10 Best Resume Writing Services in Paris, France (List)

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Paris, France (List)

So, you’re looking for the perfect job in Paris.

And it’s not easy.

You have skill, you have experience, but you’ve searched and found there are more trees in this lovely city of Paris than there are employment positions.

Perhaps what you need is a resume writing service. After all, il ne faut rien laisser au hasard.

You want to prepare the best resume for the perfect job, but you don’t get many relevant results when you Google search “best resume writing services Paris.”

Your search gives you several million options. Wading through those hits to actually find the best resume writing service in Paris is another story.

Your search resembles trying to find a needle in the haystack. So how do you find relevant Paris resume writers? Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you.

The list below gives not one “needle” but ten among the “haystack” of about 21,400,000 results for resume writing services in Paris. (You’re welcome.)

After all, when you’re job hunting, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your resume is in good hands.

You want the best resume writers in France available to convert information about your education and experience into immediate job offers.

This article provides:

  • Pros and Cons
  • Turnaround Times
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Other important information

Because we understand how difficult it can be to find a high-quality writer, Find My Profession has compiled a list of who we believe to be the best resume writers available in Paris, France. We hope that we can win your business and show you why we have more verified 5-star reviews than any other service on this list.

CV or Resume Writing Service?

As you scroll down our top ten list of best Paris resume writers, you’ll notice many of them advertise “CV” writing services.

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, Latin for “course of life.” A CV generally runs longer than your typical one- or two-page resume.

In places like the United States and Canada, job applicants only submit a CV for academic-type jobs; however, in most parts of Europe, the term “CV” is often used interchangeably with “resume.”

To keep things simple, we will use the two terms interchangeably as we list companies that offer a resume writing service in Paris.

Best Resume Writing Services in Paris, France

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best Resume Writers in Paris, France:

  1. Find My Profession
  2. CV First
  3. CV Professionnel
  4. CV Premium
  5. L'oeil du Recruteur
  6. Hello Job in Paris
  7. CV Center
  8. L’Écrit’mots
  9. Pret @ l’Emploi
  10. l’Oreille et al Plume

And now for the detailed reviews…

1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is not merely a très bon group of resume writers in Paris; we are also a global company headquartered in the US. Our mission? To master effective resumes that convert into relevant job offers.

No matter where you are in your career, we want to help. We have some of the best resume writers available, with expertise spanning 75+ industries.

We pair you up with a writer who has experience in your industry. You don’t have to worry about working with a resume writer who knows little (or nothing!) about the role you are applying for.

The majority of our clients seek Executive and C-Suite positions, and our 150 five-star reviews speak for themselves. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Pros: Find My Profession is reliable and affordable compared to other high-quality professional resume writers. Our applicants receive direct contact with their personally assigned writer who has experience in their line of work.

Cons: Find My Profession is not physically located in Paris; as such, we would not have the opportunity to meet you in person. With a focus on more senior positions, recent graduates may consider our entry-level resume service a bit pricey.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. Can expedite to 48 hours.

Cost: $595 - $895 (€ 530 - € 798)

Contact Information: (831) 888-0967

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Google. 4.9/5 on Sitejabber. 9.6/10 on Trustpilot. 5/5 on Facebook. 5/5 on Glassdoor.

10 Best Resume Writing Services in Paris, France (List)

2. CV First

CV First has been in business since 2003. They have grown from a single office in Paris to 11 offices across nine locations in France, one in Belgium, and one in Switzerland. CV First has produced over 75,000 resumes since their inception.

A member of the Association of Francophone Resume Writers (ARCVF), all their writers are certified and have at least 10 years of experience.

Pros: Touted as some of the best resume writers in France, this company offers three separate packages – CV plus, CV pack, and CV coach. The pricing and details of these packages vary depending on what kind of employment you seek. They offer new clients a free resume analysis and will translate a one-page resume for 85 Euros.

Cons: Most reviews highlighted this company’s stellar work; however, a couple mentioned that the completed resume took longer than they had expected.

Turnaround: Five days

Price: $540 - $850 (480€ - 760€)

Contact Information: You can fill in your information on their contact page and wait for their reply.

Reviews: A selection of positive reviews for this resume writing service can be found by navigating to the “testimonial” page on their website.

3. CV Professionnel

CV Professionnel claims to be the French leader in resume writing. If you’re hoping to find the best resume writing service Paris can provide, CV Professionnel might be your solution. Operating since 2011, they have created over 3,000 resumes.

Pros: They offer to rewrite your professional resume for free if you do not get twice as many interviews within two months of their service.

Cons: These Paris resume writers do not appear to offer expedited services for faster delivery.

Turnaround: Usually one week

Price: $340 (299€)

Contact Information: They provide a fill-in form on their website.

Reviews: This Paris resume writer team featured several positive reviews on their website. They have a single 5-star review on Facebook.

4. CV Premium

CV Premium offers over 15 years of experience, and this Paris resume writer service guarantees to produce the perfect resume, specific to your vocational goals.

Pros: You can view a brief profile of each writer on their team. These Paris resume writers offer a good combination of writing talent, education, and relevant experience. They feature unlimited rewrites for a period of seven days.

Cons: CV Premium does not state the average turnaround time for their services.

Turnaround: Unstated.

Price: $167 - $935 (€ 149 - € 834)

Contact Information: You can fill out a contact form or connect with them by phone: 09 72 59 16 16

Reviews: This company provides no reviews on their website.

5. L'oeil du Recruteur

L'oeil du Recruteur is much more than just a resume/CV writing service. It bills itself as a professional consulting service, and with well over 50 consultants to pair you up with depending on your professional goals, they’ve more than earned the title.

Pros: L’oeil du Recruteur is yet another resume writing service that provides a large variety of packages. There are also over thirty pages of professional-minded blog posts full of free and helpful information on a wide range of subjects.

Cons: While providing all the services you need to compete in the job market of Paris, this business is actually located in Canada and that hinders one on one meetings in person. The website also feels somewhat dated, and you can’t help but feel the site as a blog first, professional resume writing service second.

Turnaround: 3 to 5 days

Price: $340 - $1,685 (299€ -1,499€)

Contact Information: No public number, contact via email on the site.

Reviews: The site boasts a whole page of anonymous testimonials found on their website.

6. Hello Job in Paris

Hello Job in Paris is a job consulting service that also offers resume writing services. Their expertise is helping to facilitate English jobs in Paris.

They offer a free portfolio evaluation as well as several services besides resume writing, including mock interviews and reference letters.

Pros: Their CV creation is only $56 (€ 50), an accessible rate for recent graduates looking for a job.

Cons: This is primarily a site for posting local job opportunities in Paris, France. As such, their resume services might prove inferior to companies that focus on resumes.

Turnaround: Unstated

Price: $56 (€ 50)

Contact Information: You can fill out a form on their website.

Reviews: Other than those found on their website, this company has a single five-star review on its Facebook page.

7. CV Center

CV Center is part of the worldwide James Innes Group. Bestselling author and founder of CV Center, James Innes gives a personal satisfaction guarantee.

Pros: With over 20 years of experience and above 150,000 resumes produced, this company works with over 100 writers. You have plenty of talent to choose from.

Cons: A majority of the reviews are 5-star, yet some commented their resumes contained grammatical errors. With such a large company, you might not actually get connected with the best resume writer in France.

Turnaround: Three to five days; 6-hour and 24-hour expedited service

Price: $56 - $106 (€ 50 - € 95)

Contact Information: You can contact them via email: serviceclient@cvcenter.fr

Reviews: The James Innes Group has an 8.8 rating (out of 10) from 808 reviews on Glassdoor.com. (These reviews are not only for their writing services in Paris, as they also operate in other countries.)

8. L’Écrit’mots

L’Ecrit’mots is operated by Karine Prempain, a resume writer in Paris with over 12 years of experience. Since 2014, she has offered writing services, including personal and administrative letters, resumes, and cover letters.

Pros: Working in Paris, Karine Prempain offers to meet with her clients personally. This could benefit those who like to be personally involved with the outcome of their resume.

Cons: As this business is run by one person, the availability of these services might not be as flexible as companies with a greater number of executive resume writers.

Turnaround: Unstated

Cost: $39 (€ 35)

Contact information: (Tel.) +33 6 95 71 04 56; (Email) lecritmots@hotmail.fr

Reviews: Several positive reviews could be seen on the website; no reviews on Facebook or LinkedIn.


9. Pret @ l’Emploi (Ready @ Employment)

Pret @ l’Emploi offers a variety of writing and job counseling services. Founded in 2012, this business was created by Marianne Champion. It focuses on helping clients in their search for a job. She also does telephone coaching.

Pros: This resume writer in Paris offers to come to your home and work with you on creating a professional resume. Marianne Champion states that she has written over 800 resumes for clients.

Cons: Very few reviews could be found for this business.

Turnaround: Unstated

Price: $110 - $249 (€ 99 - € 222)

Contact Information: (Tel.) 06 65 915 315

Reviews: They have a 4.7 out of 5 from three reviews on Star of Service, a review website.

10. l’Oreille et al Plume

l’Oreille et al Plume is the interestingly named service ran by public writer Gilles Salomon, who has a long history of working on business writing in a variety of forms, including resume and CV writing.

Having started his work in 2007, Salomon offers a wide range of writing services. Interestingly, he keeps a list of clients he’s helped and their professional business locations to show just how far his skills have traveled.

Pros: Salomon offers a wide range of writing and editing services. Of all the public writers reviewed, he has the larger offering of presented professional skill in an executive setting on his site.

Con: As with all public writers, he is a single person operation, and thus it may take some time to get his undivided attention for your resume writing needs.

Turnaround: Varies depending on project.

Price: 40€ per hour of work.

Contact Information: +06 87 63 87 37

Best Executive Resume Services in the World

We hope the above list connects you with the best resume writing services Paris has to offer.

If you are a senior-level executive looking for great quality and you aren't concerned about finding someone local, check out our list of the best executive resume writing services in the world.

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