Career coaches help us solve career problems and guide us towards a fulfilling professional life. 

You might be wondering how much a career coach costs. 

There are different types of career coaches offering various coaching services. 

Session times vary, packages vary, and the coaching focus varies from coach to coach.

However, it is safe to say that the cost of a career coach cost ranges from less than $100 to $500+ per session.

Unfortunately, packages can be hard to compare, and the career coaching fees can vary quite a bit.

There are a few things to consider while evaluating career counseling costs. 

How Do Career Coaches Charge You?

How much a career coach costs is directly related to the type of coaching and the length of coaching delivery. 

Career coaches can charge fees in the following ways: 

1. For a specific length of time

Many coaches charge by the amount of time required for each coaching session. It can be a flat cost per hour or per 50 minutes, for example. Sometimes, it’s possible to get a discount if you book for a longer period of time or multiple sessions. Oftentimes, this type of session can be scheduled on an a la carte basis if you just need a one-time conversation.

2. Per coaching session

Career coaches can also charge per coaching session. A session usually ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. Some services disclose the session length on their website, others might not. Make sure to ask about the session length or what the session will accomplish if it’s not specifically stated.

3. Per month

You will also find career coaching services priced on a monthly basis. In this case, there’s a monthly fee for a specific number of sessions and other associated features, like email access to your coach and self-help guides. Sometimes, you can also get a discount if you purchase multiple months. 

4. Per coaching program or package

Sometimes career coaches offer coaching programs and packages with individual price points. These packages usually have an end goal or are based on accomplishing a specific target. These coaching packages may combine multiple coaching sessions and other offerings over a period of time. Packages sometimes come with a discount over single-session prices.

Types of Career Coaching

The type of coaching provided affects the cost of the coaching program.

There are many types of career coaching available:

  1. Career Discovery Coaching
  2. Resume Development Coaching 
  3. Interview Coaching 
  4. Job Search Coaching 
  5. Networking Coach
  6. Salary Negotiation Coaching
  7. Career Development Coaching 
  8. Leadership Coaching
  9. Executive Coaching
  10. Succession Coaching
  11. Team Coaching
  12. Success Coaching

As different types of coaching require different levels of expertise and coaching experience, the cost also varies. 

The time allocated and the level of clients served also play a role in determining the cost.  

For example, the work of an interview coach and an executive coach varies significantly. So, the pricing also would vary accordingly. 

Similarly, some more complex types of coaching, such as career discovery and team coaching, can cost more than other types of coaching. 

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Different Coaching Formats

Coaching formats vary from coach to coach.

There are so many different formats of coaching that this topic requires special attention.

Here are the main formats of career coaching:

1. One-on-one coaching

This is the most common type of coaching format where the coach works directly and individually with the clients. This could be in-person or with video or phone calls. Some coaches charge a premium for in-person sessions.

2. Group coaching

Workshops, retreats, and team coaching fall under this format of coaching. Clients don’t have dedicated time with the coach, but receive more generalized coaching.

3. Do-it-yourself coaching

Some career coaches offer self-paced course materials as a DIY coaching option. This coaching usually costs less than other coaching programs. Some services allow you to check-in with your coach during the process.

4. Additional support

You may see that some services offer support outside of working with a coach. These are the extras you get directly from a coach or access to if you use the service. Examples of this support are email communication in between sessions, group or live chat options, and follow-up materials. 

5. Hybrid coaching formats

Due to the complexity of a career situation or to offer flexibility, coaches can use multiple formats for clients. You may have the option for both group and one-on-one sessions with your coach.

Key Takeaways

Due to a wide range of coaching fees, types, and formats, it’s easy to feel confused while trying to compare services to each other.

To find a service within your budget, you will have to figure out the type of coaching you need first.

Thoroughly review coaches’ websites, offerings, and pricing. 

Also, take advantage of any free consultations to answer any questions you have and see if you’re a good fit.