What It Really Means to Have an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

What It Really Means to Have an Optimized LinkedIn Profile

Here's why you need to know the right recruiters to find you. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from first-hand experiences about the importance of effective communication, both in my professional and personal relationships. For example, an area where I’ve learned a lot about its importance has been while discussing my services and benefits with others regarding an optimized LinkedIn profile.

I’ve observed how we humans in general, including during these LinkedIn conversations, are mostly hesitant to express ‘not knowing’ what something means. Especially, if it is in a conversation with someone we don’t know that well. We are usually afraid of something. Perhaps, we fear ridicule or feeling incompetent.

From a branding perspective, imagine the additional challenge that presents itself when dealing with a word or concept like an “optimized LinkedIn profile.” Since the majority of us are familiar with the traditional meaning of this word, we are less likely to think about why this word can mean something slightly different in a certain context.

Fortunately, I have a thorough background as a mental health therapist and educator. I would consider myself more skilled than most at digging a little bit into conversations and ensuring the person(s) that I am speaking to comprehend and explain an important concept.

The Question No One Asks

Since I know that most people aren’t going to ask me what having a perfect LinkedIn profile really means, I usually find it more effective to explain the concept in further detail versus directly asking them, “Do you know what it means to have an optimized LinkedIn profile?”

I find that when I can effectively communicate to people looking to attract new job opportunities using LinkedIn, most were very quick to take the necessary steps to optimize their LinkedIn profile. They did so because they discovered these two things:

  1. WHY having an optimized LinkedIn profile was so important and effective in helping them be discovered by more recruiters.
  2. HOW this concept of ‘optimization’ could be specifically applied to their LinkedIn profile to achieve their career goals.

As It Pertains to Landing a New Job

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is essentially a way to gain more visibility and show up higher in advanced search results when recruiters are looking to find candidates on LinkedIn for job openings.

Fun facts on why an optimized LinkedIn profile  is extremely important to be concerned about:

Think About It

I want you to take a moment now and use your imagination for the next minute or so. Imagine yourself as one of the millions of fisherman in a vast ocean. Now, imagine that somehow you are all able to cast your line around the same types of areas simultaneously without bumping into one another.

Consider how many of you are unsure of the right type of bait to use for this new fish to catch. And since it’s such a big ocean, you aren’t even aware of all the different types of fish existing in the ocean.

Regardless of what you felt, you didn’t know for certain, so wouldn’t it behoove you to be honest with yourself and consider the benefit of looking more closely at your present conditions, opportunities, challenges, and threats?

The Truth  

Tons of people are trying to catch fish at the same time you. Many people are also just as hungry as you. And they are persistently trying to think of better ways to catch more fish.

Now that you’ve had a more realistic view of things, when it came to your goals for “fishing on LinkedIn,” would it not make more sense to do everything and anything in your power to get the perfect LinkedIn profile?

You need to start learning how to increase your profile strength, include pertinent information, improve your visibility, and learn the right industry keywords. This way you show up higher in recruiters search results. Would you want to stop right there, or would you consider seeking out the services and strategies of experts who have already gone before you and successfully caught the types of fish you want to catch in this large LinkedIn ocean?

More to Think About

If you just started learning how to fish for sharks in unchartered waters, would you keep going at it alone only to then complain when you kept coming up short without catching any sharks? I sincerely hope not!

My hope would be that you first start by finding and hiring professionals who have a lot of experience taking people out in the ocean and successfully teaching them how to catch sharks.  After going out with these professionals for a while and learning what bait to use, best times of day to fish, methods to be successful, you would start progressing and experiencing more success under their supervision and guidance.

Then, you might be more confident to consider going out on your own. Or you can continue to spend a ton more time, resources, and energy than you already have trying to blindly “learn as you go” and hope for the best.

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