This is a great opportunity to show off a little bit and to sell yourself on some of your skills or attributes.

When describing three positive things your last boss (or professor) would say about you, it is important not to just spout off the first three things that come to mind.

If you are reading this article before your interview then you are on the right track! You should have plenty of time to craft your answer specific to the job you are applying for.

Quick Tips

  1. Don’t exaggerate. The person doing your interview has most likely heard a ton of answers for this question before. Be honest, and avoid raising any red flags through seemingly unrealistic answers.
  2. Be unique. Try to bring something to the table that nobody else can. What makes you special or particularly fit for this position? -Don’t state obvious facts that are already on your resume. Your last boss should not be stating basic knowledge about your day-to-day. Instead, your last boss should mention work qualities and achievements that you possess.
  3. Be modest. Whether or not it is true that you were the favorite of your last boss, do not put down others or diminish anyone when lifting yourself up. You can even do the opposite. Try crediting some of your success to your peers, boss, or someone else. Try relating this question to your strengths! Be prepared for the interview question, What Are Your Strengths?

What Your Last Boss Would Say Sample Answer

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During my last job, I was very well-known for being the knowledgeable employee. I had memorized all of the content, statistics, and case studies for our company so everyone in the office would use me as their personal content encyclopedia.

My boss also commented on how punctual I was – I never missed a deadline or was late to work for the 3 years I worked there.

Finally, I would have to say that my boss would also bring up my team spirit. I was known for bringing in treats to the entire team after every successful event that took place. Everyone in the office looked forward to cookies or donuts after a huge sale, new product launch, or new milestone.

If this example does not relate to you specifically, try your best to come up with your own.

Below are a few positive traits that you can talk about:

  • Trustworthy / Honest
  • Great sense of humor
  • Hard worker
  • Willing to work extra hours
  • Flexible
  • Great under pressure
  • Knows the profession
  • Energetic

Find even more great words to describe yourself in an interview in Describe Yourself in 5 Words.

Key Takeaways

It is clear that having positive things your previous boss would say about you can greatly impact your job search.

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