The Importance of Being Honest With Yourself in a Job Hunt

The Importance of Being Honest With Yourself in a Job Hunt

Being honest with yourself is not an easy thing to do. It requires telling yourself, “No”, and making difficult decisions. It also requires knowing when to say to yourself, “I have more work to do before I am qualified enough for a job.”

There are many who view being honest with yourself as “pessimistic” or “negative”. The reality is you are discovering the importance of being yourself. We list the reasons below why being honest with yourself in a job hunt is more important than ever before.

Saves You Time and Money

Being honest with yourself prevents you from applying to jobs and going on interviews for work that you simply have no interest in.

When trying to get out of a job, there is the attraction to just taking the first well-paying job that comes along. You may optimistically tell yourself, “I can learn to like this”, and several months into the job you are looking for new work again. When you need a job, the same thing happens. You need work, so you take whatever work comes along.

The problem with doing this is that time and money is wasted on work you never wanted in the first place. Your resume now has that blemish on it because you took a job and left it shortly after. If you were being honest with yourself initially, you would have told yourself, “I really have no interest in the job. I will pass.” Then, you can spend more time searching for work you really desire.

Avoids Negative Scenarios on a Resume

There are many stories of people who chose to “fake it ‘til they make it”. What gets lost in translation is that people who do fake it REALLY desired the job they landed.

When you fake it to make it for a job you really never wanted in the first place, at some point, you start asking yourself, “Why am I doing this?”.

Jobs and possible references you feel no obligation to preserve usually end up being hard to explain to future employers. They will ask, “Why did you only stay at [ABC] company for a few months?” If you were being honest with yourself, initially, you could have avoided the problem of having to explain yourself or why the former job is no longer a reference.

Being Honest With Yourself Makes You Money

Getting paid what you know you are worth requires being honest with yourself, upfront. For the clients using Find My Profession, they have all stated what their minimum salary is and they are very skilled. They are being honest about it.

When a job comes along that you really want and you start to think, “I will take a pay cut to get hired”, you are not being honest with yourself. In the short-term, it sounds like a good idea. In the long-term, that favor you did for the people who hired you will start to haunt you.

The importance of being honest with yourself comes into play, especially when adjusting your salary to inflation. Some of the greatest companies in the world pay lower salaries simply because there are people ready to climb over each other to get hired. If you remember the importance of being yourself, your true self will tell you, “This job does not pay enough. I am worth much more.”

It Will Help You Love Your Job Even More

Who wants to work for a company in which you find the importance of being yourself is not valued?

If you were being honest with yourself during the interview process, and the company seemed to ignore it, you will not be happy at the new job for very long.

Companies in which personalities are acknowledged and valued tend to breed happier employees. Anyone who feels they could not be honest during an interview process will start to feel like working at a company requires pretending to be someone else. If you find you can go to work every day and be your honest self, you will be more productive and work harder for that company.

You Will Build a Stronger Network

Most importantly, whether a person agrees with you or not, if you are being honest with yourself the people in your network will respect you. They will trust you because you never said one thing and did another. Networks are built on honesty, trust, integrity, and enthusiasm.

As such, the type of honesty you want to avoid is called, “brutal honesty”. No one needs to hear your negative story of why you didn’t like your last boss or company. It sounds too much like you are still holding onto grief.

When a person is honestly positive they seem to attract a stronger network. They can also be respected for being positive during difficult times. Your honesty should not leave others feeling regret they ever started talking to you.

Perhaps the most important thing about being honest with yourself is that you start to surround yourself with a network that values you. As time goes on, this makes changing jobs a bit easier.

Do You Really Deserve the Job?

Have you ever seen a job you know you wanted and applied thinking, “Hey! Ya’ never know”? Here is another positive way to approach it:

  • You see a job you want.
  • You are being honest with yourself and know you are not qualified...for now.
  • So, you learn what you need to learn and then come back later to apply!

This way you will truly know if you wanted to do the work as much as you originally thought.

Food for Thought

Being honest with yourself is not being pessimistic. It only means there is more work to do! 

“Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don't do it.”

- Mark Cuban, American Businessman

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