What Is a Professionally Managed Job Search Firm for Executives?

What Is a Professionally Managed Job Search Firm for Executives?

As a busy executive beginning your job search you may have reached out to a few recruiters to “keep an eye out” for you, but what if there was a team dedicated to networking and actively pursuing your next opportunity?

While you may have relied on recruiters and headhunters in the past to connect you with the right company, that may not be the best avenue for you this time around. Sure, a recruiting agency will be on the lookout for a professional with a strong background to place them with one of their current clients. On average it can take anywhere from 3 months to even a year for a candidate to find a job and what if that client doesn’t have a role that fits you?

What exactly are some of the differences between a headhunter or recruiter, and a professionally managed job search firm?

Sure, these are just a few of the questions that you may ask yourself in the beginning of your job search, but here are some insights on both:

Executive Recruiting Agencies

An executive recruiting agency works with companies to source for candidates to fill their current openings. Makes sense, seeing as how the company is going to actually be the one paying the recruiting agency upon a successful hire.

Essentially, recruiters are looking to match the requirements of the position with your qualifications, not necessarily the other way around. At best you can hope that you have a few strong keywords in your resume to stay on your recruiter’s radar.

While recruiters do work hard to place candidates with the right company, the priority for them is their client, the company. In turn, your resume keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of the pile. With the amount of time it takes to actually secure that next position it would definitely be a little more efficient to be constantly seeking out roles that you are a fit for rather than waiting.

Professionally Managed Job Search Firms

When it comes to having someone manage your job search, you have to take a moment to really think about what that means. The first thing to remember is that your job search should ultimately be all about you. A job search firm takes away the stress of the job search allowing you to focus on your strengths while they go out an actively seek out your next opportunity.

From building up your list of industry connections to actually applying for new roles, the job search becomes one less thing to worry about. Professionally, managed job search firms focus on the qualities that you bring to the table and help to market those to companies on your behalf.

Your team of job search managers eliminates the countless hours of applying for positions and then taking it to the next level by proactively making contact with others within the organization.

There are so many things to consider when beginning your executive job search

Resume - Keeping your resume up to date even when you aren’t actively seeking a new position is always a good rule of thumb. At the same time, if you find yourself in front of the computer not sure how to wordsmith and polish a resume it may be a good time to acquire the help of a certified resume writer. With the expert skills of your resume writer, you can count on a visually striking resume that will grab the attention of hiring managers.

LinkedIn profile - Maybe you’ve been looking at LinkedIn as just another social networking site. Instead, think of LinkedIn as the social networking site. Connecting with other industry professionals plays a vital role in the job search. Remodeling and establishing your online presence with an all-star profile can take a little time, but the endless opportunities through LinkedIn could leave you coming up short if you don’t take full advantage.

Interview skills - Of course, at some point, you will be invited in for an interview with a stellar company for a great opportunity. To ensure that you are taking every step to impress hiring managers you will want to know that your interview skills are sharp and directly reflect your abilities to take on a new role.

As you determine whether or not an executive recruiting agency or professionally managed job search firm is right for you, think about where you actually want to be. Take into account not only your skills and qualifications but also that of your passions and goals. What is your dream role and who is actually work for you to reach it? Find My Profession is a professionally managed job search firm ready to take your job search to the next level with their dedicated team of account managers and certified resume writers to put you in the best position for your next role.

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