10 Best Resume Writing Services in Washington, D.C. (2019)

10 Best Resume Services in Washington D.C.—Resume Writers Washington, D.C. Loves

Washington, D.C. — and the surrounding cities that comprise the DMV area — is a booming metropolis with incredible career opportunities.

Are you putting your best foot forward in your job search?

Without a stellar resume, the answer is essentially no.

Our list of the top 10 resume writers in Washington, D.C. is here to help you find a DC resume writing service that will show hiring managers just how marketable you are.

Don’t worry. We’ve got the entire DMV covered.

Not only is this list helpful for job hunters in Washington, D.C., but it’s also applicable to folks in the greater DMV area. We’re talking Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Fairfax, and more.

Take a look at this list of the best of the best Washington resume writers, then prepare to take your job search to new heights.

Disclosure: This article was written by a hired contractor of Find My Profession. While we genuinely feel that the list is uninfluenced by the partnerships, we wanted to keep you totally in the loop! Please do your own research after reading opinion pieces and always use your own discretion when retaining a company from any list.

Best Resume Services in Washington D.C.

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best Resume Writers in Washington D.C.:

  1. Find My Profession
  2. Your Next Jump
  3. Klaxos
  4. Your Edge for Success
  5. Liz Strom
  6. Resume Services Pro Team
  7. GPS Professional Coaching
  8. DMV Resume Services
  9. Jim Weinstein
  10. Blueprintgreen Coaching & Consulting

And now for the detailed reviews...

1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is the top resume writing service for DC residents. Their wonderful reviews from past clients have inspired new customers not only in Washington but across the country, to use their services.

As you advance in your career, a stellar resume becomes increasingly more important. As you reach the mid-career and executive levels, your resume makes the difference between getting a call for the amazing new job opportunity — as opposed to hearing crickets.

With Find My Profession’s one-on-one service and staff of resume specialists across hundreds of industries, you can rest assured that your resume is in good hands.

Pros: Find My Profession offers a 60-day interview guarantee, so you can be confident that your resume will get you the results that you’re looking for in a Washington DC resume writing service.

Cons: The price is an investment, but surely one that’s worth it for professionals well into their careers.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. 48-hour rush service is available.

Cost: $595-$895

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Glassdoor, 5/5 on Google, 4.9/5 on Sitejabber, 9.5/10 on Trustpilot, and 5/5 on Facebook.

2. Your Next Jump

Your Next Jump has staked a claim in the Washington D.C. resume writing services market, and rightfully so. As they clearly state on their website, employers spend 30 seconds (on average) looking at resumes. Is yours standing out? If not, you should consider a well-revered service like Your Next Jump.

Pros: In addition to the Certified Professional Resume Writers they have working on each resume, Your Next Jump also offers in-person consulting for career analysis, coaching, and even assistance with building an online presence on platforms like LinkedIn.

Cons: Their services may be on the higher-end (price wise) when compared to some other DC resume writers, but the all-inclusive career launch kit that offers resume writing comes with added bonuses — like job search coaching and online presence building.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $749

Phone: Not stated.

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Google. 5/5 stars on Yelp. 5/5 stars on Facebook.

3. Klaxos

Klaxos has built a reputation based on knowing “what recruiters want.” Naturally, all great resume writing services should have those skills, and Klaxos is no different. They offer Washington, D.C. resume writing services that are backed up by an awesome reputation in the DMV area.

Pros: They boast former clients who have gone on to work at eBay and ESPN, which means you can trust the expertise of their D.C. resume writers. Not to mention, the ability to get a simple resume review is a reasonably priced option if you don’t think your resume needs a total overhaul.

Cons: Some of their most useful packages are priced higher than competitors in the D.C. area.

Turnaround: 4 business days.

Cost: $399-$949. However, a more affordable option is available. Phone consultation, career review, and resume review (not writing) is available for $150.

Phone number: (703) 679-7719

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Yelp. 4.8/5 stars on Google. 5/5 stars on Facebook.

4. Your Edge for Success/YES

Your Edge for Success (YES) snags the fourth spot on our list. With their slew of good ratings and their years of experience in the metro-Washington area, YES is a worthy D.C. resume writing service. In addition to writing resumes, YES also offers interview coaching, LinkedIn profile updates, job transition services, and business coaching.

Pros: They’re a decade old, so they have a history in the industry. Founder Katherine Metres Akbar is an author who has received press for her tips on writing great resumes.

Cons: Their website might not be the sleekest, but don’t let that dissuade you. Their service surely is.

Turnaround: 5 business days after gathering necessary information.

Cost: $299 for a traditional resume. $499 for a federal resume.

Phone number: (202) 740-3032

Reviews: 4.5/5 stars on Yelp. 4.9/5 stars on Google. 5/5 stars on Facebook.

5. Liz Strom

Liz Strom, also known as “The Life Coach” for Washington DC, is not only known for her life coaching, but her career coaching as well. Liz has received local attention, allowing her to promote her company’s “energy-shifting life coaching & workshops” throughout the D.C. area.

Pros: If you’re in need of additional services besides resume writing, her life and career coaching services may be of use to you. You can get all of the help you need in one place. And even if you are in fact just focused on resume writing, she has applicable services to go along with your resume, like new cover letters.

Cons: As a one woman show, she’s likely to get booked up from time to time. Hop right on ordering your resume if you’re using her service.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. $100 upcharge for 48-hour (or less) delivery.

Cost: $200-$400

Phone number: (765) 400-1177

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Yelp.

6. Resume Services Pro Team

Resume Services Pro Team surely tries to live up to its name by offering professional resume writing services in the DC area. Beyond their resume writing services, they also offer career advisory services. On the flip side, for companies, they offer recruitment services. Essentially, they’re a “Jack of all trades” service.

Pros: They have reliable client reviews that point to consistent, satisfactory service. This is always a plus when choosing a DC resume writing service that you can count on.

Cons: With the consumer and corporate sectors both being areas of focus, it’s hard to know exactly what their specialty is.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $250. Hourly services available for $100/hr.

Phone number: (202) 870-4670

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Yelp. 4/5 stars on Google.

7. GPS Professional Coaching

GPS Professional Coaching aims to make your career objectives attainable. Tired of getting passed over for promotions? Looking to take your career to the next level? Need to figure out why you can’t get hired? These are all core competencies that GPS Professional Coaching uses to best service their clients.

Pros: 5-star reviews from past clients point to proven success with their resume writing services. They are known for their cover letter writing skills as well.

Cons: Prepare to pick up the phone. With critical details regarding pricing and timeline left off the website, you’ve got to reach out directly in order to take the first steps.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (571) 357-4771

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Yelp.

8. DMV Resume Services

DMV Resume Services is not part of the Department of Motor Vehicles, although their name might lead you to think otherwise. Anyone from D.C. knows that DMV includes D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Ms. Kim Love is the owner and writer for DMV Resume Services, and she puts care into every single resume that she writes. Kim has been writing resumes since 2008 and has clearly put in the hours to hone her resume writing abilities.

Pros: DMV Resume Services is one of the few resume writing services that offer a 4-hour turnaround time. There are few resume services that can compete with that time. There are a ton of inspiring Facebook reviews that could convince you to opt for Ms. Kim’s services.

Cons: DMV Resume Services can end up costing you over $1,000 if you need a great resume right away. Kim is the only resume writer at DMV Resume Services, which could be an issue if she is not available that day for a rush resume.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. 4-hour rush service is available.

Cost: $149 - $1219

Phone number: (240) 441-9899

Reviews: 4.6/5 stars on Facebook.

9. Jim Weinstein

Jim Weinstein is a career coach not only with a Harvard MBA but with over two decades of experience as both a business executive and a licensed psychotherapist. Impressive, right? It’s this variety of education, experience, and skill that has landed him firmly on our list of the top 10 resume writers that Washington, D.C. has to offer.

Pros: Jim’s experience as a psychotherapist can give him a leg up in working through what people are thinking and how to best position yourself for success. This background and knowledge make him a solid (albeit unique) option for a D.C. resume writer. After all, it’s not often that you come across a resume writer who is also a psychotherapist. Who knows? You might learn something new about yourself in the process of working with Jim.

Cons: Jim bases his resume writing costs based on how many sessions it takes to get things fleshed out. This could be a major con if you’re looking for a flat rate DC resume writing service.

Turnaround: 2-3 sessions.

Cost: $400+

Phone number: (202) 706-3788

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Google. 4/5 stars on Yelp.

10. Blueprintgreen Coaching & Consulting

Blueprintgreen Coaching & Consulting has an inspiring mission statement; “we help professionals break free from toxic work environments and transition into meaningful work that they love.” Noble, right? If this sounds like your desired approach to improving your resume (and overall career path), you should consider this top 10 service.

Pros: Chrissy Macken is a woman on a mission. She is involved in quite a few noble social and environmental initiatives, which is a major plus for you if you like supporting companies that may align with your personal values.

Cons: If you want a straight-to-the-point resume writing service — and not all-around career coaching — your needs will be better met by a company that specifically and exclusively handles D.C. resume writing.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (301) 244-8063

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Facebook. 5/5 stars on Yelp. 5/5 stars on Google.

This List Serves The Following Areas Near Washington, District of Columbia:

Hyattsville, Rockville, Gaithersburg, College Park, New Carrollton, Bowie, Frederick

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