Looking for the best staffing agencies near you in Houston, TX?

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There’s no doubt that Houston, TX is one of the greatest cities around.

That’s why so many people flock to Space City for jobs.

With great talent comes great staffing agencies (and sadly, a large number of not-so-great staffing agencies).

To save you time in your job search, we’ve compiled a list of the best Houston staffing agencies.

Go grab a Whataburger with extra spicy ketchup, sit back, and enjoy this list that we made…just for you.

Houston Staffing Agency Criteria

Each of the Houston Staffing Agencies below was reviewed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) taking into consideration the following:

Credentials: Overall experience, awards, and certifications.

Opportunities: Number and variety of jobs available.

Customer Service: Guarantees and reviews.

This List Serves The Following Areas Near Houston, Texas:

Pasadena, Baytown, Pearland, Sugar Land, League City, Galveston, Katy, Columbus, Lake Jackson, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Rosenberg, Conroe, Lufkin, Humble, Deer Park, Beach City, La Porte, Seabrook, Kemah, Bay City, El Campo, Navasota, Conroe, Willis, Huntsville, Cleveland, Texas City, Alvin, Freeport, Edna, Nederland, Jasper, and more.

Best Houston Staffing Agencies

Before reaching out to any companies on this list, we recommend that you make sure your resume is in tip-top shape. If you’d like professional help with your resume, contact the pros at Find My Profession.

Now for the detailed reviews…

1. Frontline Source Group

Frontline Source Group - Best Staffing Agency

Frontline Source Group was established in 2004 by company president and CEO Bill Kasko. The agency has been voted “Best Place to Work” and Best Staffing Agencies multiple times in multiple cities by the Dallas Business Journal, the Houston Business Journal, and Staffing Industry Analysts.

Job Types: Frontline Source Group provides staffing for a variety of industries in Houston, including executive recruitment, IT, accounting, finance, administrative, CSR, call center, clerical, executive assistants, legal, engineering, remote work, oil & gas, and healthcare.

Pros: The company has three offices in Houston, facilitating your local job search. You can also search for recent jobs under different categories on the Frontline Source Group website. The online application system is straightforward to use. The website states that it takes just three days for candidates to secure their first interview. 

Reviews: 5/5 based on 1 ClearlyRated review, 5/5 based on 1 Yelp review, 4.8/5 based on 480 Trustpilot reviews, 4.6/5 based on 244 Google reviews, 3/5 based on 347 Facebook reviews

Local Offices: 3 locations in Houston to serve you

Contact: (713) 960-6300 or houston.staffing@frtline.com

Visit Frontline Source Group

2. Murray Resources

Murray Resources was founded in 1988 by Marsha Murray with a $2,000 loan. Since then, Murray Resources has maintained a 95% client satisfaction rate, they have worked with their clients for an average of 11 years, and they have become the #1 most awarded recruiting firm in Texas.

Job Types: Murray Resources staffs for a variety of industries in Houston, including the energy sector, manufacturing, real estate, engineering, marketing/advertising, medical, non-profits, law, telecommunication, transportation/logistics, and more.

Pros: Murray Resources has an excellent selection of Houston jobs on their website. They are also a locally-founded company with decades of relationship-building experience in the Houston area. Their local clients include Fortune 500 corporations, as well as prominent small and medium-sized businesses. 

Reviews: 5/5 based on 497 Trustpilot reviews, 4.5/5 based on 42 Facebook reviews, 5/5 based on 1 Yellow Pages review, 4.8/5 based on 34 FeaturedCustomers reviews, 4.6/5 based on 214 Google reviews, 3.7/5 based on 17 Yelp reviews

Local Offices: 8 locations to serve you

Contact: (713) 935-0009

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3. TPI Staffing Inc.

TPI Staffing - Best Staffing Agency

TPI Staffing Inc. is on a mission to match candidates with opportunities that fit their skills and background. The company has been serving Houston job seekers since 1988. They are recognized as one of Houston’s 25 Largest Personnel Services by the Houston Business Journal

Job Types: TPI Staffing Inc. works on a variety of job sectors in Houston such as accounting, engineering, human resources, mortgage/finance, office support, manufacturing, technical positions, warehouse jobs, and more.

Pros: TPI Staffing boasts a handful of awards such as the platinum safety partner award, #9 largest Houston-area woman-owned business, and #20 fastest-growing woman-owned business. They offer a consultative approach to your job search, including resume advice and interview preparation.

Reviews: 4.5/5 based on 624 Google reviews, 2/5 based on 5 Yelp reviews

Local Offices: 8 locations to serve you

Contact: (281) 890-2220

Visit TPI Staffing, Inc.

4. Burnett Specialists

Burnett Specialists

Burnett Specialists is Texas’ largest employee-owned staffing and recruitment agency as ranked by the National Center for Employee Ownership. They have also been ranked #1 on the “Largest Houston-Area Direct Hire Placement Firms” list by the Houston Business Journal 12 years in a row. 

Job Types: Burnett Specialists have a variety of jobs in Houston in industries including accounting and finance, administrative, convention support, engineering, legal, light industrial, healthcare, human resources, marketing & sales, information technology, call center & customer service, supply chain, as well as many others.

Pros: When browsing jobs on Burnett Specialists website, we enjoyed the ability to see the salary included for the majority of jobs listed. It’s refreshing to see a company transparent enough to list the expected salary right on the job listing. What is more, the company has been serving Texas for over 45 years.

Reviews: 4.8/5 based on 8 Yelp reviews, 5/5 based on 3 BBB reviews, 4.5/5 based on 807 Google reviews 

Local Offices: 6 locations to serve you

Contact: (713) 977-4777 or corp@burnettspecialists.com

Visit Burnett Specialists

5. ExecuTeam

ExecuTeam - Best Staffing Agency

ExecuTeam was founded in 1987 by Anne Flournoy. With nearly a dozen staffing honors and recognitions, it’s no wonder ExecuTeam has made our list of the best staffing agencies in Houston. They are also in the Top 25 Permanent Placement Firms list by Houston Business Journal.

Job Types: ExecuTeam works on a variety of jobs in Houston, including accounting & finance, healthcare, executive roles, procurement supply chain & logistics, administrative support, hospitality & events, human resources, commercial real estate, and customer service.

Pros: ExecuTeam has stood the test of time, operating for more than 30 years. They have won ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction award five years in a row since 2017. 

Reviews: 4.7/5 based on 25 Facebook reviews, 4.9/5 based on 42 ClearlyRated reviews, 4.3/5 based on 73 Google reviews, 3/5 based on 4 Yelp reviews

Local Office: 1 location to serve you

Contact: (713) 952-6760 or houston@executeam.com

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6. Clayton Services

Clayton Services - Best Staffing Agency

Clayton Services is a leading Houston staffing agency and recruiting firm created for growing businesses and talented job seekers. Clayton Services has been in business for over 36 years and is locally owned and operated in Houston, Texas. They pride themselves in connecting candidates with some of Houston’s finest companies.

Job Types: Clayton Services is currently working in industries such as ​accounting & finance, administrative, call centers, customer service, engineering, executive leadership, human resources, information technology, light industrial, marketing, medical, sales, and skilled trade positions.

Pros: Clayton Services combines 36 years of experience with intelligent technology to seamlessly connect job seekers with leading companies. Their network includes multiple Fortune 1000 organizations. 

Reviews: 5/5 based on 1 Facebook reviews, 4.6/5 based on 125 Google reviews, 3.1/5 based on 5 Yelp reviews

Local Offices: 2 locations to serve you

Contact: (281) 999-3080

Visit Clayton Services

7. Aerotek

Aerotek - Best Staffing Agency

Aerotek was founded in Baltimore in 1983. Since then, it has become one of the top global recruiting agencies with a presence across North America, Europe, and Asia. The agency offers a strategic partnership for your career development. They serve virtually every major industry in Houston, TX.

Job Types: Aerotek has numerous jobs posted on the website for Houston candidates, including office & clerical jobs, accounting & finance jobs, engineering jobs, industrial & skilled-trade jobs, clinical & scientific jobs, and many more. 

Pros: Aerotek has a national presence that expands beyond Houston. Are you located in Houston, yet open to other locations? If so, Aerotek should prove well-equipped to assist you in areas outside of Houston.

Reviews: 4.9/5 based on 16 ClearlyRated reviews, 4.2/5 based on 5 Google reviews, 2.5/5 based on 42 BestCompany reviews, 1.3/5 based on 21 BBB reviews

Local Offices: 3 locations to serve you

Contact: (713) 640-3600

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8. Reliable Staffing

Reliable Staffing is a full-service center for employers and employees. With localized payroll services, full employee benefits, and more, Reliable Staffing has a lot to offer. The company is on the Forbes best temporary staffing firms list. They have been in business for over 30 years. 

Job Types: Reliable Staffing covers all the major industries, including accounting, medical, education, executive, hospitality, IT, manufacturing, marketing, shipping, clerical, skilled trades, oil, gas, and more. 

Pros: Similar to Aerotek, Reliable Staffing is not only focused on jobs in Houston; their vision is to have a presence in every major city in the world. This may be a good thing if you are open to relocation or looking for jobs outside of the greater Houston area.

Reviews: 3.4/5 based on 18 Facebook reviews, 5/5 based on 1 BBB review, 4.5/5 based on 1 G2 review, 4.4/5 based on 79 Google reviews, 1/5 based on 1 Yelp review

Local Offices: 3 locations to serve you

Contact: (281) 589-0245

Visit Reliable Staffing

9. Primary Services

Primary Services - Best Staffing Agency

Primary Services is another excellent Houston staffing agency. Founded by Regina Mellinger in 1988, the agency is one of the 15 largest staffing firms in the Houston area as recognized by the Houston Business Journal. Their client list includes some of the top 12 Fortune Global 500 companies. 

Job Types: Primary Services works on a number of industries in Houston, including new energy, finance & accounting, administrative, customer service, human resources, procurement, information technology, operations support, sales, and marketing. 

Pros: Primary Services has been recognized for nearly two dozen rewards, has excellent client testimonials and success stories, and has some of the best overall reviews online compared against other Houston staffing agencies on this list.

Reviews: 4.6/5 based on 549 Google reviews, 2.5/5 based on 10 Yelp reviews

Local Offices: 1 location to serve you

Contact: (713) 850-7010 or galleria@primaryservices.com

Visit Primary Services

10. PrideStaff

PrideStaff - Best Staffing Agency

PrideStaff is a staffing agency built on six core values: integrity, trust, reliability, respect, innovation, and pride. PrideStaff has won ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing Talent Diamond Award and was recognized by SIA as one of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the US. It’s also on Forbes America’s Best Recruiting Firms List. 

Job Types: PrideStaff’s website has plenty of jobs posted for Houston job seekers from sectors including administration, customer service, information technology, accounting, finance, legal support, healthcare, and production.

Pros: One of the most experienced recruiting agencies, PrideStaff was founded by George Rogers in 1978. One great thing about working with PrideStaff is their commitment to review your resume and contact you for an interview. Their website states that their focus is on helping you find the right job.

Reviews: 4.5/5 based on 42 Yelp reviews, 4.6/5 based on 30 ClearlyRated reviews, 4.7/5 based on 779 Google reviews

Local Offices: 3 locations to serve you

Contact: (832) 604-2255 or info@pridestaff.com

Visit PrideStaff

Bonus: Top Houston Staffing Agency Winners (2021)

Frontline Source Group, Murray Resources, TPI Staffing Inc., Burnett Specialists, ExecuTeam, Clayton Services, Aerotek, Reliable Staffing, Primary Services, PrideStaff.

How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

Staffing, or employment, agencies fill open positions for the employers they contract with. The agency is paid by the hiring company, so it’s a free service for the job seeker.

Staffing agencies can hire for temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent positions.

If you are hired for a temporary job, you are usually employed and paid by the staffing agency. Some agencies offer benefits to their employees, including health insurance and retirement plans.

For permanent roles, the staffing agency essentially acts as a recruiter and will refer you to the hiring company.

Here’s what we recommend when working with a staffing agency:

  1. Browse the website to see if you find any jobs you are interested in.
  2. Whether you find an ideal job or not, contact the staffing agency.
  3. Provide information about yourself and the type of work you are looking for.
  4. If you found a relevant job on their website, mention it.
  5. The agency will take down your information and reach out if they find a relevant position.

Make as many staffing agencies as possible aware of your search. It’s simply more eyes and ears out there helping with your job search.

Before you reach out to these staffing agencies, make sure you have a great resume – both in look and content. The worst thing you can do is provide a resume that won’t get results to a bunch of staffing agencies.

Check out some professional resume services on our list of the Best Resume Services in Houston.

Need more than resume assistance?

At Find My Profession, we also offer career coaching services and Career Finder, a professional job search service that manages every part of the job search, from searching for jobs for you to networking on your behalf.