LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search

2 LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search

Job seekers, I’m going to get straight to the point on this one! Here are two LinkedIn features you may have overlooked which could help you boost your job search on LinkedIn:

  1. Better position yourself for your ideal role
  2. Engage with the right people

Search Appearances

Search Appearances are found on your private dashboard on your profile. The number displayed represents the number of times you appeared in LinkedIn search results in the past week.

LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search

However, this information is not helpful.

However, this information below is very helpful

When you click on the number it reveals the companies and the job titles of people who found you in LinkedIn searches and the actual search terms they had used!

LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search

This data can help you determine if your profile is hitting the mark. If not, you can update your LinkedIn profile accordingly to strengthen your chances of being found by recruiters and hiring managers.

‘Where Your Searchers Work’ and ‘What Your Searchers Do’

This information will provide clues as to whether you’re reaching the right audience. If you’re showing up in searches by professions who have little to nothing to do with your industry or career path, you’ll need to adjust the focus of your profile to suit your industry and career.

LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search

If they are of interest, on the other hand, you can click through to see open jobs at each company. You can also see potential connections you can make to follow up for more information.

‘Keywords Searchers Used’

This section will indicate if you’re on the right track with keywords and skills used throughout your profile. You want keywords and phrases that reflect your career goals and expertise smattered throughout your headline, summary, and experience, including the words in your skills and endorsements section.

LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search

Try this quick cheat sheet

Here is a quick cheat sheet to optimize your LinkedIn profile for improved visibility:

Profile photo

  • Profiles with a photo receive up to 21 times more profile views and nine times more connection requests.

Current position

  • Profiles with current positions are discovered up to 16 times more in recruiter searches.

Skills and Endorsements 

  • Profiles with more than five skills are 27 times more likely to be discovered in searches by recruiters. Make sure your most relevant are listed at the top and be sure to review a couple of times throughout the year


  • Profiles that include the city where you want to work will make you stand out up to 23 times in searches.

LinkedIn Pages + Company Alerts

LinkedIn introduced a refresh of LinkedIn Company Pages that can help you engage with companies, learn and connect with people of interest at that company. You can even send them a signal that you’re interested in working for them.

As a job seeker, rather than taking the ‘reactive’ path and relying on job boards, you should be defining your next job search target which includes a list of ideal companies.

In addition to perusing the list of employees to find warm leads and potential introductions to the company, you can set job alerts for those companies you are interested in working with!

LinkedIn will let recruiters at that company know you are interested in opportunities and help increase your chances of hearing from them.

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