Should an Executive Recruiting Agency or Headhunter Charge Candidates?

Should an Executive Recruiting Agency or Headhunter Charge Candidates?

The easy answer to this one is no. However, there are professionally managed job search firms that will charge candidates to deliver an unmatched premium service.

Let me explain.

If you’re an executive level job seeker you may or may not have worked with an executive recruiting agency or headhunter in the past.

For those who have, you probably have never directly paid a recruiting agency or headhunter for their services. In my opinion, if you find yourself in the position to be charged directly make a dash for the exit.

Here’s how the recruiting process works

The recruiting process is not necessarily a simple one but can be broken down in a few steps to help you get a better picture of what the role of the recruiter actually is.

  1. The Hiring Need - In the first step of the process, the recruiter is diving into the needs of the client (the company looking to hire) to develop a clear job description that will drive a good pool of qualified candidates once posted to job boards.
  2. Sourcing - This is where recruiters get to sift through countless resumes to match the requirements and qualifications of the job description with potential candidates.
  3. Screening - At this stage, the recruiter can begin reaching out to candidates who appear to be a good fit for the position. Expect either a quick phone interview or to be called into the office to demonstrate your interview skills.
  4. Interview - Those that make the shortlist are passed along to the hiring manager of the client to conduct an interview to narrow down the best-fit candidate. Are you what the hiring manager is looking for?
  5. Offer - Woohoo! The final and most important step is the offer. This is where the recruiter can start to visualize dollar signs.

Recap: If you noticed a theme leaning pretty heavily toward the client then you’re on the right track. But how do recruiters actually get paid if you don’t?

How the recruiter gets paid

The company looking to hire pays the recruiting agency or headhunter a percentage of the negotiated salary of the selected candidate.

Some simple math:  

Let’s say, the recruiting agency applies a fee of 35% to the company for the placement of a candidate. After successfully filling the position, the candidate agrees to a $120,000 salary. The company will then pay the recruiter $42,000 for their services.

Depending on the approval of both parties the recruiter or headhunter can be paid upfront for their services, after a successful hire, or a percentage of the payment before or after hire.

At this point once a candidate has been hired the negotiated percentage of the new hire's salary is paid to the recruiting agency for a successful placement.

So what’s the deal with these professionally managed job search firms. Why do they charge, you ask?

Check this out.

The Job Search Crew

You can honestly just call them the “stress relievers.”

There are a few pretty big thoughts that come to your mind when setting out on a new job search. Some that pop into my head:

  • How do I go about updating my resume?
  • There are so many applications to fill out.
  • I have a LinkedIn, but my network is small.
  • I’m not as interview savvy as I thought.

You are in luck!

A professionally managed job search firm like Find My Profession is the cure for your worries. Not only will your job search firm take care of refining your resume they will eliminate the tiring task of filling out application after application.

Sure, you may think that is a pretty good deal, but to take it up another step the long overdue LinkedIn profile makeover allows you take a bit of a breather while your dedicated team takes over the growing of your network through a profile designed to stand out.

Tighten up your interview skills for the next one, so that you can exemplify just what a hiring manager is looking for in a candidate.

So why do they charge?

Ultimately, your job search team doesn’t make any money off of the company that you decide to accept a position with. From the moment that you are brought on as a client, you can rest assured that you took real action in landing that next job. Yes, you can hire a recruiter or headhunter to find you a job.

Key Point: The professionally managed job search firm is working with you to find that next position. Taking a look at your skills and desires for that role you’ve been searching for, but not really knowing where to start is where the management firm comes in. With your team the company isn’t the one finding the right fit, instead, they’re looking to find the right company fit for you.

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