Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job – Low Salary

Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job – Low Salary

According to a recent study by Gallup, only 13% of employees LIKE going to work. Even more staggering is the fact that 70% of employees HATE their jobs. Whether you hate your job or are on the fence, it’s important to be aware of the signs you should quit your job.

Did you know that a low salary is the number one reason people quit their jobs? The number two reason is being overworked. Shockingly over 69% of people who quit their job claim that it was due to a low salary.

We will show you how to determine whether you are being underpaid, and more importantly, what potential solutions you have.

Are you being underpaid?

If you feel like you are receiving a low salary, then you probably are. But hey, let’s not jump to conclusions. Let’s do some research. Go to and type in your job title, as well as the location that you are working.

For example, when I type in "Project Manager  San Francisco", I see that the average salary is $95,723 with a range from $67k to $132k. If I change the location to New York, I see that the average salary is $86,250 with a range from $44k to $143k. Depending on your level of experience, you can decide where you should fit.

The first thing you should do if you determine you are underpaid is create a list of all the benefits you bring to the company. Compare this list with your salary, and write down a realistic dollar amount that you feel like each benefit is worth. Make this list realistic and use as many facts and figures as possible to back it up. After you create the list there are only three possible outcomes.

  1. You realize that you are being underpaid for what you do.
  2. You realize that you are being paid a fair wage for what you do.
  3. Or, You realize that you are being overpaid for what you do.

Most people are going to fall under category 1. If you fall under category 3, rip up the list, and never speak of it again.

Low salary solution

Ask For A Raise

If you enjoy most aspects of your company and the salary is the only thing causing you grief, consider taking your list to your manager and asking for a raise. You are more likely to receive a raise if you can justify the increase in pay compared to someone who just walks in demanding a raise.

If that doesn’t’ work, or you are considering quitting for reasons other than your salary, you can consider a few alternatives.


You can quit your job and move to a higher paying location. This is the riskiest approach because it involves a lot of time and effort. Moving is never easy, neither is finding a new home, making new connections, etc.

Consider all the costs associated with relocation and a potential increase in the cost of living.

Switch Companies

You can stay in the same location, but find a company that will offer you a higher salary. This is the ideal scenario for most people. Unless you are sick and tired of the city or state you live in, this is usually the smartest move.

However, don’t quit your job before you start looking. Make sure what you are looking for is achievable. Ideally, you will have a few offers on the table before putting in your 2 weeks.

It’s common knowledge that looking for a job can be a full-time job in itself. That’s why Find My Profession specializes in finding their clients (job seekers) the perfect job. Let us handle the search for you so you can keep working and bringing in a paycheck without any downtime in between careers.

Switch Industries

You can change careers. Either select a higher paying industry or find a completely different job that offers the salary you are looking for.

Check out our article on the Best Tips For A Mid-Career Change. Switching industries can also be a big risk. But if you truly hate what you do, and not just your current job, making this switch will be worth it.

Consider whether your skills are transferable. Will you require additional schooling? Put your feelers out before quitting your long-term job.

Should you quit your job?

No one can tell you what to do. This is a big decision and one that you will need to fully commit to. You can’t halfway quit your job. If you are genuinely unhappy with your salary, and your company won’t give you a raise, then I’d say it’s time to look elsewhere. If your company isn’t loyal to you and your needs, then why are you bending over backward for them?

Still unsure? Check out the Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job – Being Overworked

Yes, 70% of people HATE their jobs. But what are they doing about it? If you thought that there was nothing you could do about it, you were probably right...until now. 

Find My Profession has the solution for all your career problems. We are so confident we can help you find the salary you deserve. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get noticed, get hired, love what you do.

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