Signs it is Time to Leave Your Job

Signs it is Time to Leave Your Job

We all experience this at some point in our careers (and if you haven’t yet, you will). We all work extremely hard to get hired for work or even start a new company. But then one day you wake up and you find yourself dreading the idea of going to work. This can happen in any job, even those which we are most passionate about and love.

Here are some signs it is time to leave your job. It does not necessarily make your company or job “bad”. These signs simply let you know “it is time for a change”.

1. You Clicked on This Blog Post

If you are contemplating leaving your job, then something is going on in your head you must examine. This may be a sign it is time to leave your job or it is a sign you are unhappy with the type of work you are doing.

Note: This may also be a sign you can keep the job you have, but you should start looking for new ways to expand your career. Many times we feel a need for change when learning and growing ceases to exist in a job. Regardless, you clicked on this post. Something is up.

2. You Have Been Enjoying the Red Carpet Treatment for Too Long

"The Red Carpet Treatment" at work happens when your job has become so easy, the only thing you need to do is show up to get paid. You know the company and people inside and out. You can just show up and look like you are working to get your paycheck. You can slow down or speed up your productivity and nobody can tell. You are too important to the company.

And these are the types of jobs that either become automated or the first to get cut during company downsizing periods. One of the most challenging aspects of today’s job market is the changing technology and the need to move on to new work, once you feel a job has become too easy.

3. The Idea of Going to Work Fills You With Dread

It is normal to not want to go to work. We all have those feelings before morning coffee. But when you are at the front door of your office and you just feel an overwhelming sense of dread, it may be time to leave your job.

Note: If you do have one of those “dreaded days” you should not up and leave right away. It is always a good idea to test and see if the feeling of dread you have today is often repeated. If you dread going to work for several weeks straight, there is definitely cause to consider leaving your job.

4. You Procrastinate and Manipulate Your Workday

Do you find yourself working more to make others think you have more to do than you actually do? Do you take your time on tasks and put things off for another day, not because you need to but because you just do not feel like working? If so, it may be time to seek new inspiring challenges.

5. Your Health Is Suffering

If your job has become so stressful, or so imbalanced that you start to take multiple sick days, your blood pressure is high, you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, you are mentally and physically weaker, it is definitely time to leave your job. You cannot grow a career without maintaining health. Health first, always. No job is worth sacrificing your health.

Those who work more and stay productive usually make sure to have an equally balanced healthy life. If they don't, one day the work will consume them.

6. You Complain Too Much About Your Job at Work

Be good to yourself. If all you do is complain about your job and the people you work with, you need to leave your job before the negative behavior damages your career.

7. You Are Way Too Overqualified

If you have an impressive resume and take a job to make some money that is beneath your qualifications, it is a good idea to keep looking for work. You will not want jobs you can do in your sleep for too long.

Note: Getting a job to pay for your job search is a good idea. Hopefully, you will not need the job longer than a year.

8. No More Room for Growth

At Find My Profession, all of our clients earn six figures. The majority of them had to leave jobs, or want to leave their job because there is no more room for growth. It means that they went as high as they could within a company. Their growth will have to continue elsewhere.

9. Your Work Environment Is Toxic

If you work in a place that seems to disregard the importance of trust, integrity, honesty, and moral compass, chances are the work environment is toxic. It is sometimes hard to spot at first or you may overlook it because you love your job and think you can fix the problem.

But if you find the people you work with seem too pessimistic or lack any motivation you may want to leave your job before that toxicity affects your career.

10. Everyone Else Wants You Except the People You Work With

If you find the only appreciation you get for your hard work comes from everyone outside the company and others want to hire you, it may be time to jump ship. There are reasons your current group of colleagues may not want to work with you. It could be culture fit, personality differences, etc.

So, if others want to work with you more than the very company that hired you, take the chance and go work with those who appreciate you.

11. Your Position Is Being Constructively Dismantled

Nothing in business ever happens overnight. If your company is asking lesser and lesser of you each day and using that as an argument to pay you less, chances are your position will not be around in a year or two. Do something about it. The business knows they will have to move you. Don’t wait for them to do it. Move into a new job!

Final Note

Remember any career move requires consideration. We all have bad and good days, but when you have a series of bad days in a row or your career appears to have stalled, you put in enough time with a company. The point not leave a job just because you had a bad day. Sometimes our greatest life lessons are learned by the trials we fight through on days when our minds scream, “Quit!”.

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