What to do When You Hate Your Job

What to do When You Hate Your Job

You spend most of Friday counting blessings that the weekend is coming and most of Sunday dreading the new work week. You go to work and you cannot stand anything about it. You hate your boss, the staff, customers, and even the places you go to eat lunch. There is no nice way to say it...You hate your job.

The bad part is that you cannot quit. If you did, you would be doing yourself and loved ones more harm than good. You spend so much of your life working in a career that it makes little sense to not do something about your unhappy days at work! Until you can do something about it, try out some of these ideas when you hate your job.

1. Assess the Situation

This is necessary because you may be getting wrapped in something that is making you miserable. But if that “one thing” was removed, would you be happy again? Assessing the situation will help you realistically look at the causes of your unhappiness.

Ask the difficult questions about your situation:

  • What do you hate exactly?
  • Do you hate your job position?
  • Do you hate your co-workers?
  • Do you hate your boss?
  • What is exactly leaving you with hatred for your job?

Many times, your love for a job will return when something very minor is removed from your daily life. Make sure you assess what’s happening so you do not quit a job you could be loving if not for the random few negative points about it.  To give you an example, here are samples of big and small reasons to hate your job:

  • The company does not trust you or your leadership ability. (BIG)
  • Your colleague always distracts you with his body odor and bad breath. (small)

2. Have the Tough Conversations

Once you have pinpointed the cause for your hatred of work, it is time to have the difficult conversations at work. Such conversations are tough because they require the possibility of creating confrontation or conflict at work, which you already do not like anyway. So, make sure you have done a thorough job at #1 on this list.

Still, because you know you hate your job you need to have these conversations. What is the worst that can happen if you already hate your job anyway? Have these conversations with those in charge and see what can be done about it. See if adjustments can be made.

What you want to avoid is the most common negative employee life-cycle. Far too often, a negative employee life-cycle goes a little something like this:

  • Employee hired.
  • Employee settles in.
  • Employee is secretly unhappy but the manager has no idea.
  • Employee resigns completely miserable and complains on Glassdoor.

Your supervisors are there to support and encourage you but they should never be expected to read your mind. If something makes you unhappy, speak up! Your manager was more than likely in your shoes once and will understand. If you are an exceptional employee, the boss will do his/her best to help you.

3. Switch Your Perspectives

A common saying is, “If you cannot change something, change your attitude.”  It sounds cliche but changing your attitude to one that is more positive will make a world of difference to you. Even if you hate your job, your positive attitude may give you the strength to start a new job search and get hired faster.

Most importantly, you may discover the change to a positive attitude will teach you if the problem is “the job stinks” or “your attitude stinks”. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in not being happy that we unconsciously make others around us unhappy. Others know you are unhappy but they simply may think, “You have problems”, instead of asking you why you seem unhappy.  

When people have jobs they hate just to make money they can be some of the most difficult people to work with. It becomes hard to tell if these people hate their jobs or simply hate their own life. If you have been unhappy at work for a while, try changing your attitude. Make note of how different people start to treat you.

4. Vent in a Healthy Way

Venting about your job in social media is not a good idea. But venting about your career, in general, may be healthy for you. Just be careful not to announce to the world that you regret all the companies you had worked for.

It is very healthy to privately write about the things that make you unhappy. Not every thought or idea you have should be shared on social media. It is good to write about your complaints ahead of time and keep them to yourself or share them with a loved one. This way you are making sense of everything that is making you unhappy.

In the future, when it comes time to discuss it you will have already processed and rationalized your feelings towards the job. This will allow you to discuss what you would like to see fixed in a calm and rational manner. You will be surprised at how much better you feel after venting to yourself or a loved one.

5. Do Your Very Best Work No Matter What

Never let your hatred of a job cause you to be lesser of an employee. Many times we get so unhappy at work that we start to work less. However, this is a very bad idea especially considering you may want to change jobs soon.

The last thing you want when looking for work is to have your present-day boss say something negative about you to your future boss. Being a less-than-mediocre employee of a company is not the type of thing you can show as a “quantifiable achievement” on your resume.

So, do not let others bring you down. Be your best and tough out the job you hate. If nothing else, you can sleep at night knowing that you did all you could and put in a full day's work. You may hate your job but you can always be proud that you did your very best!

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