What is the Most Difficult Decision You Have Made?

What is the Most Difficult Decision You Have Made?

If this question sounds intimidating to you, then you have it all wrong. Being asked what is the most difficult decision you have made in the last two years is an absolute gold mine! This is your opportunity to showcase how amazing you are at critical thinking, problem-solving, and making a positive impact.

Things to remember

Keep it work related

If you had an extremely difficult decision to make recently that had to do with family or friends, keep it to yourself. Even if that is “the most difficult decision you have made”. It is better to move on to the second or third most difficult decision as long as it relates to work.

Provide an example that results in something positive

Remember, you want to showcase your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. If you give an example with a negative ending, that will probably reflect poorly these skills.

Showcase your skills

The entire purpose of this question is for the interviewer to learn about your thinking process behind making decisions. Are you someone who doesn’t think things through? Do you just “wing it” and get lucky? Or are you the type of person who has a rhyme or reason for the things you do? For the sake of the interview, at least pretend that you put some thought into your decision. For more interview tips, check out the 50 Top Job Interview Questions And Answers.

Put it into practice

Before you go into your interview, take a second to think through this question and come up with an answer. What is the most difficult decision you have made in the last two years? If you don’t know, start thinking. Pick the decision that is going to showcase your skills, regardless of if it was actually the most difficult decision you have made.

Here is a slightly tweaked example from LiveCareer

“Two years ago I was offered the opportunity to move up within my company. The promotion would have included a pay raise, better benefits, and a more prestigious title in another department. However, I was at a critical point in time with several projects and was concerned that moving at that time might jeopardize progress and create negative consequences for employees I supervised. I expressed gratitude to my superiors for the opportunity and discussed my concerns. We came to an agreement that it was best for the company that I remain in my current role for the time being, with the possibility of accepting the promotion at a later time.”

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