Are you looking for professional growth in The Twin Cities?

Then you are in luck as the job market in Minneapolis is booming.

However, with increased opportunities comes tougher competition.

To succeed, you need a solid career strategy.

Who can offer personalized strategies for career growth better than professional career coaches?

That’s why we have created this list of the top career coaches in Minneapolis.

If you aren’t sure about the next step in your career or are not satisfied with your career growth, check out our list and choose the best service for you.

Minneapolis Career Coach Criteria

Each of the Minneapolis career coaching services below was reviewed taking into consideration the following:

Cost: Price of the service compared to other Minneapolis career coaches.

Credentials: Overall experience, awards, and certifications.

Process: Effectiveness of the process from start to finish.

Customer Service: Guarantees, refund policies, and client reviews.

This list was hand-curated to serve all industries, professions, and career levels. While many of the services on this list are from Minneapolis, these career coaches are virtually available whether you are in Minneapolis, Mankato, Marshall, Rochester, Alexandria, St Cloud, Austin, or any other Minnesota city.

Best Career Coaching Services in Minneapolis

1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Find My Profession is a leading career coaching service focused on providing actionable job search strategies that convert into offers.

Our elite career coaching services are designed to teach you advanced job search strategies. Whether you need help finding the right jobs, networking with key decision-makers, or interviewing like a pro, we’ve got your back.

We have successfully landed our clients positions at companies like Apple, Amazon, EA, Oracle, GM, Facebook, DoJ, Morgan Stanley, Gap, and 2U just to name a few.

Find My Profession has 650+ 5-star reviews and offers a satisfaction guarantee. Every career coaching service offered is customized to meet your specific needs.

Pros: Each career coaching session provides a clear takeaway that brings you one step closer to landing your dream job. You will learn what it takes to job search in the most strategic way possible. Our goal is to cut your job search time in half by teaching you to search smarter, not harder.

Cons: Find My Profession is a virtual/online company. While we provide services across the globe, we don’t have a physical office in Minneapolis to meet in person.

Reviews: 5/5 based on 124 Google reviews, 5/5 based on 8 BBB reviews, 5/5 based on 35 Facebook reviews, 4.9/5 based on 304 Trustpilot reviews, 4.7/5 based on 255 Sitejabber reviews

Cost: $175 – $199 per hour

Contact: (831) 888-0967 or

Check out some of our 5-star reviews:


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2. Beard Avenue

Beard Avenue - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Beard Avenue is run by Leonard Lang, PhD. Leonard has 20 years of experience in career and job coaching. He offers a fully personalized approach without cookie-cutter tests and strategies. He has also authored a book on career coaching and is frequently featured in Minneapolis media outlets.

Pros: Leonard has developed his own signature step-by-step career coaching system. He meets with clients in his Beard Avenue office and offers a money-back guarantee. Discounts are available for coaching packages.

Cons: Although extremely experienced, Leonard doesn’t have any certifications from industry coaching associations. Also, the pricing is not mentioned on the website. You will need to contact Leonard for specifics.

Reviews: 5/5 based on 31 Google reviews, 5/5 based on 3 Yelp reviews, 5/5 based on 4 Angie’s List reviews

Cost: $195 per hour

Contact: (612) 925-5478 or

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3. Anastasia Tripolskaya

Anastasia Tripolskaya - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Anastasia Tripolskaya offers a program designed to help successful, but unfulfilled, professionals find a meaningful career path. With 10+ years of coaching experience, Anastasia is certified by Erickson Coaching International and International Coach Federation (ICF).

Pros: Anastasia offers free consultations to prospective clients. There’s also a free masterclass on finding your life’s work available on her site. She offers payment plans if needed.

Cons: There are no details available on the website about the cost, duration, and number of sessions included in the program. You will need to contact Anastasia for more details.

Reviews: 5/5 based on 19 Google reviews, 5/5 based on 3 Yelp review, 5/5 based on 4 Facebook reviews, 4.9/5 based on 17 Thumbtack reviews 

Cost: $897 – $1997 per program


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4. Ascend Career and Life Strategies

Ascend Career and Life Strategies - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Ascend Career and Life Strategies was founded by Donald J. Strankowski in 2001. Donald has extensive corporate experience in multiple esteemed positions. He is also an accomplished writer and speaker on career success. Most of his clients are hired in a new position within 60 days of their initial engagement date. 

Pros: You can meet your coach in person in Minneapolis. Ascend offers a variety of coaching programs. They promise to stay engaged and committed until you get bona fide full-time employment. 

Cons: There are no details available on the website about the career coaches other than Donald. You will need to contact the service to learn more about other coaches.

Reviews: 5/5 based on 3 Google reviews, 4.5/5 based on 3 Yelp reviews 

Cost: $192 – $225 per 50 minutes

Contact: (877) 212-3310 or

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5. Live Life Purpose Coaching & Consulting

Live Life Purpose Coaching & Consulting - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Live Life Purpose Coaching & Consulting believes that we all have gifts that help us fulfill our unique life purpose. The founder, Gracie Miller, wants you to find those gifts and make the best use of them. Gracie has multiple certifications related to career and life coaching, even one for energy healing.

Pros: The company offers a free 30-minute coaching session to new clients. Gracie also offers a condensed one-month coaching program and a program for budding entrepreneurs.

Cons: There are no guarantees for the coaching services. There are not many third party reviews yet for this service started in 2012.

Reviews: 5/5 based on 10 Google reviews

Cost: $350$2625 per program


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6. Begin Again Coaching

Begin Again Coaching - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Begin Again Coaching provides a personalized, non-judgmental, and playful space for you to tap into your own wisdom. It is run by Freda Marver. Freda is a CTI and MBTI certified coach with 10+ years of corporate experience. She has been featured on many of the most trusted media outlets in the Twin Cities. 

Pros: You have the option to meet Freda face to face at her St. Louis Park office. For the past 3 years, she has been voted a Favorite Career/Life Coach in Minnesota Women’s Press. Don’t worry, she coaches men too.

Cons: Begin Again Coaching doesn’t offer a free initial consultation. Also, there’s no option to buy individual sessions. You will have to purchase a package and commit to it.

Reviews: Not found

Cost: $2950 per program

Contact: (612) 922-4952 or

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7. Bartels Executive Coaching

Bartels Executive Coaching - Best Minneapolis Career Coach

Bartels Executive Coaching is owned by Kim Bartels. This is a specialized career coaching service for female executives in Minneapolis. Kim has a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Counseling Psychology. She is also a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach. She has been an executive coach for more than 15 years. 

Pros: You can buy standalone coaching sessions as well as coaching packages. You can contact Kim in between sessions as needed. The cost of these in-between sessions is included in the original cost of the service.

Cons: As a specialized service for women, 95% of their clients are women. This is great news for female leaders. But men might have to opt for other options on our list. Also, the services are not backed by any guarantees.

Reviews: Not found

Cost: $225 per 45-minute session +

Contact: (612) 759-5627 or

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