Writing a Resume for a Career Change With No Job Experience

Writing a Resume for a Career Change With No Job Experience

So, the perfect dream job comes along and you want to apply. But you know you have no job experience in that particular field.

You do not always have to pass on opportunities when you have no job qualifications. We all start somewhere with no job experience. You will still have to go up against people who have experience, yes, but it does not make your prior job experience is useless.

Here are some resume tips for those who have no job experience, or no qualifications in a relevant industry.

Add only transferable skills

For example, if your current position involves leading teams and the job requirements specifically asks for someone who is self-motivated or a team player. Whether you lead a unit in the Army or captain a winning sports team, the reality is you like to lead.

You would have to change your style of leadership. But you led people in the past and it shows you have the personality for it.

Besides, you must have some form of transferable skill. Otherwise, the job never would have peaked your interest in the first place.

Add volunteer work or hobbies

Typically, our hobbies and volunteer work are the things we have a passion for, but maybe do not pursue as a career due to financial reasons. However, volunteer work and hobbies are skills we possess and therefore can be useful for a resume.

For example, let’s say you recently managed a group of volunteers for a charity function. Add that to your resume because you are showing what you care about. And you are showing you can manage people and business tasks, maybe even finances, too.

Sure, you have no job experience in the relevant field, but the hiring manager is getting a sense of what you can accomplish and your character. Talking about volunteer work or hobbies helps a company see if you fit their culture. Compatible personalities are important to the workplace.

Add explanations with enthusiasm

When you have no job qualifications, a cover letter with an enthusiastic explanation is helpful. Also, use each section of your resume to passionately explain why you think your previous experience can help the company. Do not acknowledge that you have no job experience. That is obvious.

Although not a resume tip, it is a good idea to have a passionate cover letter. Use it to explain with confidence why you believe you are a good company fit. Explain how you see you can help.

If a company believes they can develop you, they may just overlook the fact that you have no job experience in their particular industry.

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