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Find My Profession conducts independent research on various resume writing, career coaching, staffing agencies, and other products/services in order to help inform consumers.

The purpose of our lists is to inform consumers of great products/services (including our own). Rather than having to search through various different companies on Google, one by one, we have compiled shortlists right here in one place.

Our independent research is based primarily on the opinions of Find My Profession and/or its contractors, employees, or affiliates.

We have not personally used every service that we write about and we are only able to develop opinions based on the information we gather which is publicly available online.

Of course, we know the most about our own company/services which has allowed us to confidently place ourselves in the #1 position for various articles.

As with any list ranking companies, products, or services online, we recommend doing additional research to find the best fit for your needs.

While we do believe that the lists we have created were done so without compromising our integrity or our focus of putting quality before profit, we wanted to keep you totally in the loop.

We hope that you enjoy the resources we have created and wish you a ton of success in your job search and career.

  • 7 Character Traits of Executives

    7 Character Traits of Executives

    If you ask anyone what they think a successful company should be doing, they will have an answer for you. So, why is it that executive positions make up only 8% of the jobs in the US? Part of the reason has to do with executives having these character traits that most employees do not. Read and find out if you are an executive at heart.

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