Why the Hiring Manager Won’t Call Back

Why the Hiring Manager Won’t Call Back

You’ve been going back and forth with phone calls after a great interview.

The hiring manager, recruiter, and just about everyone else in the company loved you.

Then why isn’t the hiring manager calling you back?

Here are some reasons for the silence after your job interview.

First Things First - Never Take It Personally!

You have not heard back after the interview, but you really have no idea why.

Do not assume the worst and start writing disparaging, hateful posts on LinkedIn about the company and interview.

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to screen job seekers prior to hiring. Making a public display of your anger will count against you.

Why No Phone Call and No Feedback

There are hundreds of “do this and not that” rules on LinkedIn for job interviews and what to do after the interview.

But there is one rule you can never overlook:

  • “Someone else is more qualified for the position.”

You can follow up using textbook instructions and follow every tip from established career coaches.

But if there are people more qualified than you, there is nothing you can do about it.

What can you do to help yourself?

The job description required certain experience.

You did not have it nor did you have transferable skills.

Go learn what you were missing and come back to find similar jobs later.

Why Being Qualified Job Candidate Is Causing the Delay

Hiring, training, firing, and watching employees quit all costs a company money.

Every hiring decision has to avoid loss of time and money.

Even if you are a great, qualified candidate, there is always another job seeker like you.

The company does not know who to select and choosing the wrong person is a waste of time and money. Plus, they might lose you in the process!

You May Have Another Problem Because You Are so Competitive

There are two great job seekers, but only one can be hired.

Will they make lowball salary offers to see who takes it? No.

They will make you wait. They are hoping one of the job seekers will drop out of the process.

It is a form of test to see how well you handle pressure and see who wants the job more.

What If There Was Never a Job Available?

There are times when a company simply posts a job because they are complying with fair hiring practices.

There are other times when the company, somehow, lost contact with the people they are trying to hire.

The job listing appears as both an attempt to hear from the person again or to comply with employment laws in the US.

Why You Should Stop Making Assumptions During a Job Search

The ultimate problem with making assumptions as a job seeker is that they always leave you feeling angry.

You are angry at the company and you have no idea why. You are angry about not getting hired and you truly have no idea why.

The simple fact...You have no idea why the hiring manager or employer has not called you back.

Until people get forced into calling every single person back who interviewed, you will just have to move forward in your job search.

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