Why You Should Pay to Find a Job

Why You Should Pay to Find a Job

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just pay someone to find you a job?

If it’s been a few years since you have actively searched for a job, you’ll quickly learn it has become a very long and arduous process. Even if you are a top talent in your current role with exceptional references, it is going to take time, patience, and more time.

Most professional job seekers have realized that finding a job is a full-time job in itself. Like others have shared in this forum, it is a process that can take at least six months and as long as a year or more.

Here’s how a job search looks for a senior-level position.

1. Search Online for Jobs

First, you have to begin searching online for jobs of interest. You’ll find a ton of job boards to weed through and search for your dream job. Most of these sites will require you to create a profile. Each profile will take some time. Then you need to upload your resume.

2. The Dreaded Resume

Oh, right, the resume. You definitely have to update your resume. Do you know about keywords and optimization? Do you know what style you should use and if the resume should be one page or two? What about a cover letter? And yes, you should customize both for every job you apply for.

3. Networking On LinkedIn

Don’t forget about LinkedIn. If you’re not using this service, you should be. Networking is imperative to the job search process. Potential employers are scrutinizing LinkedIn profiles as part of their screening process. You’ll need to increase your network, ask people to recommend you, build your skills section, and ask for endorsements. You must have a profile that stands out.

4. Good Ole Job Apps

Time to start applying for jobs. Every application site is different and the applications are several pages long. There will be questions that you won’t know how to answer. Do you really want to give your previous or required salary in a job application? You don’t want to be automatically rejected due to a salary that may be negotiable. You will do your best and hit submit. You should receive an email confirming the application was submitted. Then you wait.

5. Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

Are you prepared to interview? You will need confidence and top-notch interviewing skills. It is a very competitive job market so you need to be at the top of your game. You should practice. It's also important to consider what to wear to an interview based on the job you are going for. What attire fits best with the company's culture?

Applying for jobs is not easy

If you’re currently working, the costs related to your job search will start to add up. It’s a daunting process that will take your time and money.

It may start to make sense to hire someone to streamline the process. Find an expert who can help you land that great job much faster and with less stress. You will be able to explore your options without the risk of losing your current job.

There is a service to professionally manage your job search

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone you could trust enough to outsource your job search to? You want someone who will understand your needs and customize your search for your specific situation.

There is a company you can count on to professionally manage your job search! This company has a team of experts that will make sure you stand out above thousands of other professional job seekers. They do all the work for you.

You can pay someone to help you find a job  

Put your job search in the hands of the experts. Find My Profession is the only company that has a 100% success rate with helping six-figure earners find the jobs they love. They are a highly skilled team of Career Finder Experts who will work for you so you never have to apply for a job again.

The Career Finder Package has everything you need to land your next great job!

  • An executive level resume & professional LinkedIn makeover.
  • Dedicated Account Manager who will land you interviews.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to fill out apps on your behalf.
  • Interview training, negotiation, email & cover letter review.
  • Quality assurance - every job we work Is approved by you.
  • Never apply for a job again! We do the work for you!

That great job is out there for you. It’s time to get started with your professionally managed job search and let the experts work for you!

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