  • Be specific but not boring: Tell people exactly what you do while captivating the reader to want to learn more. Add your specialty, industry focus, or whatever it is that you are most known for.
  • Add some personality: Don’t be afraid to spice it up a bit with a little bit of personality. Make sure not to go overboard and mention something unprofessional such as “#1 Wine Guzzler”

LinkedIn headline ideas


  • “Sales Manager at Jewelry4You”


  • “Sales Pro Specializing in Wedding Jewelry and Cosmetics.


  • “Sales Pro Specializing in Wedding Jewelry and Cosmetics. Classically Trained Pianist.”

Alas, you now have a LinkedIn headline that doesn’t suck! For more information on making a great LinkedIn profile, take a look at the 19 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips For Job Seekers.

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