Our Customers Love Us… So Will You!

FMP was great. I received way more value then what I paid for the job finding service.

Quinn M. | Help with: Career Finder

Finally a resume service that is more then just a resume builder! They didn’t just take my current resume and redesign it. They actually learned about me and tailored my resume to the types of jobs I was applying too.

Steve V. | Help with: Resume Makeover

Mike was ultra professional in his approach to helping me find a job. A friendly, honest and efficient guy who managed to secure me 4 great interviews in my first 2 weeks using the service. Cheers!

Nathan M. | Help with: Career Finder

After searching for a job for 4 months on my own I finally decided to try something new.

You found me a great job super fast. Never will I ever waste time applying to jobs on my own again.

Jordan W. | Help with: Career Finder

I am really excited to be starting my very first job at Target next week thanks to find my profession. I will be telling everyone I know who is looking for a job about you guys.

Maria D. | Help with: Career Finder

This is by far the best way to find a job. It is a million times easier then looking by yourself.

Michael E. | Help with: Career Finder

I ended up receiving an offer at a job that my best friend referred me to. But I probably wouldn’t have been chosen if it wasn’t for my amazing cover letter that FMP wrote for me.

Bekkah B. | Help with: Cover Letter Writing

In an attempt to sound different from everyone else’s testimonial. I HATED FMP. Just kidding. Lol.

As unoriginal as it sounds, these guys were awesome. Mike helped me through every step of the hiring process. I did not feel alone for 1 second. Thanks!

Tom G. | Help with: Career Finder

The interview training was superb. It was really nice having someone who could affirm the correct things I was doing and help point out my interviewing weaknesses.

Emily B. | Help with: Interview Training

Amazing… I have been looking for something like this for years

Roman Z. | Help with: Career Finder

I was very happy – particularly with the customer service that they offered. I sent a lot of emails asking questions and I always received a very quick and detailed response.

They continued to surprise me when I scheduled my interview training to see what kind of advice they could give me when preparing for my interview. I had never felt more confident to go into an interview in my life. Keep up the amazing work!

Erica R. | Help with: Career Finder

Quick and easy like promised. Find My Profession is truly an amazing company that really cares about their customers!

Mark S. | Help with: Resume Makeover

My LinkedIn was about a 3/10, FMP made it a 10/10! I have twice as much content as I had before and I have already had multiple compliments on my LinkedIn profile.

Ulysses V. | Help with: LinkedIn Profile Makeover

I can’t believe all the time I wasted applying to jobs individually online or literally driving to the location and bringing in my resume…

Thanks for showing me a better way.

Abdul A. | Help with: Career Finder

I really appreciated the value that I received for my $. At first I thought that it was too low of a price to really receive an amazing resume. However, I quickly realized that FMP came through with everything that they said they would and so much more.

Wilson S. | Help with: Resume Makeover