Your 2019 Personal Brand Blueprint

Your 2019 Personal Brand Blueprint

If you’re wanting to make a career move in 2019, personal branding will play a powerful and critical role in your success. Read how you can take charge of your personal brand this year.

Your Personal Brand Considers and Brings Together 2 Elements


  • Who you are in your natural state?
  • What are your gifts, talents, traits, stories, and passions?


  • How do you want the outside world to perceive you?

The answers to these questions should all be congruent across all areas of your life.

Essentially, Your Personal Brand Is the Way You Do the Following

  • Show up in the world
  • Interact with others and how you leave them feeling
  • Work in both life and business

You get to have a say in how people perceive you and it’s up to you to cultivate and be intentional about that every day. After all, we are what we repeatedly do.

So where do we start?

Create a Vision for Your Career

Some questions I use to help clients unpack their brand include:

  • What are your core values?
  • What are your passions?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What do you know to be sure about yourself based on your career thus far?
  • What types of work/projects satisfy you to your core?
  • What do those closest to you say about you?
  • Who do you want to serve?

 And importantly, are your actions in alignment with this? For example, are you applying for jobs for the sake of a job or applying for those opportunities which you can be passionately engaged in and use your unique combo of skills, talents, and interests? How will your next role fulfill you financially, creatively, emotionally, socially?

When you understand this, you can clearly define your career goal, understand your target audience and deliver content that clearly communicates your message and value, and ultimately your suitability.

Control Your Content

You’ll need to audit your digital footprint to ensure it’s consistent and cohesive with what you want.

Google your name and make an effort to do the following:  

  • Clean up or lock down anything online that doesn’t support your brand and future goals
  • Create and cultivate more positive content for and about yourself

We live in an era where you can create more ‘noise’ for yourself than ever before, starting with your LinkedIn. Is your profile future-focused and positioning you for the career you want?

Remember, What You Share, Like and Comment Also Reflects on Your Brand

Check out your activity history on LinkedIn as well. What picture does it paint of you and your direction?

I’ve spoken with job seekers that wonder why their job search and networking efforts aren't delivering any results. After delving a little deeper, I find they're often venting frustrations about recruiter experiences, laying blame and overall, sending out massive negativity.

It’s not a good look and screams “Potential pain in the a$$”. Everything you do and say should support how you want to be perceived.

During your job search, maintain an active profile by reading news feeds, sharing content, commenting with industry insights or link to articles you’ve written or other examples of your work. It shows a level of professional engagement.

Network With Intention

In the world of LinkedIn, “more connections = more visibility”. However, if you find your newsfeed often filled with dialogue and topics neither of interest to you nor related to your chosen industry, you need to refocus your networking strategy and efforts.

This way, you can start building relationships with people, including those at companies of interest, which support your brand and career goals.

Employers are more likely to hire people referred to them, so if you’re job searching, your target audience should include recruiters and hiring managers in your industry and companies you aspire to work in.

But be mindful of the way you contribute to and build relationships. How do you want people to feel on leaving an interaction with you?  How are you adding value to those around you? If you initiate conversations with recruiters for example with the goal of getting something for nothing, you’ll be disappointed more often than not.

Moving Forward in 2019 With Your Personal Brand!

If you want something different for yourself this year, you have to show up differently. You have everything you need to be who you want to be and life is too short to be stuck in a role where you're undervalued, underpaid or unchallenged.

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