The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

The 10 Best IT Staffing Agencies in America

If you are looking for the best IT staffing agencies, you’ve come to the right place.

Finding a recruiter who understands your field, can talk the talk, and understands what you bring to the table is essential to a successful job search.

That’s why it’s so important for IT professionals to work with IT staffing companies.

Don’t worry.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting to save you time filtering through hundreds of staffing agencies.

Today, we bring you the best of the best IT staffing companies.

Whether you are looking for entry-level or C-level IT positions, we’ve made sure to include companies on this list who can meet your staffing needs.

Top-Rated IT Staffing Agencies

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read our detailed reviews below, here are the names of our top 10 IT staffing agencies:

  • TEKsystems
  • Robert Half
  • Heller Search Associates (C-Suite)
  • Insight Global
  • Addison Group
  • Randstad
  • PrideStaff
  • Apex Systems
  • Culver Careers
  • Lucas Group (Executive)

Before reaching out to any companies on this list, we recommend that you make sure your resume is in tip-top shape. If you’d like professional help with your resume help, contact the pros at Find My Profession.

And now for the detailed reviews …


1. TEKsystems

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

TEKsystems, as you might have guessed from the name, is obsessed with technology.

This company is one of the true IT staffing agencies with a massive footprint serving 80% of the Fortune 500 in 100+ locations worldwide.

Job Types: TEKsystems is home to more than 1,900 job opportunities spanning project manager, UI/UX designer, network technician, application security engineer, full stack java developer, C# developer, QA engineer, help desk analyst, business analyst, and more.

Pros: Since TEKsystems focuses solely on IT positions, you can save time filtering through jobs that may not be relevant to your line of work. TEKsystems recruiters are accustomed to working on technical roles and are more likely to understand your career than a non-technical recruiter.


2. Robert Half

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Robert Half is probably the most well-known company on this list. Founded in 1948 by Bob and Maxine Half, Robert Half has grown into the world’s largest specialized staffing firm with offices across the globe.   

Job Types: Robert Half has nearly 20,000 jobs (3,500+ of those being IT jobs) available.

Some of their IT jobs include computer technician, help desk analyst, software developer, applications administrator, systems administrator, .Net developer, IT auditor, DevOps engineer, and more.

Pros: Robert Half is an excellent IT staffing agency in part because of its massive volume.

This company has more IT jobs than just about any other IT staffing company that we could find.

From our personal experience, Robert Half recruiters are also some of the most knowledgeable and well-trained recruiters on the market.


3. Heller Search Associates (C-Suite)

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Heller Search Associates is a retained executive search firm specializing in Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Technology Officers (CTO), Chief Information Security Officers (CISP) and all senior information technology positions (VPs and Directors of IT) nationwide, in all industries.

Job Types: While we weren’t able to find any actual jobs posted on their website, we were able to gather that Heller Search Associates staffs for roles such as CIO, CTO, CISO, chief digital officer, chief data officer, infrastructure and operations, application development, product development, and more.

Pros: Heller Search Associates is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for a C-Level IT job.

With its special focus on executive IT staffing, this company is sure to speak your language and offer an excellent network of connections.


4. Insight Global

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Insight Global, based in Atlanta, is one of North America’s fastest-growing providers of information technology (IT) staffing solutions. Their network of 51 regional offices in the United States and Canada fills more than 33,000 staffing requests each year for a diverse range of Fortune 1000 corporations.

Job Types: Insight Global hosts a variety of IT jobs including front-end react developer, desktop support, UC programmer, SharePoint developer, CNC technician, full-stack Nodejs engineer, project manager, quality operations associate, content developer, and more.

Pros: Insight Global makes it a point to give back to both local communities and national initiatives.

Every office participates in at least one service event annually. Also, with more than 7,000 Glassdoor reviews and an overall rating of 4.2, it’s easy to see this is a great company.


5. Addison Group

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Addison Group was founded in 1999 when a group of staffing industry leaders in Chicago set out with a simple goal: recruiting the best candidates for the best companies. Since then they have grown to become one of the largest IT staffing agencies with dozens of office locations across the United States.

Job Types: Addison Group hosts more than 1,200 available jobs in IT, finance, engineering, and more.

For IT-specific jobs, they have nearly 150 jobs including business analyst, BI developer, iSeries programmer, lead software engineer, data scientist, integration developer, and more.

Pros:  Addison Group has been recognized on the Best of Staffing Client list for eight years and the Best of Staffing Candidate list for seven years.

They also offer useful insights via their blog, salary guides, workplace research, and tip sheets.


6. Randstad

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Randstad, founded in 1960 by Frits Goldschmeding, is in the business of matching smart people with great jobs from the executive office to the manufacturing floor. With 5,500+ internal staff in North America and a presence in 38 countries, Randstad is a force to be reckoned with in the IT staffing industry.

Job Types: Randstad Technologies is home to more than 1,500 jobs including ETL Developer, BI programmer analyst, front-end solution architect, CNC programmer, data analyst, support specialist, unity engineer, DevOps cloud director, and more.

Pros: Randstad has decent reviews from employees and their staff seem to think highly of their CEO.

Additionally, their website lets you browse open jobs and most of the job postings have a person’s contact information that you can reach out to if you are a good fit.


7. PrideStaff

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

PrideStaff is a staffing agency built on six core values: integrity, trust, reliability, respect, innovation, and pride. PrideStaff has earned ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Client and Talent Diamond Awards for five years running and was recognized by SIA as one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the U.S.

Job Types: PrideStaff is home to more than 2,000 positions (not all of which are IT related).

Some of the IT jobs that you’ll find include software engineer, server technician, test technician, information system specialist, oracle developer, IT manager, help desk team member, and more.

Pros: One cool thing about working with PrideStaff is their commitment to review your resume and contact you for an interview. Their website states that their focus is on finding the right job fit for you.

When you submit your resume, it will be reviewed by a recruiter, they will contact you for an interview to understand your needs, and then they will look for your next career opportunity.


8. Apex Systems

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Apex Systems was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1995 by Brian Callaghan, Win Sheridan, and Jeff Veatch, three friends who met at Virginia Tech. They were inspired to start Apex for three main reasons: to treat job seekers better, to provide better staffing services for companies, and to build a company where the best recruiters, sales staff, and infrastructure specialists would want to work.

Job Types: Apex Systems has more than 3,600 jobs ranging from quality specialist, C# developer, wireless tech, data clerk, validation engineer, scrum master, application developer, QA associate, IT project manager, java developer, program manager, and more.

Pros: Apex Systems is the proud winner of a handful of awards including the Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction Diamond Award (8 years in a row), Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction (3 years in a row), and nearly a dozen other awards.


9. Culver Careers

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Culver Careers hosts an iconic tornado as their logo.

Wondering why? Because just like a tornado, Culver Careers is a force of nature.

This company's values include: build, opportunity, strategic partnerships, integrity, appreciation, and ICE BLUE culture (intelligent, collaborative, exciting, balanced, living, unique, empowered).

Job Types: Culver Careers offers information technology staffing services for computer operations, technical and big data solutions, website and application development, cloud computing, enterprise resource planning, cybersecurity, network maintenance, and more.

Pros: Culver Careers is one of the smaller companies that we have reviewed.

Due to their size, they have been able to keep a positive culture and hire excellent staff members. They have some of the most positive employee reviews on Glassdoor ... and happy employees make for happy clients.


10. Lucas Group (Executive)

The 10 Best Recruiter IT Staffing Agencies in America

Lucas Group has one main goal: to be North America’s premier executive recruiting firm in assisting mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients find transcendent, executive talent.

Unlike other companies on this list, Lucas Group focuses on executive-level roles.

Job Types: Lucas Group hosts a handful of Information Technology jobs including IT infrastructure manager, business intelligence manager, VP of application development, application development manager, software architect, and more.

Pros: Lucas Group offers a nice niche for senior and executive-level talent. While not all of their positions are “executive,” you can rest easy knowing that their staff is well-suited to handle high-level jobs.

Quick Tip for IT Job Seekers

Not all the IT staffing agencies on this list are going to have jobs posted on their websites that are a perfect match for you.

Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Browse the website to see if you can find a job that you are interested in.
  2. Whether you find a job or not, give the staffing agency a call.
  3. Provide information about yourself and the type of work you are looking for.
  4. If you did find a relevant job on their website, now is the time to mention it.
  5. The agency will take down your information and reach out if they find a relevant position.

You are better off having as many staffing agencies as possible aware of your search.

It’s simply more eyes and ears out there helping with your job search.

Last, but definitely not least …

Before you reach out to these staffing agencies, make sure you have a professional-looking resume.

The worst thing you could do is provide a below-average resume to each of the companies on this list.

Check out our list of the 10 Best IT Resume Writing Services.

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