How to Write a Resume Geared Towards Remote Jobs

How to Write a Resume Geared Towards Remote Jobs

As remote working is gaining acceptance in the workplace, more and more people have come to appreciate the flexibility it gives them. Work from home statistics have shown that 90% of people who work from home plan to do so for the rest of their lives.

With that in mind, if you already work from home and are looking for a new position, or are looking into getting into working from home, it’s important to recognize how the rules change for your resume. 

Obviously, you always want to tailor your CV and resume for the jobs to which you are applying, but this takes on an additional importance when you are looking for jobs in the remote sphere. 

Don’t Be Shy About Remote Experience

The most crucial thing to remember when you list remote work on your resume is to promote the skills and conditions that connect to the job description. Never shy away from discussing what you have done remotely and how you have taken advantage of your position. 

In your opening summary piece, give a little attention to your soft skills in areas like communication and you can openly state that your remote work has given you additional organizational ability to collaborate with teams and deliver goals digitally.

If you are looking to start a remote career you still want to hone in on the soft skills and technical skills that make you an excellent candidate. For example, display a willingness to work with digital tools including email, presentation software, or project management software like Trello or Basecamp.

Logistics of Listing Remote Work on Your Resume

There are other aspects of the remote job resume that need to be understood properly in terms of best practices. 

  • Cut your address: This is a best practice for most modern resumes, but especially for remote work. Refrain from putting your home address on your resume. There is no use for it. No job is going to send you mail at home. The only possible reason to put a snail mail address on a resume is if being from a particular place makes an impact (ie. the position requires Spanish fluency and you are based in Barcelona), or if it’s very important that you are local. For some government jobs, for example, you have to live within the city limits. Barring this kind of issue, your address is just taking up real estate.

  • When you display remote work it might be a bit confusing to know how to list “location.” Experts indicate that you should list the home of the company headquarters but then make sure that you also indicate that you performed work remotely for that corporation.  

  • Often those with remote work on their resume have performed a great deal of freelance work. It’s a bit of an art to put together a freelance listing on your resume. List the date range that you have worked freelance, and then bullet point highlights. Remember your resume should be a “greatest hits” document. Focus on 5 or 6 bullet points at the most with the highest level of recognition or where you can say, in a quantitative way, that you made the most impact.

  • Make sure you have a comprehensive LinkedIn profile and that is linked to your resume. It’s very likely that someone who wants to hire you for remote work is internet savvy enough to go looking for this. 

In many ways, of course, your resume should be the same if you are looking for remote work or if you are looking for traditional office work. The differences have to do with how you highlight aspects of your experience that are particular to working from home. 

Closing Tip for Beginners...

Consider what skills you’ve learned from your time as a remote worker. If you haven’t done remote work yet, consult with remote workers you know, or look to an online forum. They can advise you as to where your experience might crossover with the skills those who are in search of a remote employee. 

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