Tests to Unleash the Genius Within!

Tests to Unleash the Genius Within!

Are you a hidden genius? No, I’m not referring to the intellectual prowess that a small percent of the population is born with. Truth be told, most people don’t see themselves as geniuses of unique talents or skill sets. Many are multi-talented but still possess a dominant trait. We all have the power to unleash the genius within.

What if I told you that we are born with the power to become a genius? But over time we allow our immediate social circles and society determine our ability to unleash the genius within? We let them determine who we are or what we should be doing with our lives.

We allow this partly due to our own insecurities or someone else's. We haven’t been coached or developed properly, or simply because it is just easier to blend in as opposed to being unique. I believe some people just do not know how or where to begin. They have been looking for the right opportunity to present itself.

Test to Become a Genius

In the last few years, I’ve been fascinated with employee engagement. I stumbled across a brief 2-minute genius test founded by New York Times, best-selling author, Futurist and social entrepreneur, Roger James Hamilton.

Even though there are many competency/personality tests out there, this one was straight to the point. It immediately grabbed my attention. I decided to roll it out for new employees at the company I worked for as we were experiencing very high levels of turnover.

Attrition was so high during training that we needed to insert key engagement activities to retain employees. The findings were astounding once implemented.


I observed the following from the trainees:

  • Their mood immediately became more positive
  • Most people were unaware of who they were or their hidden genius
  • Most people subconsciously gravitated to sitting next to strangers they felt were similar
  • Those who realized their strengths became more engaged


  • Those who realized their strengths wanted to learn more about themselves.
  • More people wanted to know how their talents could be utilized to achieve fulfillment of life goals.
  • Trainees started became increasingly punctual.
  • Attrition started to slow.

Why did this happen?

In my presentations to them, I spent time revealing what I knew was of importance to them. They were inspired. Many of us desire positive affirmation and want to sincerely believe in someone. Inspiration helps us to go to the next level in our careers, but often times we become discouraged.

How Do You Get Started?


Write down what you enjoy doing the most. Ask yourself if it provides fulfillment every time you do it. For me, I find international travel gives me a sense of fulfillment. I continuously obsess about traveling to new places and countries. I sincerely enjoy learning from other cultures. Why? People. I genuinely ENJOY meeting new people. I make a list of countries I wish to visit, envision that I am already there and I travel the minute I am able to. What is it for you?


Since I genuinely love cultural diversity and was already traveling internationally for business, I decided to formally educate myself on the topic. So, I pursued and graduated with a Masters in International Management. This was for my personal achievement. In addition, I had the support of the Director of International Programs (now Dean of Admissions) where I worked at Monroe College.

At the time, I didn’t know what he saw in me but he would assign me projects to execute for the department. As I experienced success, he took my responsibilities to a whole new level. He coached and critiqued me on my writing skills and public speaking skills.

Truthfully, it was painful. But as a result, he tapped into my strengths and I was able to build a solid foundation as a young professional. He helped unleash the genius within me. Discovering your hidden genius may require that you find a person in your life to provide honest feedback about your strengths. They can explain how to become a genius and leverage it for your career.


Michael Jackson is a household name, a legend and was considered “The KING of Pop”. Why? He knew the real meaning of perfecting his craft. He understood what he needed to do to become a genius. He redefined the music industry forever.

He invested countless time and effort in training and dedicated himself to his albums, concerts and his exquisite dance routines. As a result, he brought the entire world together through the content of his songs and the brand he built for himself. If you bought a ticket to his concert, you knew exactly what you were going to get. In dance, it was pure excellence. The precision, timing, and wardrobe were intricate.

Did he have flaws? Yes! We all have flaws. It’s what makes all of us human. But had he focused on his flaws, he never would have left a great legacy behind for generations to follow. Even today when a Michael Jackson song plays, you still immediately start singing. You start thinking about the music videos you saw growing up or maybe try to even dance like him.

When you unleash the genius within and become a master of your craft, you inspire a league of people that you never knew was possible.


Why do you think there are so many shows like “X-Factor”, “America’s Got Talent”, or “The VOICE”. Tens of thousands of people flock to auditions for these shows because they desire to be heard or seen for their talent.

Aren’t you shocked at certain people when they get on stage and they do well? That could be you too! The difference between you and those you watch is simple: They decided to do something about their talent regardless of the outcome. How about you? What keeps you from revealing your hidden genius? Why don’t you just do it! What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t need to be Michael Jackson to make a difference but you CAN make a difference! You never know who is waiting for you to make the first move.

If you are consistently feeling unfulfilled in your current role, stop and ask yourself, “Is this what my life is meant to be?”  There are times when you need to compromise a little to move forward but not forever.

Great Resources to Help You Become a Genius


I HIGHLY recommend watching the 3-minute video before taking the genius test. The test is about two minutes long. DO NOT overthink anything once you start.. Answer sincerely and voila! The best part is that it’s free!

Note: Job seekers can use this to describe yourself on job interviews. It will set you apart from other candidates.


This company provides access to your top 5 strengths and it is very accurate. Some companies use this to determine if you are the right fit for the role and your possible success rate. If you wish to take this on your own time this will personally cost $19.99.

16Personalities aka. ‘Myers Briggs Test’

You will love this one. If you are unfamiliar with Myers Briggs, 16 Personalities is the miniature version of the extended Myers-Briggs test. It is extremely accurate and is designed to determine how ‘you’ specifically view the world.

Your strengths and areas of opportunity are broken down for you in great detail. It highlights the best careers suited for your personality type and a host of other things in your personality that you may not even be aware of. The test helps you understand the decisions you make, how you communicate and much more.

It’s one of my favorites. The best part is it is free like the Genius Test. You’ll need to pay for the extended version, which gives a more detailed breakdown of who you are.


We all have the power to unleash the genius within. We need to hone in on our unique superpowers in order to find our real purpose.

It is never too late to find out who you should be. You can start by figuring out what you are great at, start investing in it, perfect it and when you are ready, unleash the genius that you are destined to be. Now go on take the test! You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Please share this blog with anyone you believe is a hidden genius, or use it to become a genius for yourself!

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